tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:/discussions/suggestions/2766-add-to-quote-option Community: Discussion 2013-06-18T08:45:20Z tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/27024038 2013-05-27T13:54:13Z 2013-05-27T13:54:13Z Add to quote option <div><p>Hi Rob,</p> <p>I think you replied to another post where I mentioned the wishlist plugin <a href= "http://labs.sevenspark.com/JigoshopWishList">http://labs.sevenspark.com/JigoshopWishList</a></p> <p>You could hide the add to cart buttons with some css and not use the short codes for the cart/checkout so they wouldn't appear and make add to wishlist be add to quote list.</p> <p>You could use contact form 7 or a similar plugin for the person to leave their name/email/location etc and have them paste in their wishlist link which would look something like this <a href= "http://labs.sevenspark.com/JigoshopWishList">http://labs.sevenspark.com/JigoshopWishList</a> or automate that within the form somehow.</p></div> burkie tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/27024038 2013-05-29T10:11:24Z 2013-05-29T10:11:24Z Add to quote option <div><p>Thanks for the idea, If only i could automate this process. I'll have to have a good think about it.</p> <p>cheers</p></div> robralston1 tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/27024038 2013-06-18T08:45:17Z 2013-06-18T08:45:17Z Add to quote option <div><p>There is a product inquiry plugin. But it does work one by one on the products without a list.</p></div> tom tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/27024038 2013-05-27T11:54:01Z 2013-05-27T11:54:01Z Add to quote option <div><p>Hi,</p> <p>I've been looking into using Jigoshop for my next project, but can't seem to find a suitable extension for what I need.<br> I would like to setup the jigoshop as more of a product showroom/Catalogue type site, where users can browse all the products<br> and click "Request a Quote" or "Add to Quote list" type functionality. This would basically work like a shopping cart but rather than going through the checkout process it would list all the product there inquiring about and have a form for them to fill in contact details. This would then send off and email to the admin to process and reply with the quote. I was wanting to use Jigoshop for this as in the furture I might want to add ecommerce functionality.</p> <p>The only plugins I have found that a similar are:<br> <a href= "http://jigoshop.com/product/jigoshop-request-a-quote/">http://jigoshop.com/product/jigoshop-request-a-quote/</a><br> Which only allows a request a quote from the product page, no "Add to list"</p> <p><a href= "http://jigoshop.com/product/jigoshop-catalog-deluxe/">http://jigoshop.com/product/jigoshop-catalog-deluxe/</a><br> This plugin hides the price and add to cart buttons.</p> <p>Does anyone know of anything else? or is this better suited to some other CMS? shopping cart?</p> <p>thanks</p></div> robralston1