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Catagory and sub catagory drill downs ?

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31 Jan, 2013 01:32 PM

Wondered if there was any way to create pages that use the catagory system to display products by Catagory / sub catagories ?

An image for each Catagory / Sub Catagory displayed as you go through the page selections ?

eg. Page 1 :

Footwear, Tops, trousers, Headgear

Drill down through Footwear,

Page 2 :

Sports, Formal, Casual

drill down through Sports

Page 3:

Adidas, Nike, etc

  1. 2 Posted by optart on 31 Jan, 2013 01:52 PM

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    Hi Jason,
    You can use one of plugins like Advanced Custom Fields to add extra field to product categories (image).
    Then you’d need to modify the loop in template of jigoshop taxonomy output in your theme/jigoshop directory to list child categories with this extra field instead of standard post listing.
    We did it once for our custome on site (one level only but the logic is similiar). If you’d need help with such setup, you can contact us via contact at

  2. 3 Posted by mooncat on 31 Jan, 2013 03:57 PM

    mooncat's Avatar

    That’s one work around but I would have thought that this would be a basic requirement feature in most shops and would be more straight forward to configure. Thx anyway

  3. 4 Posted by optart on 31 Jan, 2013 04:37 PM

    optart's Avatar

    Hi Jason,
    In which shop application have you seen it as standard function? I’d love to see it – if it’s really considered as kind of standard function, maybe we’ll be willing to implement it!

  4. 5 Posted by StevenD on 01 Feb, 2013 08:26 AM

    what about

    its a standard zencart shop, it has a front page of categories (parent categories) when these are clicked, it then has in most cases a page of child categories (1st child) and in some cases, where another level of category exists, these child categories have sub cats (2nd child)

        Cat #1
        ------Cat #1-1
        ------Cat #1-2
        ---------------Cat #1-2-1
        ---------------Cat #1-2-2
        ---------------Cat #1-2-3
        ------Cat #1-3
        Cat #2
        ------Cat #2-1
        ---------------Cat #2-1-1
        ---------------Cat #2-1-1
        ---------------Cat #2-1-1
        ------Cat #2-2
        ------Cat #2-3

    There should be an option to display in the page, just the categories and category images/thumbs, so that when a category is opened, either …

    If child categories exist, the category images and a descriptions are shown,


    The category description and also the products from the sub categories (child categories) can also be displayed if required.

    At the moment in Jigoshop, there seems to be no option at all to display a page of categories, images, with full or part description or even just the names/titles

    When a category is opened, as a page, the whole of all of the products from every child or sub category from all levels seems to be getting shown.

  5. 6 Posted by optart on 01 Feb, 2013 10:24 AM

    optart's Avatar

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for your opinion! If anybody else has opinion about categories – please let us know. We’ll definitely think about providing such extension, either as part of core (if it would be possible – there are many plugins and themes already that may have troubles with such addition) or as separate plugin.

  6. 7 Posted by mooncat on 01 Feb, 2013 11:02 AM

    mooncat's Avatar

    Heres a popular site :

    Their drill down is displayed in the page by large category images and category name at the bottom overlayed onto the image and is reflected in the breadcrumb top left

    you only get to see a list of the shop products when your in a category with no more subcategories

    even ebay uses a system like this

    this is not possible as far as I can tell in Jigoshop at all

  7. 8 Posted by Will Carter on 01 Feb, 2013 12:01 PM

    Will Carter's Avatar

    I have to agree that the product category widget is pretty ordinary. It doesn’t make sense to have all the sub categories static. This takes up too much room on the front page and looks unprofessional. The compact drop down button isn’t an option as the particular site I am using Jigoshop for is directed at the elderly and most aren’t very good with computers; I also think the structure where it shows everything looks too messy. Either way I think it needs to be addressed whether it’s included free or an extra option that isn’t over priced. I’d be keen to have this feature in this site I’ve built if possible please.

    I would like to note that when you go to jigoshop top menu in wordpress; jigoshop > jigoshop support > jigoshop public forum. PERFECT!! Just need it incorporated into the product category widget.

    I would like to also ask whether the jigoshop main page can list all categories with images instead of products? The the categories can link to the products. I hope you can help with these two necessary improvements. It will only help to make a pretty good product a great product. Cheers, Will Carter.

  8. 9 Posted by optart on 02 Feb, 2013 07:16 PM

    optart's Avatar

    Thank you for all voices, we’ll work on it during this week.

  9. 10 Posted by StevenD on 13 Feb, 2013 03:21 PM

    Hello optart

    Did you have any luck with this?


  10. 11 Posted by mooncat on 14 Feb, 2013 08:41 AM

    mooncat's Avatar

    Struggling on my current project without this

  11. 12 Posted by Will Carter on 14 Feb, 2013 08:55 AM

    Will Carter's Avatar

    Yes it’s definitely needed! Any luck yet?


  12. 13 Posted by optart on 14 Feb, 2013 01:44 PM

    optart's Avatar

    It should be ready for first march plugin release.

  13. 14 Posted by StevenD on 14 Feb, 2013 01:53 PM

    Do you need a beta tester ?

  14. 15 Posted by optart on 15 Feb, 2013 03:48 AM

    optart's Avatar

    We have our internal one, but thanks for asking!

  15. 16 Posted by mooncat on 20 Feb, 2013 01:22 PM

    mooncat's Avatar

    Anywhere to purchase this yet ?

  16. 17 Posted by StevenD on 20 Feb, 2013 01:38 PM

    I am waiting for this as well, if you have a “buy it now” link, do post it.

    optart, I did send questions last week about this, through your website contact us form, but never got any answer.

  17. 18 Posted by Will Carter on 20 Feb, 2013 01:41 PM

    Will Carter's Avatar

    Yes!! I’m keen to get it also.

  18. 19 Posted by StevenD on 20 Feb, 2013 02:02 PM

    Oh, i never noticed the “first march plugin release.” note that you put above…


  19. 20 Posted by StevenD on 05 Mar, 2013 08:06 PM


    Did you manage to get anything worked out for this, as I still require a category system as described above….

  20. 21 Posted by mooncat on 06 Mar, 2013 08:45 AM

    mooncat's Avatar

    Is this available yet its the 6th ?

  21. 22 Posted by Will Carter on 06 Mar, 2013 08:53 AM

    Will Carter's Avatar

    Yes! I’m still keen.

  22. 23 Posted by mooncat on 14 Mar, 2013 02:22 PM

    mooncat's Avatar

    2 weeks past the 1st is this available ?

  23. 24 Posted by mooncat on 27 Mar, 2013 08:11 AM

    mooncat's Avatar

    Can someone post were we can purchase this add on please 4 weeks past the first now !

  24. 25 Posted by StevenD on 27 Mar, 2013 08:35 AM

    Also still looking and waiting for this…

    Still find it hard to believe its not a std feature of the Jigoshop system

  25. 26 Posted by optart on 27 Mar, 2013 12:05 PM

    optart's Avatar

    Sorry for delay – we have great time as agency what means unfortunately less time for developing extra plugins. But it’s finally the time for that plugin. It will be ready for next plugin release

  26. 27 Posted by StevenD on 27 Mar, 2013 12:19 PM

    Please keep us updated….

    how long is your estimate for “It will be ready for next plugin release”?

    remember that we did wait from Jan until 1st March for it already..

  27. 28 Posted by mooncat on 22 Apr, 2013 10:46 AM

    mooncat's Avatar

    Its now nearly May when is this plugin to be released ???

  28. 29 Posted by optart on 22 Apr, 2013 01:18 PM

    optart's Avatar

    We’re waiting for that too! It’s usually tuesday so hopefully…?
    Here are docs:

  29. 30 Posted by mooncat on 01 May, 2013 11:30 AM

    mooncat's Avatar

    May 1st can anyone tell me where to download this tool ???


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