tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:/discussions/showcase/1248-purchase-of-a-theme Community: Discussion 2013-04-12T10:54:03Z tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/26362765 2013-04-12T08:43:45Z 2013-04-12T08:43:45Z Purchase of a theme <div><p>As I got information (sent to me after checking their site), adding a logo<br> is an additional $49...</p></div> ivica tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/26362765 2013-04-12T09:30:38Z 2013-04-12T09:30:39Z Purchase of a theme <div><p>Thanks for coming back to me.</p> <p>That's not a good start, I think I will avoid spending over $100 if I need then to pay an additional amount to add a logo!</p></div> aylin halil tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/26362765 2013-04-12T10:54:02Z 2013-04-12T10:54:02Z Purchase of a theme <div><p>Please be aware that thats a template monster theme. If you look at the product's page, the author will show as either TemplateMonster or TemplateTuning. I recommend avoiding both of those names, as they do charge extra for the most basic of features. I can tell you that you can always change the image they are using by just uploading an image of the same name so that yours overrides theirs, but I would avoid that company like the plague if possible.</p> <p>They are not affiliated with Jigoshop in any way.</p></div> chriscct7 tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/26362765 2013-04-12T08:02:50Z 2013-04-12T08:02:51Z Purchase of a theme <div><p>Hi There,</p> <p>I am in the process of installing Jigoshop and I am keen to purchase <a href= "http://jigoshop.com/product/kids-furniture/">http://jigoshop.com/product/kids-furniture/</a><br> However before I did so I wanted to confirm I would be able to change the logo in the top left hand corner saying 'kids furniture' to my own. If this is the case I will proceed with purchasing. If it is not, would you be so kind to point me in a direction of a similar looking and coloured page whereby I can change the logo?</p> <p>Thanking you in advance with your help.</p></div> aylin halil