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07 Feb, 2013 03:29 AM

The latest update to Jigoshop has introduced some things that have screwed up my previous efforts to customise Jigoshop to suit my particular setup, so now I need some help to know where to look to either eliminate or change it so it works for me again. I know we are not meant to tamper with core files but I note down the changes I make and redo them every time. I am using the latest versions of both WP and Jigoshop.

I am setting up a local food delivery service based in one town (in Thailand). I do not need customers to enter anything other than their local address, so no state or country fields are required. Payment options will be COD, Bank transfer or Credit Card via Paypal. Initially there will be a flat rate delivery charge per order (we wanted to make a charge per restaurant up to a certain number as customers would be able to order from more than one restaurant but it seems as though there is no way of doing this; we also wanted to have zones so that the further out the customer is the higher rate they pay but again there doesn't seem to be any way to do this - everything is geared to Shipping across States).

In the previous version I had hacked a couple of files - specifically shortcodes/my_account.php and classes/jigoshop_checkout.class.php - so that the City Field was converted to become a Delivery Instructions field and also became a not required field, and to remove the need for customers to enter Postcode, State and Country (in the second file this changed them all to be not required). This worked and I wasn't getting any messages telling me that the State hadn't been entered.

However the latest version now has added something where the following message appears in the Checkout;
"Please enter your shipping destination to view shipping options. There may be no methods available for your destination and you should contact us for assistance." This is preventing the order being placed. There is also the message box at the bottom telling customers to check their address is correct (specifically "Please verify your Billing and Shipping state is correctly set for your country before placing your Order.") but as this does not prevent Checkout I have just hidden this with CSS. Now I know entering address details is a one time thing (and we are having registration as a requirement) but it does look pretty idiotic for customers to have to enter all this information when we only deliver to the local area.

Now I either need to know the code to be altered to prevent this behaviour, or go back to a previous version of Jigoshop, or find some workaround (such as having the State fields entered automatically but hidden from view) or have to start the hunt for a different ecommerce solution, something i am not keen to do having gone so far with Jigoshop. The final option is to bite the bullet and just leave the standard installation as is and suffer potential negative reaction from customers.

This does raise another issue though, a more important one I believe as far as the Jigoshop developers are concerned, in that the software needs to be made more flexible at it's core so that various options can be turned on or off, and definitely made more user friendly to ecommerce on a local level. This would give it a huge advantage over what else is on offer out there, unless there is another free solution that I have missed, but I researched and trialled extensively before settling on Jigoshop. The latest change regarding the State issue, while it may have solved some users issues has created more headaches for me, and I imagine others too. Also Thailand does not have States but Provinces (like the UK has Counties) and yet it is still being used as a required field in terms of Shipping when the latest version was supposed to get rid of this; it would be far far better to have options in the settings to determine which fields are required or not, as well as to give greater options for local delivery sites.

If anyone can help me resolve this I would be eternally grateful.

  1. Support Staff 2 Posted by chriscct7 on 07 Feb, 2013 03:51 AM

    chriscct7's Avatar

    We've had this flexibility for quite some time now, in an upgrade safe manner. Its called Checkout Fields Manager:


  2. 3 Posted by wanderlust on 07 Feb, 2013 04:09 AM

    Hi Chris,
    I looked at that extension but the description says this:
    "Use the Checkout Field Manager to add, remove, and manage custom fields in the billing and shipping sections of the Jigoshop checkout area.

    The admin interface allows you to add, enable and disable, re-order and re-size custom fields. And for each field you can add check boxes, text, text area and date picker fields."

    Now to me that says you can't remove core required fields such as State, Country, Postcode etc and only custom fields that you create using the extension. As there is a severe lack of information about how to use it and it's capabilities I am loathe to spend that amount of money on something that I can't be sure will achieve what I want. Would it be possible to have a free trial period to evaluate?

  3. Support Staff 4 Posted by chriscct7 on 07 Feb, 2013 10:49 AM

    chriscct7's Avatar

    free trial period to evaluate?

    Unforunately no. The code isn't compiled (its PHP) so there's no way of ensuring if we did something like that, that the end user wouldn't just keep on using it.

    I'll ping the author to see if hes got a demo somewhere.

  4. 5 Posted by sixtyonedesigns on 07 Feb, 2013 03:21 PM

    Hi wanderlust -

    You can edit/remove core fields with the checkout field manager.

    I setup a quick demo of the checkout field manager on a site for a different demo: so you can see it in action. I did run into the same message that you did though when I removed the country and zip fields - although it didn't prevent the checkout from happening like yours did.

    Feel free to place a test order on that site.



  5. 6 Posted by wanderlust on 07 Feb, 2013 05:19 PM

    Thanks Jeremy. I have looked at that demo and I can see that the state, country and postcode/zip fields are not there, but no sign of the message, which confuses me a little - have you hidden it with CSS? I am assuming the demo is set up to only ship to billing address? And that registration is not required? My site will have registration required although i don't know if that will make any difference to how Jigoshop handles things at Checkout, but I definitely do not want that message appearing as it will put off customers, even if they are technically still able to place the order they may think they can't. I am loathe to commit badly needed funds to buying this extension if it turns out that it doesn't really solve the problem.

    For now I have gone back to the standard JS installation apart from a few alterations to the language file so it says Delivery rather than Billing/Shipping and similar. I have checked the only ship to billing box and hidden the Shipping section using CSS, but I am worried that this might cause a problem at a later date, for example if the plugin changes again. I think the reason I had a problem is that I was the only user on the system, and before the update I had successfully got rid of the need for the shipping section, and my account did not have all the data in that section, so when i did a test after the update it threw a wobbly requiring information that i had previously set as not required. With time i can probably achieve the same result again but right now time is my enemy!
    If our business succeeds then I will buy your extension but at this stage we can't commit to it I'm afraid.

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