tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:/discussions/problems/8292-product-category-widget-product-count Community: Discussion 2013-02-22T03:16:10Z tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/23321130 2013-01-01T15:47:40Z 2013-01-01T15:47:40Z Product Category Widget--Product Count <div><p>Looks fine to me..... try viewing in a different browser</p></div> chriscct7 tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/23321130 2013-01-01T17:00:46Z 2013-01-05T23:12:35Z Product Category Widget--Product Count <div><p>Sorry, forgot I posted this and had turned off the Product Count. Here is a screenshot to show what was happening. Thanks</p></div> culpdesign tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/23321130 2012-12-31T19:09:30Z 2013-01-05T23:12:35Z Product Category Widget--Product Count <div><p>I have turned on the JigoShop Product Category Widget on the following website: <a href= "http://www.twoguysfossils2.com">http://www.twoguysfossils2.com</a></p> <p>I have turned on the Product Count as well</p> <p>With a Parent Category, the number is below the name, with the child it is next to the name. How can the Parent be next to the name and not below</p></div> culpdesign