tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:/discussions/problems/3402-click-on-settings-result-503-service-unavailable Community: Discussion 2013-04-24T13:55:14Z tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/17507190 2013-04-24T00:35:04Z 2013-04-24T00:35:05Z Click on settings result 503 Service Unavailable <div><p>Hi, guys.</p> <p>I too am getting this issue. I am running version 0.9.9. Unfortunately, updating the plugin is not an option as the developer incorrectly modified the plugin's files.</p> <p>Is there another way to resolve this?</p></div> Tim tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/17507190 2013-04-24T13:55:13Z 2013-04-24T13:55:13Z Click on settings result 503 Service Unavailable <div><p>Rebuild it from the scratch on the basis of the newest Jigoshop version...</p></div> ivica tag:forum.jigoshop.com,2011-10-07:Comment/17507190 2012-07-23T03:56:00Z 2012-07-23T03:56:02Z Click on settings result 503 Service Unavailable <div><p>I recently moved my site to a new server with litespeed technology, but when I try to access the settings of the plugin jigoshop shows me a 503 error page:</p> <p>503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later! Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server<br> LiteSpeed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site!</p> <p>Is this a problem of the server or I must to modify something in the plugin code?</p></div> Markos