Theme Developers

Thousands of people visit the Jigoshop eCommerce website every day. If you are a theme developer you can increase exposure of your products by promoting them on the Jigoshop eCommerce website.

Theme Developers must have knowledge of WordPress theming standards and tools. Theme Developers must be able to create and maintain high-quality themes, which are 100% compatible with WordPress as well as Jigoshop eCommerce.

Approved themes can be sold on Jigoshop eCommerce’s website. However, Jigoshop eCommerce’s development team must test all the theme against our validation processes prior to becoming an Approved Theme and being released on the Jigoshop eCommerce website.

When you sell an Approved Theme on Jigoshop eCommerce website, you’ll earn your item price minus 30% in seller fees.

Please contact us if you’re interested in developing Jigoshop eCommerce Themes

Please note that Jigoshop eCommerce retains the right to determine whether or not your specific development agency meets our standards of becoming an Approved Partner.