Language Translations

Language Translations is imperative in today’s global economy. eCommerce sites must have the functionality in many cases to do business with people in different countries who, in many cases speak different languages, to succeed.

Translating Jigoshop eCommerce is an area where we could use help from those of you in the Jigoshop eCommerce community.

You can contribute to Jigoshop eCommerce in a multitude of ways – and helping with translating it to your language is one of them.

You can translate the plugin online via or offline – using POEdit.

Start by selecting the language you want to translate

Then select the subproject:

  • Development(trunk) contains all of the phrases from the plugin that will be displayed on your eCommerce site
  • Development Readme(trunk) is the plugin’s readme displayed on

After clicking on the subproject you will be directed to a page that looks like this:

Double-click on a row in the “Translation” column and insert your translation.


Download Jigoshop eCommerce from and unzip the file.

Download and install POEdit. Run the program afterwards. Select “Create new translation”.

Select the location to which you unpacked Jigoshop eCommerce, the .pot file can be found in the “languages” catalog:


Select the language you’re translating to:

At the bottom you can see two text inputs, one of them is “Translation” – you can input your translation there.

After saving you can send the translated file to [email protected] with the .po file attached, or contact us via the form below and including a link to the file, for verification. Thanks!


Please contact us if you’re interested in Translating Jigoshop eCommerce

Please note that Jigoshop eCommerce retains the right to determine whether or not your specific Translation files meet our standards.