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The Genesis Framework is one of the best ways to extend and improve WordPress, and the new Genesis Commerce theme means you can now use it with Jigoshop to create the best possible eCommerce store with WordPress.

Genesis is currently used by over 56,000 online publishers and makes customising your site even easier with custom widgets, different layouts for each post or page, and lots of ways to make it simple and easy to adapt. And now you can also use the Genesis framework to run your online store by using the Genesis Commerce theme for Jigoshop.

Genesis Commerce - Jigoshop-compatible theme for Genesis Framework

As with every Jigoshop installation, you get all the built-in features - from configurable products to Paypal standard, and you can have your store up and running in minutes. But using Genesis also means you get the advantage of the SEO optimisation and other features that StudioPress have built into their software after years of producing WordPress themes.

You’ll need to have purchased and installed the Genesis Framework to be able to use the Genesis Commerce theme, but you’ll get the benefit of access to their comprehensive support forum and resources for themes, and you can also add Jigoshop specific support for the eCommerce side of things.

We’re really pleased to have released this theme as fans of the work StudioPress have done on Genesis - it’s why they’re supported by the likes of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, professional blogger Darren Rowse, and marketing expert and author Chris Brogan amongst others. In fact, some of us at Jigoshop have been using Genesis to power our own personal sites for a number of years, so we can testify it’s easy to use and extremely effective.

Thanks to Jonathan, Deckerweb, PrimaThemes and StudioPress.


    • Sam

      Have to agree with Website Hall, genesis is a great framework, definitely worth a look.

  • Ben @ Quick Blog Tips

    +1 for Genesis. Love it. Also, this is the first time I’ve actually seen a bit of what Jigoshop can do - liking it. Keep it up :)

  • firebubble

    I am not familiar with the Genesis theme / framework but from visiting their site and having a quick look around it seems that you add the Genesis framework to wordpress and then you can add child themes to give the theme a completely different style, layout etc.

    So can JigoShop be used with all of the child themes which can be seen on their themes page:

    Or is this just to use the basic Genesis layout as shown in the demo?

    • Jigoshop

      Hi firebubble,

      Out of the box, Jigoshop can be used with all of the StudioPress Genesis themes, without the need to buy any additional child theme from us.

      The Genesis Commerce child theme is only suitable for the Genesis core theme, so unfortunately it’s not compatible with other Genesis child themes.

      If you are thinking of using a Genesis theme other than the core (e.g. Agency, AgentPress or any of the community themes) then you should not purchase Genesis Commerce. If you find you need assistance in setting up Jigoshop with your chosen theme we recommend signing up to our Premium Support ( or alternatively post your questions on our community forums.

      I hope that helps to clarify things for you?

      / Joff

  • Jeremy B.

    I installed the regular plugin in my Genesis Framework about 1 month ago and have been playing with it since then… it works great with the free plugin. What advantages does this premium plugin give me that the free one doesn’t with Genesis.


    • Jigoshop

      Hi Jeremy,

      That’s great that you’ve been trying Jigoshop and we hope you’re getting on well with it?

      If you’ve already integrated Jigoshop with Genesis (and you’re happy with how it’s working) then it’s unlikely you will need the Genesis Commerce child theme.
      Genesis Commerce is intended for those struggling to get to grips with Genesis and/or Jigoshop and integrates with Genesis layout options as well as styling Jigoshop more sympathetically with Genesis.

      Of course as StudioPress update Genesis, we will be working to update Genesis Commerce accordingly.

      Has that helped to explain things?

      / Joff

      • Jeremy B.

        Perfect. So it’s a child theme vs. the standard plugin. Man, I must say you guys have designed this bad boy so intelligently w/great code and not a lot of extra tables and junk! Good stuff! Thanks. Helps.

  • spas

    Hello! How to download this theme?? Its for free or not???

  • Dan Thornton

    Hi spas,
    This isn’t a theme, it’s a way to be able to use Jigoshop with the Genesis framework, which powers all the themes produced by StudioPress. So you’d need to purchase a theme from StudioPress along with installing this extension.
    Alternatively, you can purchase Jigoshop themes at - they’ll work straight away.

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