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The Jigoshop Vision in 2012

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In the past week, we’ve released Jigoshop V1.1 and topped an amazing 50,000 downloads, so it seems like a good chance to pause for a moment and outline what we’ve got planned for the rest of the year. Since launching 8 months ago, Jigoshop has been an amazing project and adventure that has kept us all incredibly busy.

In addition to downloads, Jigoshop now has 27 extensions available (and there are more every week, including later this week), and 12 themes have been launched. Plus we’re showcasing more and more great examples of how people are building their business with Jigoshop.

As with any business, we’ve had setbacks, but the benefits of embracing the philosophy and community in the open source world has meant that there’s always someone contributing something amazing to inspire us to move past any negatives and focus on progress. And in recognition of all the amazing help and support we’d had, we want to share our aims for Jigoshop in 2012.


The Jigoshop Core:

The ultimate ambition of Jigoshop remains our constant focus – “WordPress eCommerce software that works”, and that means software which enables anyone to be able to run their own shop easily and effectively, allowing them to make money from a hobby, start a new business, or improve an existing one.

We’ve monitored feedback from our forums, and via email and social media (Twitter, Facebook and Google+), and the results of that information have led to many of the change we’re making for the future, which has really started with Jigoshop V1.0.

We’ve made Jigoshop quicker to use, quicker to load, and easier to build on for the future, to enable third party designers and developers to add to the incredibly Jigoshop ecosystem. And we’ve worked on 3 main elements of the free product – Security, Reliability and Support. In terms of security, we’ve made our own improvements and enlisted the help of the leading experts in the field. For Reliability, we’ve looked at all the essentials of eCommerce and rebuilt several areas to ensure you have a stable platform for your business. And we’ve already launched new Support forums and continue to look at the most efficient way to answer your needs quickly, whether that’s responding to questions or improving the Jigoshop Knowledge Base.

Jigoshop Extensions

Going forwards it will be quicker and easier for anyone to design themes and plugins to work with Jigoshop. Taking the time to rebuild various elements of the software means future development work can proceed more quickly, and we can also take the time to look at improving our own plugins.

We’ve also got plenty of plans for themes over the next 12 months including some amazing contributions from various designers, and easier ways for any developer or designer to earn money by supporting Jigoshop, including our new Affiliates scheme which allows you to now only earn money by selling your own products, but also by recommending other themes, related plugins and support packages.

And in case you didn’t realise – our own Extensions section of the website is powered by Jigoshop, meaning that we rely on our own product to power our business.




The Jigoshop Community:

In addition to our new Affiliates program, we’re also stepping up the ways we can support the Jigoshop Community. That means everyone using Jigoshop, whether you’re a small business owner, designer, developer or agency serving multiple clients. Expect to see more information and material on how to best use Jigoshop in a range of settings, more opportunities to contribute and be rewarded for your effort, and more ways to keep up-to-date. In addition to the blog, you can follow us via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, or by signing up to the Jigoshop newsletter.

We also want to be more active in our support and engagement with the wider world of open source and WordPress, including tunnelling our way out of the Jigoshop offices to attend more events and talk to more people about how we can continue to improve Jigoshop. And virtually we’ll be improving the ways contributions and feedback are reported and rewarded.

So it’s going to be an even busier year than in 2011, but tightening our focus means more progress for us and more opportunities for you to work with Jigoshop. Thanks for all your support so far and here’s to 2012!

Jigoshop Showcase #10 Coffeeangel

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We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

Coffeeangel –

Coffeeangel is an Irish company, based in Dublin, which you might have guessed focuses on coffee. Along with providing coffee stands for events, they also sell a wide range of coffee and related items direct to the public, and it’s safe to say that they really know their beans.

The Coffeeangel website was designed in-house, and built by Abban Dunne, using Jigoshop to great effect. That’s assuming you aren’t mesmerised by the pixelated coffee bean background design…


So it’s a subtle and stylish design, which won’t overwhelm your eyes if you haven’t had your morning espresso yet. But alongside the interesting News section and the range of Services available, we’re really interested in the shop.


As you can see, the Category list is the main navigation element, with a healthy list of products in each section displayed down the page. Handily you can add straight to your cart at this stage if you’ve already spotted the product you know you want, reducing the number of clicks to order – it’s important not to let anything get between a caffeine addict and their coffee.

But it’s the individual product pages that really stand out for us…


In terms of search engine optimisation, you really need a significant amount of text on a page if you hope to rank highly for it in Google. At the same, time, you also need the product details, social media buttons, and ideally related products. And in this case, there’s also a great video. But putting all of that onto one page and keeping it simple, stylish and relatively quick to load can be a problem.

In this case, the great solution has been to use click-to-expand boxes for each section, allowing you to quickly access the video tutorial if you wish, but not taking up valuable space on the page if you don’t. It also means the page design doesn’t look radically shorter if products don’t necessarily have specific video content on the page, and as the sections open quickly, it doesn’t hinder you when you have the urge to Tweet, Like or +1 a product.

As a bonus, it also means the design wouldn’t have to change to include more or less buttons as new and existing social networks continue to constantly change what they provide.

All-in-all, it’s a site you can appreciate even if you aren’t a coffee lover, but which is quite likely to persuade you to make a few purchases if you are!

If you’d like your Jigoshop-powered site featured in our showcase, email [email protected]

We’re hiring! Experienced Web Developers wanted

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We’re looking for experienced Web Developers to join Jigoshop/Jigowatt at a very cool and exciting time for us. You could be a core part of our fast growing team, and help to continue the explosive growth of Jigoshop as the WordPress eCommerce solution that really works, or work on a range of interesting projects for a growing client list.

Here’s the job specification in full:

We need well honed skills to come in and help tame this beast. This free eCommerce plugin has been such a success that we need extra hands to not only continually help improve the core product but also work alongside a multitude of contributors, build extensions, possibly manage our GitHub repository, play a key part in our support effort and work closely with marketing and design.

Your skills would include:
WordPress 3+
HTML5 and CSS3
Working with GitHub
Have a good testing attitude and an attention to detail when committing code
Know common Object Orientated Techniques
Have experience in other coding frameworks is desired

Our commercial client list covers a wide variety of markets from cupcakes to West End Interior Designers. We’re looking for someone who gets an enormous amount of satisfaction from building the most beautiful and functional sites out there be it on WordPress or even Magento.

Skills needed here are:
HTML5 and CSS3
Magento experience is a real advantage
The ability to work brilliant with designers and customers

These are Peterborough based roles. You’ll have the chance to work in our new spacious office and enjoy many company benefits such as profit based bonus schemes, investment in your training and development, reduced gym membership fees plus as much caffeine and biscuits as you can handle.

How to Apply

Please email [email protected] if you would like further information.