New extensions - more languages, viral marketing and product add-ons

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We’ve got new extensions for Jigoshop eCommerce to help with localisation and marketing for your eCommerce store. Add Jigoshop Multi-Lingual and Viral Coupons and not only can your customers pick which language they want to see automatically translated on your shop, but they can also help with your marketing on social networks in exchange for an automatic discount.

And we’ve also released Products Add-Ons to allow you to list custom fields at a product level for options and additional accessories to up-sell to customers or allow them to personalise products quickly and easily before heading to the store checkout.


Jigoshop Multi-Lingual

Jigoshop Multi Lingual - Automatic Jigoshop Translations

Jigoshop is now even more friendly to international customers. Previously we’ve worked with various great people around the world to provide translation files for the admin areas of Jigoshop, but now with WPML’s Jigoshop Multi-Lingual, you can do much more.

You can start with translating pages by just clicking on a + icon and using Jigoshop shortcodes. Products can either be translated manually, or you can use WPML’s Translation Management module, and you can also change Product Categories, Attributes, Variation and Tags. Finally you can also translate any general text and emails to finish the job.

You’ll need the latest version of both Jigoshop and WPML, which also includes comments translation, standard translation controls and browser language detection. Check out WPML Jigoshop Multi-Language now.


Viral Coupons for Jigoshop:

Viral Coupon for Jigoshop Social Media Marketing

Encourage your customers to promote your store by offering a discount to anyone who shares you products on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

The Viral Coupons extension offers a discount to anyone who submits a Facebook Like, a Google+1 or a tweet. You can specify the links to be shared, and the page will auto-reload afterwards. Plus it automatically applies the coupon to the Jigoshop cart with simple options to set-up and full localization for all the languages support by Facebook, Google and Twitter. With almost one billion people registered on Facebook and hundreds of millions on Twitter and Google+, social networks are a potentially massive source of business, especially when you can encourage recommendations from friends and family to their social connections.

Check out the Viral Coupons extension for Jigoshop now and let your customers promote your store.


Jigoshop Product Add-Ons:

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons - Add Product Options

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons allows you to set custom data fields at a product level, whether you want to offer accessories as a quick and easy check box list, or a custom text field for personalising products.

All of the options are set at a product level, so you can manually set the most relevant options with custom headings and text fields to really sell the benefits of adding to a purchase. Each option has also be set with an individual price, so as an example, a mobile phone could be listed with a range of cases, chargers and accessories. Alternatively a takeway food shop could list sandwiches or pizzas with a selectable range of fillings and toppings, and use an individual price for each option to allow custom orders.

Check out Jigoshop Product Add-Ons to see how you could make more revenue per customers right now.


Latest Jigoshop Version updated:

If you haven’t updated to Jigoshop 1.2.3, then you should. It’s a minor release with some tweaks and fixes, but includes personalisation of product variations, a character limit for personalised product options, and some features to allow some of our new and future extensions to work correctly.

If you haven’t tried Jigoshop yet, download it now from the WordPress Plugin Directory.