Jigoshop 1.3 Beta Release to download and test

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The Beta Release of Jigoshop 1.3 is now available with a whole host of changes and updates to make running an online shop even quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

We’d love to have as many people testing it as possible to ensure that the official release goes smoothly. But please do take a quick look at the information below before giving it a try:


Beta Testing procedures and developer notes for Jigoshop 1.3

• Do not test on a production environment. Do not use your main Shop for beta testing.
• Backup your WordPress database prior to installing the Jigoshop 1.3 RC1 beta.
• Upon upgrade, new options are created, old coupons are converted to new ones.
• PHPMyAdmin can be used to revert the ‘jigoshop_db_version’ option in the WordPress ‘wp-options’ table back to the version 1.2.3 value of ’1203310′ and delete the created ‘jigoshop_options’ entry to rerun an upgrade if desired. Prior to doing this, also Trash any coupons or you could get duplicate entries after a subsequent upgrade.
• Generally though, just run the upgrade once and test from that.

• Coupons no longer are an option in the Jigoshop Settings as of Jigoshop 1.3.
• Coupons are now a WordPress custom post type and you manage them the same as WP posts and Jigoshop Products. They have their own menu under the Jigoshop menu.
• Existing coupons are translated from version 1.2.3 and installed for you in version 1.3
• A number of new features have been added to coupons. Thorough Cart, Checkout and final Order testing of each of the features is wanted to ensure valid results.

• Bug reports for the Beta 1.3 RC1 should be submitted to the Community forums with a subject noting the Beta:

“[Beta 1.3 RC1] this feature doesn’t work”

We will monitor the forums and respond appropriately.


Downloading Jigoshop 1.3 Beta:

We’re hoping you’ve read the info above, and you’re not going to immediately launch the beta version on your main shop site, so here’s how to download it.

You’ll need to download the zip file from Once unzipped, rename the download folder to ‘jigoshop’ and install it in your test server WP plugin directory completely replacing any existing jigoshop folder.

Problems with downloading? There’s a handy forum thread for that already.


Developer info and regular updates:

To co-ordinate the latest news and information, particularly for the developer community, we’ve created an email list for Beta Testers which will be used to alert everyone to the latest versions, additional info about changes to how plugins and themes work etc. We’ll also be looking at ways to reward frequent contributors to the beta testing program, so you might even end up with a Jigoshop mug!

Sign up as a Jigoshop Beta Tester at