Jigoshop Showcase #23 NRGBands

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Apparently NRGBands improve your balance, strength and stamina, which are three attributes certainly deficient within the Jigoshop office!

We can’t vouch for the product itself in any way, but the site is a nice example of a simple and effective design using Jigoshop for eCommerce.

Jigoshop Showcase #23:

The NRGBands are wristbands which apparently help your well-being. So the site, built by Split Image Studios, makes sure it shows off the products with some nice imagery. It rotates through a small selection, highlighting various offers, but importantly, there has been plenty of time and effort put into make sure the photos look great. Even the plain product shots make use of lighting and reflection nicely.

Beneath the imagery are 5 text blocks which state clearly any current offers, free shipping, and customization options.


NRGBands Homepage


As the actual product range is relatively small, there’s no need for a massive amount of Category pages. Instead the Mens and Womens selections are either chosen from the drop-down navigation items, or if you do go via the Shop link, a simple main Shop page.




This makes it clear where to go, and doesn’t confuse the user. A big element of effective eCommerce design is to remove any roadblocks or parts of a site which cause potential customers to stop and think. When someone pauses, that’s the time when they might reconsider their purchase, or be interrupted and go and do something else instead.


Finally the product pages again use large images to show what is certainly a clothing item along with the health claims. If you’re going to be putting it on your wrist all day, you want to see the details and make sure it looks cool.

Again, you get related options – but it’s kept clear and simple with the four additional colour choices.

It’s a good example of a site which is very focused on getting customers to reach the stage where they Add to Cart and Pay. There’s additional information on the product, Terms of Service and Privacy etc if you need it, but they don’t get in the way of the purchase process.

In this case, the product has apparently received TV advertising and promotion, meaning that people arriving at the site are likely to have heard of the benefits already – one reason why there’s less need to repeat them in big text descriptions on the site.


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