9 new themes and extensions for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

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Jigoshop eCommerce is growing so fast at the moment there’s barely time to tell you the latest news! It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating topping 100,000 downloads in just over 12 months, but the release of Jigoshop 1.3 has sent that figure soaring up. And in addition to working hard to make sure 100+ existing themes and extensions are compatible, both the Jigoshop team and external developers have been completing even more themes and extensions. This week alone 9 more products are available, and there are two more big releases coming imminently.

The Lathika theme for Jigoshop:

Lathika responsive ecommerce theme for Jigoshop

Lathika is the first Jigoshop theme from an experience WordPress eCommerce theme creator, and it’s well worth checking out with a number of options to get your store looking ready for business. Check out more details on the Lathika Theme.


Follow-Up Email Auto-Responder:

Follow Up Email Auto-Responder for Jigoshop

Perhaps not the catchiest title, but as the person responsible for marketing Jigoshop, this is one of my favourite releases. It’s a comprehensive, but easy to set-up way to automatically send emails out to customers after they’ve made a purchase or download, which enables you to start building up customer relationships, and alert buyers to related products, offers and other information.

If you’ve got more than a handful of customers it’s easy to run out of time to contact everyone manually, and it’s easy to make mistakes, so this is a great way to build your business effectively without adding masses of extra work. Check out all the features of this great marketing tool.


Responsive Swipe Product Slider and Carousel

Responsive swipe product slider and carousel

Probably the biggest name in Jigoshop extensions, or at least the longest! But still a great way to showcase your products on pages, posts or even in your sidebar. And as the name states, it’s responsive (when used with a responsive theme), and also works when tablet and mobile users swipe to rotate the images. Learn more about the Responsive Swipe Product Slider and Carousel.


Four new payment gateways!

If you thought we’d covered the market for payment gateways when we topped 35 options, think again. We’re constantly looking to answer the needs of Jigoshop users and make sure whichever your preferred payment processor might be, we’ve got it covered.

So you can now hook into:


Authorize.Net DPM is virtually transparent way to let Authorize.Net handle customer transactions and reduce the security requirements you need to fulfill with your site.


PaymentSense is a UK payment processing company which offers an unusual capped monthly contract, meaning that you only ever pay a set monthly fee.


Realex Payments is the UK’s fastest-growing payment processor, serving over 7,500 clients and processing over £12 billion per year.


Virtual Merchant provide for face-to-face and online transactions, with a fully-hosted payment solution.


Custom Attributes TinyMCE


Integrating the TinyMCE word processing capabilities into your custom attributes field means you can use a WYSIWIG editor and formatting options to make custom attributes look great and really stand out. Check out what that means with the Custom Attributes TinyMCE extenion.


Social Buttons for Jigoshop


Social Buttons for Jigoshop is pretty self explanatory, but in addition to automatically adding social network sharing buttons to every product on your site, you can also choose which to display on each individual product. Click here if you need to get social.



New plugins for bulk product uploads and product questions, plus a new theme

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Two more plugins are being added to the Jigoshop Extension list, and will allow you to bulk upload a limitless amount of products by importing a spreadsheet, and answer product specific enquiries quickly and easily.That means there are now a whopping 54 extensions available, covering a huge range of payment gateways, shipping options and making running an eCommerce store quicker and easier than ever!


The Product Importer Deluxe

Jigoshop Product Importer Deluxe

The much-anticipated ability to import products into Jigoshop from a .CSV spreadsheet file is now here, and it will make setting up a new store or updating an existing product list quicker and easier. After activating the plugin, you’ll be able to upload data from an .CSV file, including spreadsheets created in Excel or equivalent programmes (Open Office or Libre Office for open source examples).

You’ll also be able to upload images in bulk, and then assign them to specific products either manually or automatically, and there’s no upper limit to the number of products Jigoshop, or the Products Importer Deluxe, can handle, meaning that you can create any size of eCommerce shop without having to create each product and upload every image individually.

And if you’re got a shop already running, you can use the importer to add new product ranges or update everything in one go. It’s a great timesaver and just $49.


The Product Enquiry Form

Jigoshop Product Enquiry Form

The most important questions for any shop owner are those coming from people ready to buy your products. And by putting a product enquiry form on specific product pages, you can now make sure those emails are filtered and responded to quickly, rather than ending up mixed with more general questions and spam emails.

By activating the Product Enquiry Form plugin, you can allow customers to ask questions and supply their name and address for a reply. A handy reCaptcha field filters out the spam you might get by listing an email address publicly, and you won’t have to check through hundreds of emails to find the ones which could be the difference between making and losting a sale.

The Product Enquiry Form plugin is just $19, which is good value when it can make such a difference to your sales.


Prometheus – Responsive Jigoshop theme

Finally for today there’s a gorgeous new Jigoshop theme now available from Alex Gurghis, who previously created the Aventador theme. Named after the Greek God who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind, Prometheus could definitely light up your WordPress eCommerce store store with 24 template pages, unlimited colours, and it’s all ready and waiting to add a BBPress forum as well.

Prometheus Responsive Jigoshop Theme

Definitely well worth checking out, and we hope to see Alex creating even more Jigoshop themes in the future!