Themes, plugins and bounties…

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There’s lots going on with Jigoshop at the moment, including the large and growing community of developers and designers making awesome themes and plugins to work with our Open Source eCommerce platform. So many new products are being released it’s hard to keep up!

Two more Jigoshop-Compatible themes:

There are now two more great themes to choose from for your Jigoshop store, as dtbaker has updated his ‘Sport and Grunge‘ and ‘Earth Nature‘ themes to be Jigoshop compatible. Sport Grunge is great for any shop selling action sports equipment or films, whether you’re a skateboarder, BMX rider, surfer etc. It would also work well for most music genres, or any shop which wants that type of atmosphere:

Sport and Grunge Theme - Jigoshop compatible


Or perhaps you’re a blogger or photographer looking for a more natural feel? Then you should check out the ‘Earth Nature’ portfolio theme which is a great way to show off your creations – it’s also now Jigoshop compatible, meaning you don’t just show your creations off to the world, but you can quickly and easily sell them via our Open Source eCommerce plugin.

Earth Nature Portfolio Theme for Jigoshop eCommerce


The latest plugins, including new TouchCarousel Slider

It’s been great to see code marketplace Envato actively sourcing new eCommerce plugins by offering a bounty to developers for what is a rapidly growing area of open source and WordPress. Their first eCommerce specific promotion has just ended, and there are a lot of Jigoshop plugins which helped various developers share the $2000 fund.

Congratulations to the developers, including:

  • dtbaker (again!) for his Jigoshop Products – Facebook Tab
  • webfactory for their Jigoshop Random Products Widget
  • sevenspark for the Jigoshop Wish List plugin.
  • R Dever for the Product Slider Carousel Jigoshop
  • jamesckemp for Fancy Product Preview for Jigoshop
  • Eric Nicolaas for his Jigoshop Bundle Rate Shipping
  • and Patsatech for AlertPay Gateway for Jigoshop.

And those are just 7 of the 10 plugins currently in the CodeCanyon Jigoshop section – along with all the ones we have listed on our own site!

And there are still more extensions which haven’t been categorised purely for eCommerce – check out the popular Touch Carousel – a Posts Content Slider by semenov, which is also Jigoshop compatible. It allows you to slide any post type, with touch navigation for mobile. There are 5 skins, 4 layouts, a simple templating system and fast CSS3 transitions. Plus you get loads of control settings, upgrades and support, and all for $21.

Touch Carousel Posts Content Slider


And almost every day another plugin or theme is being released to serve the needs of specific Jigoshop users.