Jigoshop 1.6 release today, plus new Klarna gateway

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Jigoshop 1.6 will be available today, Tuesday March 5, 2013, with new features including automatic handling of VAT for EU-based companies. That means Jigoshop is now an even better solution for shops with European business customers.

The change means that EU-based businesses will no longer pay VAT on purchases via any Jigoshop store, if the shop owner allows them to provide a valid EU VAT ID number.

When enabled, customers will be prompted to enter a VAT number during the checkout process. Jigoshop will then check the number is valid, and if so, remove tax from the purchase price. An invalid number will generate a warning, and without any VAT number tax will be charged as normal.


Jigoshop 1.6 includes new EU VAT handling

Other great new features include a new ‘Shop Manager’ role for users, and authenticated customers can now log in via different devices and still access their current Shopping Cart – which is great if you started shopping via your PC at work and want to complete the purchase when you’re at home, for example.

Jigoshop’s translations have also been updated for Brazilian, Ukrainian, and French languages, plus default attributes for variable products can now be pre-selected to appear on product pages.

Jigoshop 1.6 Changelog: 5.3.2013.

  • New: VAT reduction -after- processing an Order for customers out of the Shop Base Country and with a valid EU VAT Number for EU Countries
  • New: Authenticated customers can now log out and back in again on a different device and get their cart back
  • New: Added default attributes for variable products to be pre-selected on front end Product page
  • New: Added a WordPress ‘Shop Manager’ role for Users
  • New: Support for WP-PageNavi plugin
  • Tweak: Added 2 options on Settings->General for displaying certain messages on the Checkout
  • Tweak: Updated Brazilian translations courtesy of Raphael Suzuki
  • Tweak: Updated Ukrainian translations courtesy of Anatolii Sakhnik
  • Tweak: Updated French translations courtesy of Laurent Dinclaux
  • Fix: products on sale shortcode now accurately displays simple products on sale
  • Fix: internal product attributes and variations saving of custom text attributes
  • Fix: Adding products to the Cart if not sufficient stock available
  • Fix: Variations now check for sufficient stock available
  • Fix: Reports date range selectors now work in all browsers

If you’re an existing Jigoshop user, you’ll see the update notification within your WordPress dashboard, and the new download will become available via shortly. We test every update prior to release, but always recommend updating to a test site, or during a low traffic period for any live sites.


Klarna Payment Gateway:

Klarna is a great payment service which is particularly suited to new and small eCommerce businesses. It currently operates across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

The way it works is customers can order and receive their products and services by paying Klarna, meaning you don’t need to establish the same level of trust required for a new consumers to share their credit card details with you. And Klarna will cover the risk of non-payment to ensure you get paid whatever happens.

Our Klarna Payment Gateway covers Klarna Invoice, which allows customers to only enter their basic details, meaning less abandoned purchases, and allowing them to pay for goods when they have been received.


It also includes Klarna Account, which allows customers to aggregate their Klarna purchases and pay with installments, being used by more than 700,000 customers for bigger and more numerous purchases.

You can also use Klarna Special Campaigns, which allows you to offer deals, such as ‘buy now, pay later’, so you can allow customers to pay at defined times in the future, rather than making their purchases up front.

Take a look at the Klarna Payment Gateway now – it’s a great option for any business selling to Scandinavian, German and Dutch customers. And you can sign up for an account with Klarna, here.

New plugins for Russia, Germany, Norway, and additional navigation…

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It’s lucky that one of the new plugins for release this week helps with navigation options, considering we’re on a whistle-stop tour around Europe with a new plugin gateway, translation option and tax invoice plugin for three different countries, showing yet again how far and wide the Jigoshop community has spread for both users and developers.

Robokassa Payment Gateway:

First is the Robokassa Payment Gateway for Jigoshop which is a free plugin to allow you to use the Russian payment provider. As with most payment gateways, it means that the service provider deals with credit car details and data regulations, leaving you to focus on sales. And as a Russian company, Robokassa gives you access to some specific payment providers, including and Yandex.Money. Click here for more details.


German Full Translation Language Pack:

As standard, Jigoshop comes with a wide range of language translations in the core download, and that selection will only continue to expand. So if you’re looking to get a choice between formal and informal German, for example, you’ll appreciate the German Full Translation Language Pack. Click here for more details.


Jigoshop Norway Custom Emails:

Developed in response to a support request from a Norwegian Jigoshop user, this plugin aims to solve some of the taxation hassles faced by shop owners. The Custom Emails plugin creates separate tax calculations for the differing tax rates for different products, as well as the amount payable at each rate. Click here for more details.


Jigoshop AJAX Layered Navigation:

If you’ve got lots of variable products or a lot of inventory with a high number of attributes, then you might find the new AJAX layered navigation offers some useful advantages for you and your customers. Not only does the layered navigation use ajax calls to reload content on the page, but the extension also provides a number of additional user-interface elements for the layered navigation, such as color swatches, size selectors and checkboxes. Click here for more details.

New plugins: PayFast and Inspire Payments, plus UPS Shipping

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Payment and shipping options are incredibly important in making your online store more successful and easier to run – which is why we’re adding so many new products for you to be able to take payments in whatever form is easiest for your customers, and also more shipping options to help you deliver what you’ve sold.

Inspire Commerce Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:

Inspire is a global payment gateway and registered merchant services provider with Visa, which means you can set up a free merchant account, including tracking and reporting, to provide benefits from them working closely with your bank. That means next day deposits, international payments regardless of currency, your brand name on customer bank statements and lower rates.

Registering with Inspire takes less than 20 minutes, and you’ll just need a Business Bank Account, EIN/TAX ID Number and a business location or completed website. You can then take advantage of their Level 1 PCI data facility, accept all major credit cards, and get selling. The Inspire Commerce Payment Gateway for Jigoshop costs $49.


PayFast Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:

The PayFast payment gateway supports using the South Africa Payfast payment gateway, which uses a quick and simple payment wallet to sign-up and manage purchases. It accepts credit cards including Visa and Mastercard, or PayFast’s own payment method which lets you pay via regular Internet backing without having to wait 2 days for funds to clear.

You’ll need to sign up for PayFast, which doesn’t charge a setup or monthly fee, and simply takes a transaction percentage. When a customer chooses PayFast to complete a transaction, they’ll be redirected to your PayFast merchant account for them to login and make payment before being redirected back to your store.

If you’ve signed up for PayFast, you’ll just need to set your base country to “South Africa” and your currency to “South African Rand” for the option to become available. The Payfast Payment Gateway for Jigoshop costs $49.


UPS Shipping Rates:

Access and pull real-time UPS Shipping Rates in Jigoshop, using the official UPS API to provide accurate and up-to-date charges from a company delivering in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Not only do you benefit from the accuracy – your customers are likely to be very familiar with the gold and brown UPS logo, giving them an extra reason to trust your product delivery. So even the smallest shop can offer the latest rates from a company which delivers around 15.6 million packages and documents every day!

The UPS Shipping Rates costs $49.

2 new extensions: WorldPay Payment Gateway and USPS Shipping plugin

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We’ve added yet another payment gateway to further expand your options, along with a new USPS Shipping plugin for American retailers and customers. That’s in addition to the Canada Post Shipping plugin we’ve already released, meaning more native shipping options for Jigoshop users around the world.


WorldPay Payment Gateway for Jigoshop

WorldPay Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:

Accept credit card payments via a secure, hosted service from WorldPay which handles all the security aspects, so you don’t need an SSL certificate on your website. By using the plugin, customers are sent to a WorldPay page to make a payment, and that means a wide range of credit cards can be accepted, including Visa Credit and Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, JCB, Laser and ELV, with American Express and Diners Club Cards available on request.

Currencies supported including Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, the Swedish Krona and Danish Krone, or even the Malaysian Ringgit.

Balances can be settled on a weekly basis and after purchasing, customers will automatically go to a WorldPay thank you page which can be edited to echo your design and branding. You’ll need to sign up for an account at WorldPay to use this service. The WorldPay Payment Gateway for Jigoshop costs $49, and lets you concentrate on making sales, not processing payments.


USPS Shipping Calculator

USPS Shipping Calculator for Jigoshop:

You’ll need to create a shipping profile with the United States Postal Service, but once that’s done you’ll be able to enter your new user ID into Jigoshop and be able to utilise all the USPS Shipping Rates for your customers. That means more accurate shipping costs for American consumers, and better ways for you to manage transportation and shipping to keep an eye on your profits!

The plugin will assume that products will be bundled into one box with a maximum weight of 70 lbs, and if customers are purchasing items over 70lbs, there will be multiple boxes created on domestic shipping. For international shipments, you won’t receive rates if the total product weight on the shopping cart exceeds 70 lbs.

The USPS Shipping for Jigoshop plugin costs $49 – not bad for the time and cost savings you can make by automating US shipping!


Stripe Payment Gateway now available for Jigoshop

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Stripe is an interesting payment service which launched earlier this year. It offers clear commission rates amongst some other great features, so we’re pleased to say you can now use the new Stripe Payment Gateway to plug it straight into Jigoshop.

Importantly, you’ll be able to take payments from anyone with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards, and the minimum chargeable amount is just $0.50. Stripe then takes a set 2.9% + $0.30 with no other fees for set-up etc.

Stripe Payment Gateway for Jigoshop

Other features including subscription/recurring billing, and support for data portability, meaning they’ll help you to migrate your details if you leave the service. plus they store credit card details etc, meaning you don’t have to.

Please note that to receive funds from Stripe itself (which are paid on a 7-day rolling schedule), you or your business will need to be based in the U.S for the time being. Stripe are working on accommodating businesses around the globe, and this doesn’t affect which countries your customers can be located in.