Jigoshop Showcase #26 - Little Lost Land

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This week our showcase site is a bit of a jolt to the system, showing how some eCommerce brands can really stand out with their website design. Little Lost Land is an Australian vintage-inspired clothing brand which has created a range of sunglasses, named Losties, and they asked Melbourne-based digital artist Omar Mashaal to design this Jigoshop-based outlet for them.

Jigoshop Showcase #26

There’s no mistaking what this site sells. The large image slideshow allows you to admire the sunglasses being modeled, and we particularly like the use of the multiple product image with one particular section rotating through the various styles to really catch the eye.

It’s a relatively simple and eye-catching approach, with little navigation except to choose between male and female styles, or to like the brand on Facebook, and clear pricing due to all sunglasses retailing for one amount. It’s quite a long page, showcasing 15 specific products, but the use of the wood background and static model shots break it up quite nicely.


The category pages stick to the same layout - the image rotation switches cleverly to just show the relevant model images, which is a nice touch. And the fairly large and colourful product images mean that it’s not a hassle to scroll through 30 products or more on the page. There’s always another product catching your eye, and there isn’t a real need for sub-categories or other navigation, which is going to be secondary to the visual appeal.


Finally when you select a particular pair of glasses, it’s noticeable that the selected product gets a clear name and colour option on a plain background - removing the background image makes the chosen product standout more, especially as the price and ‘Add to Cart’ button are the main details.

Scrolling further down the page gets you a lengthier description, followed by a random selection of the other Losties glasses available. The only comment we would make is that the same brand description currently appears on every product page, and being quite long it may lead to issues due to the duplicate content - it would be better to have more about the product and less about the brand on these pages, or move the brand information to a separate linked page.


In terms of design, the Little Lost Land site is a great example of eye-catching simplicity, with relatively few templates required for a site which immediately stands out. Small details like the rough edges of the logo laying over the main content area reinforce the idea of a cool and edgy brand, along with the choice of a more unusual font for the bold headings and sub-headings where it is clear and usable.

One of the big benefits of using Jigoshop is that you’re not limited in your designs, and it’s great to see an increasing number of fashion brands around the world embracing the opportunity to really stand out, whilst being able to let our platform take care of the back end sales and stock processes.

Plus we’ve got plenty of time to get an order shipped over from Australia before the sunglasses season begins in the UK!


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