The biggest Jigoshop news you may have missed

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April has been a great month for Jigoshop, with more and more people downloading and installing our software to create awesome WordPress eCommerce shops, and some big news and changes.

In case you missed anything, here are the highlights from the past month:

20 new plugins, Pagelines integration and a new theme:

Jigoshop Club now gives you more for your money:

Since launching, we’ve been monitoring the Jigoshop Club and discussing how we can give every member more for their money – as a result we re-launched the Club this month to continue to include every official Jigoshop theme and plugins, but it now also includes lifetime support! And if you sign up before May 21st, 2012, you’ll get all of that for just $359. Pay once, and you’ll get themes, extensions and support indefinitely – and you’ll save $141 if you grab it now.


Jigoshop 1.2 Beta Release:

And all of that is in addition to the small matter of Jigoshop 1.2 becoming available as a developer beta release for you to download and test to check out our improvements and new features, and to make sure all your stores (or your clients) are working perfectly when it becomes available as an official update.

Check out and download the release, and take a look at the latest comments, contributions and improvements on the forum thread. Don’t forget, one contributor who files a bug or fix will be thanked with a free official Jigoshop theme or extension of their choice.


May is going to be even better:

It’s going to be a challenge to top that in May, but we’ve got a full list of new plugins and extensions to be uploaded, plus the official roll out of Jigoshop 1.2 and lots more. The best ways to keep up to date are by reading this blog, signing up for the Jigoshop weekly email, and/or following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.