Jigoshop Showcase #5 DeuxKids

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We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected] Homepage

Deux Kids –

DeuxKids is the work of designer Baptiste Mollicone, and has quite a different look and feel to the other sites we’ve featured recently in our Showcases. DeuxKids provides beats and samples, and the urban theme works really well alongside the samples they make available to lease and download.

The French hip-hop culture is obviously apparent from the homepage, and also in the Beats page which includes artist images and descriptions along with playable samples for you to try before you lease them.

DeuxKids Beats Page

What’s interesting is that you don’t necessarily buy the tracks and copyright, but you lease them for your own use, including selling up to 2,000 copies of something including the sample, for example. Which is a pretty interesting model for legal re-use of music.

And from a Jigoshop-perspective it’s also interesting that they provide a way to listen to each track before you invest in it – the site was built before we released the JPlayer Music Sampler plug-in to make it easier for anyone to offer music samples pre-purchase. Sorry, Baptiste!

Deux Kids Product Page

We really like the impact that DeuxKids has – and Baptiste has already shared a second Jigoshop site which we’ll be featuring in a future showcase, so anyone requiring a French web designer would do well to check out his site.

Check out our next showcase on Friday as we revert to our usual schedule, flu and colds permitting.