Selling MP3 downloads with Jigoshop is easy with JPlayer Music Sampler

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It’s always been possible to create a Jigoshop store to sell MP3 downloads, and in fact we’ll be showcasing a great example on this blog tomorrow, but the new JPlayer Music Sampler plug-in makes it even easier.

It provides a really quick and simple method to allow your potential customers to preview your MP3 selection, and choose what they might want to buy. And there’s no coding required – just add the plugin, and you’ll be able to upload your sample files. The JPlayer Music Sampler does the rest, so you can concentrate on sourcing the best music.

JPlayer Music Sampler Plugin

The plug-in was created by Jeffry Ghazally, and costs just $29 to extend the free core Jigoshop product. And his experience with WordPress, eCommerce and music-based sites means you should love his work, so check it out in our fast-growing range of extensions and plug-ins.