Enterprise Support and Hosting from Jigoshop and Proxar IT Consulting

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Your Jigoshop eCommerce business can now benefit from both enterprise level support and hosting, allowing you to expand your online store with confidence.

As Jigoshop has rapidly developed and grown as an eCommerce platform, we have continually evolved our Support packages. We’re pleased to have seen an increasing number of enterprise level businesses choose Jigoshop for online retail, and as a result, we’ve created Support packages suitable for that level of business and transactions.


At the same time, the choice of web hosting has become increasingly important. Website performance, reliability and PCI DSS compliance are all vital. That’s why we’ve partnered with Proxar IT Consulting to provide the best possible Jigoshop hosting. And you can check out the new Jigoshop Pro packages right now.

Proxar IT Consulting is an established business offering comprehensive IT solutions, and have optimised Jigoshop sites for their clients. Now you can benefit from the work both companies have put into making the best possible eCommerce solution.


Save time and money, as Proxar IT Consulting is compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard. All merchants accepting payment cards should meet PCI DSS requirements, so by choosing a PCI DSS compliant infrastructure you save unnecessary fines for non-compliance.

In addition, our website hosting will ensure your website is up and running 24/7 with minimum downtime, and at optimum levels of performance. Website loading times are vital in eCommerce as customer purchase decisions are now measured in milliseconds.

To ensure performance and uptime, your Jigoshop eCommerce site will be monitored 24/7. So if a problem does occur, we’ll know straight away and the monitoring information will help us to solve the problem quickly.

Having looked at various hosting providers, Proxar IT Consulting were an obvious choice for enterprise level solutions. With experience in designing, building and hosting large, high traffic websites, including optimising hosting for Jigoshop eCommerce stores, we’re able to work together as a team to make sure you get the highest levels of reliability, service and performance.

As a bonus, the first 10 Clients to sign up for our new Jigoshop Pro hosting package will receive a 50% discount for 12 months.