Jigoshop Showcase #19: Art and Mabel

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We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]


Showcase #19: Art and Mabel

Art and Mabel is a small business based in Devon, England, which offers a range of personalised gifts for children. And as the company outgrew selling on sites like Etsy, there was a need for a site which was clean, simple and easy-to-use. With that in mind, freelance developer Ben Davis chose Jigoshop to create a website which fits with the ethos of the company.

After looking around at other solutions, I found Jigoshop was by far the best choice for me. Perhaps the most important feature of Jigoshop is its ability to be completely customised. I had a very specific design in mind for the site, so I needed a plugin that wouldn’t force me to display the content in a certain way – Jigoshop was perfect for this.


The homepage of Art and Mabel

The Art and Mabel homepage


Ben certainly succeeded in a clean and stylish homepage which feels welcoming without being overloaded with elements which would distract potential customers from the great products on sale. The use of icons on the images helps to guide visitors to the most suitable products for boys, girls or the home, saving time if anyone isn’t sure what they’re looking for.


The Main Shop Page for Art and Mabel

The main Art and Mabel shop page


Another good feature of Jigoshop is that it’s very user friendly. It’s obviously very important that things like adding products and viewing orders should be very simple for the client to do, and with Jigoshop it absolutely is. Even using the more complex features, like variable products, is very easy with Jigoshop. Also, its extensibility and flexibility means that in the future, when the site needs new features, adding them will be straightforward.


Individual Product Page for Art and Mabel

An example of a product page – something for Twitter fans?


Overall, we’re very impressed with the site and it really works well with the products on offer – the parents within the Jigoshop team have certainly been caught browsing for potential purchases, so it definitely works for us.

Other features of Jigoshop, like the constant flow of updates, made it a great plugin to work with, and I’m very happy I chose to go with it.

And we’re happy Ben chose Jigoshop – hopefully we’ll be able to showcase more of his work in the future.

Jigoshop Round-Up: September 2011

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Every month we’re releasing an increasing number of updates, themes, and extensions for Jigoshop eCommerce, plus sharing a number of great sites in our regular Showcases and tips to help you get more business, so if you’ve missed anything, here’s the highlights this month:

Jigoshop Development:

  • Jigoshop 0.9.9 released: Back at the start of the month we released Jigoshop 0.9.9, which included the extremely useful Configurable Products feature, as well as the DIBS payment gateway, and a host of language translations (Swedish, German, Dutch and improved French) and some other background improvements. You should have been prompted to update already, but if you haven’t, it’s well worth doing now.
  • Genesis Commerce Theme: The Genesis Framework is a great way to manage WordPress with a load of additional features and options to really make your website sing. And with our new Genesis Commerce theme, you can get straight into selling with all the features of both Jigoshop and Genesis in one handy solution. Around 56,000 people are already using Genesis, and now you can join them!
  • Google Checkout Plugin: Google Checkout is one of the major online payment services, and is only going to grow with the amazing success of Android smartphones, plus new Google initiatives such as Google Wallet.
  • Campaign Monitor PlugIn: Even with the growth of social networks, being able to contact your customers directly via their email inbox is the most effective way to encourage them to buy more of your products. Campaign Monitor is a great email service provider, and you can now add customers straight into your email lists automatically when they make a purchase.

Jigoshop Showcases:

We’ve added a new section to the site which has all the great Jigoshop stores we’ve already featured, plus we’re sharing more great new sites every week to help inspire you. In September we showcased:

Check them out to see some of the amazing things in-house and external agencies are doing with Jigoshop, and how much you can customise the look and feel to really suit your business and make it stand out. That’s why we take care of the software side of things – so you can concentrate on your design and your customers. And if you’re looking for a designer to help with your store, the showcase is a great way to find someone suitable.

Jigoshop Tips and Tricks:

Never run a website before? Wondering exactly what SEO means, or what it does? Need advice on how to use social media or not sure what you could blog about to help attract new customers? We’re here to help.

This month we started with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which will help you get higher in the search results when someone looks for you or your products via Google or Bing.

Not a bad amount to cram into just one month, but October is already looking even busier. If you want to get your site featured as a showcase, or you’ve got a specific area or question when it comes to tips and advice, just drop an email to [email protected] .