Jigoshop 1.6 release today, plus new Klarna gateway

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Jigoshop 1.6 will be available today, Tuesday March 5, 2013, with new features including automatic handling of VAT for EU-based companies. That means Jigoshop is now an even better solution for shops with European business customers.

The change means that EU-based businesses will no longer pay VAT on purchases via any Jigoshop store, if the shop owner allows them to provide a valid EU VAT ID number.

When enabled, customers will be prompted to enter a VAT number during the checkout process. Jigoshop will then check the number is valid, and if so, remove tax from the purchase price. An invalid number will generate a warning, and without any VAT number tax will be charged as normal.


Jigoshop 1.6 includes new EU VAT handling

Other great new features include a new ‘Shop Manager’ role for users, and authenticated customers can now log in via different devices and still access their current Shopping Cart – which is great if you started shopping via your PC at work and want to complete the purchase when you’re at home, for example.

Jigoshop’s translations have also been updated for Brazilian, Ukrainian, and French languages, plus default attributes for variable products can now be pre-selected to appear on product pages.

Jigoshop 1.6 Changelog: 5.3.2013.

  • New: VAT reduction -after- processing an Order for customers out of the Shop Base Country and with a valid EU VAT Number for EU Countries
  • New: Authenticated customers can now log out and back in again on a different device and get their cart back
  • New: Added default attributes for variable products to be pre-selected on front end Product page
  • New: Added a WordPress ‘Shop Manager’ role for Users
  • New: Support for WP-PageNavi plugin
  • Tweak: Added 2 options on Settings->General for displaying certain messages on the Checkout
  • Tweak: Updated Brazilian translations courtesy of Raphael Suzuki
  • Tweak: Updated Ukrainian translations courtesy of Anatolii Sakhnik
  • Tweak: Updated French translations courtesy of Laurent Dinclaux
  • Fix: products on sale shortcode now accurately displays simple products on sale
  • Fix: internal product attributes and variations saving of custom text attributes
  • Fix: Adding products to the Cart if not sufficient stock available
  • Fix: Variations now check for sufficient stock available
  • Fix: Reports date range selectors now work in all browsers

If you’re an existing Jigoshop user, you’ll see the update notification within your WordPress dashboard, and the new download will become available via shortly. We test every update prior to release, but always recommend updating to a test site, or during a low traffic period for any live sites.


Klarna Payment Gateway:

Klarna is a great payment service which is particularly suited to new and small eCommerce businesses. It currently operates across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

The way it works is customers can order and receive their products and services by paying Klarna, meaning you don’t need to establish the same level of trust required for a new consumers to share their credit card details with you. And Klarna will cover the risk of non-payment to ensure you get paid whatever happens.

Our Klarna Payment Gateway covers Klarna Invoice, which allows customers to only enter their basic details, meaning less abandoned purchases, and allowing them to pay for goods when they have been received.


It also includes Klarna Account, which allows customers to aggregate their Klarna purchases and pay with installments, being used by more than 700,000 customers for bigger and more numerous purchases.

You can also use Klarna Special Campaigns, which allows you to offer deals, such as ‘buy now, pay later’, so you can allow customers to pay at defined times in the future, rather than making their purchases up front.

Take a look at the Klarna Payment Gateway now – it’s a great option for any business selling to Scandinavian, German and Dutch customers. And you can sign up for an account with Klarna, here.