New Google Checkout plugin for Jigoshop

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The new Google Checkout plugin for Jigoshop is just one of the constantly growing number of Jigoshop Extensions which allow for a lot of additional functionality and options for your online shop.

Google Checkout is a fast growing and trusted way for customers to make payments, provided by the most familiar brand on the internet, and is an alternative to the PayPal integration which comes as part of the core free Jigoshop product. Developed by Konrad Dwinzel, and tested by the Jigoshop team, it means you can offer more flexibility when it comes to letting your customers pay for your products or services.

What is Google Checkout?

Google Checkout launched in 2006 as a way to make credit card payments online, and with ties into Google’s other products, such as AdWords and Google Analytics, to help close the gap between advertising and marketing your products, and being able to see who then buys them as a result.

Fees start at 1.4% + £0.20 per transaction, with no charge to transfer to your bank account, and in the UK it allows payment by Via, Mastercard and Maestro when the customer simply uses their username and log-in. It also allows for partial payments, support for pre-ordered and backordered items, and some fraud protection measures. You can see more of the features available as part of the Google Checkout process, here.

Why you should consider Google Checkout for Jigoshop:

Firstly, for a single licence for the extension, you avoid losing any customers who prefer Google Checkout to other payment methods. That’s particularly important if you’re aiming to retail to global customers, as the use and familiarity of PayPal and Google Checkout varies around the world.

Secondly, you can tie in your Google Merchant account to Analytics and Adwords, enabling you to see closely what is making you money, and why. That means you’ll get a lot more knowledge about how you improve your business.

Thirdly, as part of Google’s product range, Checkout will always be part of both their web business, and also their mobile business. With the huge growth of Android handsets, projects such as Google Wallet for payments with your mobile, and the fact that Jigoshop features responsive themes for mobile and tablet devices, it means that you’ve future-proofed your payments for the largest operating system for smartphones.

How to integrate Google Checkout with Jigoshop:

The process is very simple - you can purchase the Google Checkout Plugin in the Extensions for the introductory reduced price of $39 (from $49) for one month only.

And setting up everything for your account with Google is also quick and easy at ( or .com for U.S residents, etc).