Let Google increase your sales - Google Product Feed

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When it comes to matching people with what they want to buy, it’s safe to say Google is pretty successful. And now you can use their expertise to drive more traffic and sales to your shop with the Google Product Feed plugin and very little time and effort.

The plugin creates a feed of products which can be set at a side-wide level, at a category level, or for specific products via an easy-to-use form. That automated feed can then be submitted to Google Merchant Center which lets the giant search company start sending people to buy your products.

Google Product Search exists specifically for retail listings for shoppers actively searching for things to purchase, and by using this plugin, your products could even end up featured on the front of the site - you should spot the surge in sales!

By submitting your listings, you can also take advantage of Google Commerce Search to provide the search functionality for your site, and easily create more interesting advertising via Google’s Product Extension Ads and Product Listing Ads.

That’s a lot of benefits you can receive by setting up the automated feed with the Google Product Feed plugin and letting Google do the work!

You’ll need a new or existing free account with Google Merchant Center along with the plugin, and Jigoshop.

The Google Product Feed plugin costs just $40.