Friday 28th June Plugin Updates

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We’ve been quiet recently but we come back this week with a fantastic set of plugins updated with some brilliant features.

Premium Shipping

Premium Shipping

We released version 1.2 of one our best selling plugins only a few weeks ago but we continue to work on it improving it and fixing any bugs we find or that get reported to us. In version 1.2.2 we have:

  • Fixes to the UK postal code matching for wildcards.
  • Fixes specific products on number of items rules.

Product Purchasers

Product Purchasers
With version 1.3 being release OptArt have added in a new feature and a fix for there Product Purchasers plugin.

  • Added: Proper data gathering for guest customers.
  • Fixed: Better Jigoshop recognition.

Category Purchasers

Category Purchasers
The sister plugin of Product Purchasers, Category purchases has also received a new feature in version 1.1.

  • Added: Proper data gathering for guest customers.

Name Your Price

Name Your Price

  • Fixed: Problem with PayPal price.

Request a Quote

Request A Quote

  • - FancyBox changed into PrettyPhoto.

Product Add Ons Premium

Product Add Ons Premium

  • Fixes a problem with an error in the admin.

PayPoint Payment Gateway

PayPoint Payment Gateway
This week PayPoint has also been given a great update with a new feature and a slight tweak to existing functionality.

  • New: Added the option to enable/disable PayPoint order confirmation email to the card holder
  • Tweak: Separated digest key & remote password in the hosted gateway.

As you can see from the above we’ve had a fantastic set of plugins updated, with some fixes & new additions to them! hopefully one of them applies to you. Make sure you download it straight away. Check back next Friday to find out which plugins have been updated next week.


PayPoint Gateway Extension now available for Jigoshop

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You can now integrate PayPoint Gateway payments into your Jigoshop online store with the PayPoint Gateway Extension. It includes both Hosted and Hosted + IMA options.


If you’ve got a PayPoint account already, it’s a case of just entering your details - and if you need to set up an account, Hosted options are normally ready in under 48 hours, with Hosted + IMA options completed in under 24 hours. So it’s a quick process for an online payment provider that covers most major credit and debit cards, has more than 13 years of experience, and offers fraud management and UK-based support.

Check out the PayPoint Payment Gateway today.

2 new extensions: 2Checkout and Canada Post Shipping

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We’ve got two cool new extensions available for Jigoshop, adding to both the huge range currently available and the frankly massive list finishing development and due to imminent release!



2Checkout Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:

2Checkout is a hugely popular and successful international payment service which is available in over 200 countries, with a choice of 8 payment methods, 15 languages and 26 currencies. Languages range from Dutch and English to Japanese and Simplified Chinese, and Payment Currencies go from the Argentina Peso and Australian Dollar to the Turkish Lira and United Arab Emirates Dirham.

When an order is being completed, the customer is taken to 2Checkout to make a payment with with PCI Compliant service, meaning that you don’t have to worry about SSL certificates on your own site. After payment the consumer will see a thank you page - and by using the 2Checkout Pass-Through-Products Parameters, you don’t have to create products in the 2Checkout sellers area. Check out the new plugin and see what you think…

Canada Post Shipping for Jigoshop:

Use the sophisticated shipping service from Canada Post’s Sell-Online service and calculate the most accurate rates for your product’s size and weight, dividing each order into packages of 30kg or less. The plugin will take care of working out how many packages need to be sent, the cost of each package, and the total customer cost, along with delivery options for domestic and international shipments. The shipping options are:

  • Canada Post Priority Worldwide INTL
  • Canada Post Small Packets Air
  • Canada Post Parcel Surface
  • Canada Post Small Packets Surface
  • Canada Post XPressPost International
  • Canada Post Priority Courier
  • Canada Post Xpresspost
  • Canada Post Expedited
  • Canada Post Regular

Note: You’ll need to have Canada set as your base country and be using Canadian Dollars for this plugin to work.

So if you’re a Canadian business owner or looking to start one up, this is the plugin for you!

9 new plugins for Jigoshop: Gateways, Facebook Tab, Wishlist and more!

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A massive nine new plugins have been released for Jigoshop, as a result of popular code marketplace Code Canyon issuing a bounty to encourage eCommerce submissions, in the same way as we offer a mixture of upfront payments and revenue share options for anyone selling their plugin via our own Extensions section (Plus our new Affiliates scheme).

And it’s great to see that Jigoshop is one of the most enthusiastically supported of the eCommerce solutions listed on the site. The result is that 9 new plugins have been released, in addition to the 28 existing plugins available here (and that number is growing every day!). And they provide some very interesting and cool functions to add to your Jigoshop installation.

  • Payment Express Gateway for Jigoshop: Developed by patsatech, this enables credit card payments via Payment Express.
  • AlertPay Payment Gateway: Developed by patsatech, AlertPay allows payments by credit cards or bank accounts by almost anyone with an email address.
  • Jigoshop Australia Post Shipping Calculator: Developed by dtbaker, (who also designed the MommyBlogger theme for Jigoshop) it adds automatic postage calculations for Australian Jigoshop users.
  • Jigoshop Products - Facebook Tab: Also by dtbaker, the Jigoshop Products Facebook Tab is a nifty way to quickly integrate products into a Facebook page - allowing customers to add to their cart before leaving Facebook to complete the checkout process.
  • Bundle Rate Shipping: By ericnicolaas. Provides special shipping rates for multiple purchases in a category, encouraging customers to buy more.
  • Product Slider Carousel: ByRDever - a jQuery based slider carousel which is customisable and fully responsive.
  • Fancy Product Review: By jamesckemp, this allows product thumbnails to trigger a fancy preview gallery when a user roles over them. That means a user can quickly and easily larger images - handy if you are selling products with lots of cool details.
  • Jigoshop Random Product Widget: From WebFactory, this allows you to display a randomly picked product from a defined category, and automatically hides anything marked as Out of Stock - updating the look of your pages without any manual input.
  • Jigoshop Wish List: Developed by sevenspark, your customers can now create a Wish List of products to keep track of what they want to buy in the future, or to share with family and friends for presents etc. Brilliant for sites catering for events such as weddings or birthdays. Also a brilliant way for users to remind themselves of items they’ve previously been interested in.

What a great list of additional features to enhance your Jigoshop store, along our list from Affiliates Pro to Upsells.