New Extensions: Category Thumbnails, Sermpera Gateway and Gateway Fees

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Not only do we have another payment gateway to add to our comprehensive selection, but with the new Gateway Fees Integration extension you can start recouping the fees charged by the payment provider you’re using. By automatically including fees in the order process, you don’t lose money on each transaction any longer.

Plus you can now use images to aid category and sub-category navigation, and increase those sales transactions when customers can find what they want more easily.


Jigoshop Category Pages and Thumbnails:

Jigoshop Category Pages

Help your customers navigate to the right product category by using product images as links to both categories and sub-categories in your Jigoshop store. This extension makes your eCommerce business more usable, particular if category titles may not be clear to every user. Check out Category Pages and Thumbnails now.


Jigoshop Sermepa Payment Gateway:

Jigoshop Sermepa Payment Gateway

Spanish shoppers will be familiar with Sermepa, which is becoming know as Redsys, the largest car payment and processing infrastructure in Spain. So check out the Sermepa payment gateway to offer better ways for Spanish customers to pay.


Jigoshop Gateway Fees:

Jigoshop Gateway Fees

When a customer buys from your online store, you need to cover your costs and hopefully make a decent profit. In addition to the costs of creating your product, shipping fees and any applicable taxes, as a store owner you also have to cover the cost of fees from your choice of payment gateway.

Now you can include the payment gateway fees in order totals. This extension works with percentages, fixed amounts or a combination of both to accommodate your choice of payment provider. Stop losing money on every transaction with Gateway Fees Integration for Jigoshop