Jigoshop Showcase #25 Christophe Morel – Master Chocolatier

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This incredibly sumptuous and somewhat decadent website has been created to showcase the talent of award-winning master chocolatier Christophe Morel. With apologies to anyone currently starting the new year on a diet, we couldn’t wait to share this example our Jigoshop eCommerce platform being used to tempt any chocolate lover.

Jigoshop Showcase #25:

Christophe Morel was born into a French family of pastry chefs, and has owned his own chocolaterie since 2005. He’s won a number of awards for his work, and the design of the site features stunningly elegant photography of his creations. In addition to the main carousel featured on the homepage, the three highlighted products are cleverly used to display a new product, a special offer, and products worth of the spotlight.

The homepage also carries simple and clear options for social media, newsletter signups, and being based in Montreal, Canada, options for the site to be displayed in both English and French.

more lchocolatier homepage

It’s surprisingly difficult to study the site long enough to write about it without making a purchase. Interestingly the carousel is also used to introduce you to Christophe, with an excerpt from his About page to reinforce the quality and artistry of his products, which is something to be considered by other creative eCommerce businesses.

The category pages are laid out to allow the product photography to speak for itself, with a just the stylish ‘Sale!’ flash to inform your selection – products like these encourage browsing, although you can order the selection by both price and name if you wish.

morel chocolatier chocolat category

Assuming you haven’t been able to tear yourself away, each product page features a selection of photographs displaying the product and packaging, which is obviously a key part of the experience. The short product description is expandable – allowing for important information such as allergy advice, but as a default, allowing for the image panel which gives one reason why each is product is loved.

Finally you’re offered the selection of Related Products, with another chance to see the trio selected for highlighting throughout the site.

morel chocolatier coffret degustation

This works well for each of the products, particularly as you become accustomed to the image panel and begin to look for it to see the eloquent descriptions.

morel chocolatier maple pearls

Although we’ve concentrated on the Shop area to showcase the way Jigoshop has been used, it’s also worth noting that the theme and style of the site is apparent on every page.

The full screen gallery of the chocolate creation process is particularly clean and inviting, with just links to the shop to move you from inspiration to purchasing.

And even the 404 error page keeps you thinking of lovely melted chocolate (You might have guess we like themed 404 pages from our own)

morel chocolatier 404 page

What’s great is how all the elements of the design consistently evoke the sight and sensations of chocolate, whether it’s the finished products, or the melted raw ingredients.


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