Act now to save on Jigoshop themes, plugins and lifetime support

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We’re making some changes to the way the Jigoshop Club operates, and if you act now you could take advantage of a massive saving on every official Jigoshop theme, every official Jigoshop plugin, and you’ll also get lifetime support – all for a one-off payment.

The reasons for the change are relatively simple:

  • Pricing will be clearer and easier to understand with a one-time payment rather than recurring membership
  • It means we can increase our commitment to supporting Premium Members in the future, whether you’re a Jigoshop Club member, or just buying support on a monthly or annual basis.
  • You’ll still be able to download every official Jigoshop plugin listed on the site and each new one as it becomes available. The 37 currently published already have a value of $1330 if purchased separately.
  • And you still get access to every official Jigoshop theme, and every new addition we make. That’s currently 7 themes, including the popular minimalist Jigotheme, space-age Corellian, fashionable Stitched and music theme Overload. Bought individually, the themes alone would cost you $464 (Non-sale prices).
  • Support currently costs $29 for a month, or $99 for a year, but lifetime support will now be included as part of the single payment to join the Jigoshop Club.

So we’ve come up with a package which offers you great value, and allows us to spend more time focusing on adding even more to the extras available for paid members.

Rather than spending $1330 + $464 + $99 (Total $1893) for a year of themes, plugins and support, we’re going to give you everything, including lifetime support for a total price of $500, saving you a minimum of $1318 before we release even one more extension or theme (And we have lots ready to release very soon!)

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Act now and save even more:

The cost of the Jigoshop Club will be set at $500 from May 15, 2012, which is just 3 weeks away.

But if you sign up now, you’ll get $1330 of plugins, $464 of themes, and $99 worth of support every 12 months for a single payment of JUST $359!

We want to reward everyone that’s supported us so far by offering the new Jigoshop Club with lifetime support for exactly the same price you’d have paid for just 12 months of support with our old Club package.

That probably makes it the best value deal in all of WordPress eCommerce. So don’t wait and risk missing out – get your access right now with the Jigoshop Club for just $359 for the next 21 days, because the price won’t be that low again, especially as we continue to add themes and plugins, plus expand our support team.
Jigoshop Club SignUp


Existing Club Members:

If you’re an existing Jigoshop Club member, there’s no need to worry – at the point your payments reach $359, you’ll be guaranteed the same lifetime access and support as new sign-ups. So you’ll get the same great deal at a bargain price with no risk of forgetting to sign up!