Friday 16th August Plugin Updates

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We’ve got a nice selection of updates for you this week! Pro Pro
With the update to 1.0.3 this update has:

  • Correct tax calculation sent when coupons applied
  • Correct currency allowed for Canada
  • Added .pot file for translators

Affiliates Pro Integration Pack

Affiliates Pro Integration Pack
With the update to 1.1.5 this update has:

  • Added update notifier
  • Using update method instead of direct DB query for referral status updates

Fedex Shipping Rates

Fedex Shipping Rates
With the update to 1.2.2 this update has:

  • Fixed tried to access private product properties directly

Check back next week for more updates!

Product Configurator and Comparison Tool released for Jigoshop

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A new extension to allow customers to create their own products is one of the highlights of the Jigoshop extensions available this week. We’ve also got a great new product comparison tool, and some ways to make running a Jigoshop eCommerce shop a little easier for you, including an awesome solution to products which need to be withdrawn from sale.

End of Product Sale:


Simply deleting products when they are no longer available causes two problems for an eCommerce business. Not only do customers following old links end up with an error page, but you can also lose the benefits of those links for search engine optimisation. So this extension is a much easier way to solve these problems, rather than manually editing code – choose to either lead customers to the nearest available replacement, or use an automatic 301 redirect to an alternative product. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Configurable Products:



Let your shoppers customise components and create their own product which can then be added to their shopping cart in one click. Selections can be set by category or specified by name, and any customisation automatically updates the product listing and price to allow any user to build their own selection quickly and easily. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Product Comparisons:


You’ve probably seen product comparison tools on a range of high-end shopping websites. Now you can offer the same great functionality on your Jigoshop store. Let customers pick a set maximum number of items to compare, and it will display as a table on a separate page or within a widget on your site. An integrated Add To Cart button makes it easy to purchase when the final decision has been made. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Opening Times:


If you run a Jigoshop online eCommerce business part-time, or you’re not able to process orders on a particular day for whatever reason – Jigoshop Opening Times will make life easier both for you, and your customers. Set the days and times when your store is closed for new orders, and the ability to buy will be disabled, along with supplying a message for customers informing them when you are open again. Check it out now. Payment Gateway:

GoPay is a leading payment service in the Czech Republic, and this extension will let you quickly and easily set up payments for your customers in Czech crowns and Euros. You’ll also be able to take credit card payments and the appropriate bank payment services for the Czech Republic. Check it out now.


Intuitive Custom Post Order:


Use an intuitive drag-and-drop method to re-order products, posts, pages and custom post types within your Jigoshop/WordPress admin. The default chronological order of WordPress can make it time consuming to find and edit items, so you’ll soon save time and money as your site grows. Check it out now.


Best Tree:


Another Jigoshop extension which changes default WordPress behaviour to make it easier to manage your store. Usually category choices rise to the top of the meta box in your Administration dashboard, but you can stop this happening with Best Tree. Check it out now.


If that wasn’t enough for you this week, have you checked out the list of Recommended WP Plugins for Jigoshop on the Community Forum? The list has been compiled of largely free plugins which have been developed for WordPress generally, but also happen to work very well with Jigoshop. If you’ve got any suggestions which haven’t been included yet, let us know!

Friday 12th Plugin Updates

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We have another big one for you this week! including a nice surprise for you all out there.

Lets get the surprise out the way first. One of our third party developers Chris Christoff has decided to make five of his plugins free! Included in the change to make them free is an update to each plugin too. The following plugins can now be downloaded free from the WordPress website.

These five are now on version 4.0.

Jigoshop List View

Jigoshop List View

Jigoshop QR Code

Jigoshop QR Code

Jigoshop Magnify

Jigoshop Magnify

Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro

Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro

Jigoshop Add Custom Button

Jigoshop Add Custom Button

So if you haven’t got any of those plugins now is a great time to go out and try them out!

Now onto the rest of the updates.

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons Premium

Jigoshop Product Add Ons Premium
With the update to 1.7.5 this update has:

  • Fixed but with not hidden input field

Jigoshop Price On Request

Jigoshop Price On Request
After being updated to 1.1.1:

  • Lightbox is now fixed to Jigoshop version (uses PrettyPhoto when Jigo >= 1.7 or Fancybox in other case)

Jigoshop Multiple Currencies

Jigoshop Multiple Currencies

With a major update to 1.5 Multiple Currencies has:

  • Added ability to change currency by $_GET request. Add parameter ‘jmcurr’, f.e. ?jmcurr=USD to change currency to USD

Google Product Feed

Google Product Feed

With the google product feed being updated to 1.7 it has added:

  • Support for identifier_exists attribute



Subscriptions has been updated to 2.5.3 this week, so only a hot fix but it has fixed:

  • ‘invalid taxonomy’ issue when checking product type



This week the long awaited updated to WPML has been released. In the form of 1.1 it has some great updates within.

The new Jigoshop multilingual release introduces much better product synchronization. It now synchronizes product_type, product categories, product attributes (both global and custom), and product variations. You can see the detailed changelog in the download page in your account. It also fixes a number of bugs, such as translating payment gateways, fixing problems with urls and pages, translation controls in the product list page, and translation of attribute names. For better results (including translation of shipment methods in the checkout page and payment methods in the thank you page and better translation of custom attributes), we recommend using the most recent version of Jigoshop.

Check back next Friday for more updates!

100,000 downloads + 100 extensions = Jigoshop $100 bundle!

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We’re celebrating as Jigoshop has crossed the 100,000 download mark in just 12 months since it launched as a new way to integrate eCommerce with WordPress in a way that’s quick, simple and completely customisable.

And there’s another reason to celebrate, as Jigoshop also now has more than 100 extensions available. That means you have a huge choice of free and paid extensions, including payment gateways, shipping tools, data importing and exporting, and lots more.

Integrate your store with the biggest names and services on the internet, including Amazon, PayPal, Sage Pay, Google, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Google, Facebook and Pinterest.

Not only that, but you can pick from a range of specific themes, or use extensions to hook into StudioPress, Catalyst, Headway and PageLines themes and drag-and-drop design frameworks to get the look you want without touching any code.

Plus, as an open source eCommerce platform, if you have coding skills you can create any look or functionality you want (And even sell it to other store owners via If you’re looking for a developer or designers to work with, it’s easy to find talented people familiar with WordPress who are able to easily work on Jigoshop – and our Showcase is a good place to start with some great examples of stores making money for their owners.


The Jigoshop $100 Bundle


The Jigoshop 100 Bundle:

To celebrate 100,000 downloads and 100 extensions, we’ve compiled a great bundle of Jigoshop extensions to set up an amazing eCommerce shop. And we’ve cut the price by more than 65% to give you $302 worth of themes and extensions for a tiny $100.

This great value bundle is only going to be available for a limited time – until Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 12 noon BST (GMT+1). So make sure you don’t miss out!

You’ll get:

• 2 Official themes: Jigotheme and Serenum (Normally $40 each, so an $80 value)

• Table Rate Shipping (Worth $49)

• Sale Flash Options (Worth $19)

• Mailchimp (Worth $19)

• Simple SEO Meta Tags (Worth $9)

• Up-Sells & Cross-Sells (Worth $29)

• HTML emails (Worth $19)

• Product Accessories (Worth $29)

• SagePay Form (Worth $49)

• Plus the free Jigoshop Statistics and Admin Bar extensions

So for the cost of just 1 theme and Table Rate Shipping, you also get an additional theme, and 7 extensions effectively for nothing!


More details on the extensions:

Still not sure about the value you’re getting?

Jigotheme features a clean and simple design ready to work for you, and also as a great basis for customisation. It’s a responsive design with a choice of 8 different set theme colours. Plus you get a custom AJAX dropdown shopping cart, custom menu areas, and a custom widget to let you easily promote products and sales.

But if you’re keen to keep the a blogging focus for your promotion and marketing, you also get the Serenum theme. This has been designed to put the emphasis on your words to let you sell your products effectively. It’s a fixed-width, two-column theme which also comes with 8 colour options.

Table Rate Shipping lets you define separate rates for regions based on price, weight, or the number of items in a cart. And you can add multiple rules such as postcode, min/max values and price.

Sale Flash Options is a great new way to highlight discounts and sales prices to your customers, either for individual products, or across your whole store.

Email is a great way to increase your sales, and Mailchimp is a great way to send your emails – so our Mailchimp integration converts customers to email subscribers quickly and easily.

Simple SEO Meta-Tags gives you simple SEO options for products – set a search engine friendly title and description to get more people clicking through to your site and buying your products.

Want to get your customers spending more? Then Up-Sells and Cross-Sells to promote a product up-sell, or display additional products which would make sense to purchase together.

HTML Emails does what is says on the tin – you get a nice clean HTML template for all outgoing emails, which can then be cosmetically changed by alerting the email template.

Products Accessories gives you a great way to display the additional items that fit with a purchase, for instance, selling chargers along with mobile phones – it makes it quick and simple by allowing you to select from categorized product lists.

Credit Card payments are simple and easy to accept with the SagePay Form extension which passes transaction details though the SagePay system – so you don’t need to collect, store or transfer payment data, and therefore avoids you requiring any security measures. The only thing you need is a SagePay merchant account and you’re good to go.

Plus we’ve also included two great free extensions – Jigoshop Statistics provides a quick and easy Admin integration for the key stats to see how well your site is performing. And finally Jigoshop Admin Bar will add useful quick links to the WordPress Admin bar to save you time and effort.

New plugins for bulk product uploads and product questions, plus a new theme

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Two more plugins are being added to the Jigoshop Extension list, and will allow you to bulk upload a limitless amount of products by importing a spreadsheet, and answer product specific enquiries quickly and easily.That means there are now a whopping 54 extensions available, covering a huge range of payment gateways, shipping options and making running an eCommerce store quicker and easier than ever!


The Product Importer Deluxe

Jigoshop Product Importer Deluxe

The much-anticipated ability to import products into Jigoshop from a .CSV spreadsheet file is now here, and it will make setting up a new store or updating an existing product list quicker and easier. After activating the plugin, you’ll be able to upload data from an .CSV file, including spreadsheets created in Excel or equivalent programmes (Open Office or Libre Office for open source examples).

You’ll also be able to upload images in bulk, and then assign them to specific products either manually or automatically, and there’s no upper limit to the number of products Jigoshop, or the Products Importer Deluxe, can handle, meaning that you can create any size of eCommerce shop without having to create each product and upload every image individually.

And if you’re got a shop already running, you can use the importer to add new product ranges or update everything in one go. It’s a great timesaver and just $49.


The Product Enquiry Form

Jigoshop Product Enquiry Form

The most important questions for any shop owner are those coming from people ready to buy your products. And by putting a product enquiry form on specific product pages, you can now make sure those emails are filtered and responded to quickly, rather than ending up mixed with more general questions and spam emails.

By activating the Product Enquiry Form plugin, you can allow customers to ask questions and supply their name and address for a reply. A handy reCaptcha field filters out the spam you might get by listing an email address publicly, and you won’t have to check through hundreds of emails to find the ones which could be the difference between making and losting a sale.

The Product Enquiry Form plugin is just $19, which is good value when it can make such a difference to your sales.


Prometheus – Responsive Jigoshop theme

Finally for today there’s a gorgeous new Jigoshop theme now available from Alex Gurghis, who previously created the Aventador theme. Named after the Greek God who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind, Prometheus could definitely light up your WordPress eCommerce store store with 24 template pages, unlimited colours, and it’s all ready and waiting to add a BBPress forum as well.

Prometheus Responsive Jigoshop Theme

Definitely well worth checking out, and we hope to see Alex creating even more Jigoshop themes in the future!