Feburary 22nd Plugin Updates

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We’ve only had two plugins updated and they are from one of our favourite developers Sixty-One Designs.

Checkout Fields Manager

  • Fixes a nasty error message appearing once the checkout has been completed.

PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

  • Resolves an issue with with variable product support in Jigoshop 1.5.1

Be sure to get these and keep your site up to date!

Privacy and Data Protection advice for eCommerce

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Privacy and data protection are becoming big issues for all internet users, but especially if you are running an eCommerce business. But it isn’t all bad news – increasing trust in online shopping means more people will be confident in sharing their payment details, and many of the changes coming up can be implemented reasonably easily.

The important thing is that you’re aware of what will be required to abide by the laws which affect your country, and also any global changes which include how search engines and internet browsers will work in the future, so your business isn’t negatively affected. And we’ll help by keeping you updated on what we’re doing, and sharing the best privacy and data protection advice for eCommerce from around the web.


New EU Regulations for May 26, 2012:


If your business and website are located in the European Union, you need to be aware of the new regulations which were introduced in May 2011, but will begin to be enforced from May 26, 2012. You can get detailed information via the Information Commissioners Office, but we’ll attempt to summarise them for you – just keep in mind that we’re not lawyers.

The rules basically mean that by May 26, 2012, you’ll need to have a clear privacy policy in place to cover user data and tracking, particularly via cookies (the small files that are sent to a user to enable tools such as Google Analytics or advertising services to work). And you’ll also have to get consent of your users before any cookies are used.

That privacy policy needs to explain the purpose of any cookie and how any data is stored – is it a first party cookie (served by a website to provide a service which is part of the website – e.g analytics or login details), or a third party cookie (if you serve advertising, for example).

Some cookies will be automatically served when someone visits your site, such as analytics, so you’ll need to mention this and explain how they can be removed by a user. And for anything else, you’ll need to provide a way for users to opt out.

The good news is that even after enforcement starts, the Information Commission aren’t going to come knocking on your door straight away as long as you’ve started making efforts to comply. So even if you’re not sure how to offer user consent for everything, having your privacy policy in place will show you’re trying to get everything sorted.

One good example is obviously on the Information Commissions own website, so it’s worth taking a look at their own privacy policy and how they alert users with a checkbox in the header to ask for consent.


Changes for Search Engines and Browsers:


The search engines and browsers your customers are using have also started to implement new privacy rules and restrictions on what information you can get from them. We’ll be publishing a guide to the latest changes to search, and in particular, Google and Google Analytics data, so let us know if you’ve got any specific questions or queries you’d like to see.

And if you want to make sure you’re keeping up with this series of articles, you can sign up to the Jigoshop weekly email newsletter to make sure you never miss a thing!


* Important disclaimer – we make eCommerce software rather than practising law in any way, so please do keep that in mind and if in doubt, check the official websites, such as ICO, and do take legal advice to make sure you’re covered.

4 new themes for Jigoshop!

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Another four great new themes are now available for Jigoshop, meaning that you can choose 21 different starting points for your unique online shop. And the designs cover everything from fashion to minimalist webstore themes.

The new themes for Jigoshop include a trio of designs from Color Labs, with Eureka, Sneaker Addict and Wardrobe. Eureka is a very pretty minimalist option which is suitable for a huge range of products. Because it’s simple, customers will find it easy to navigate, and all the Color Labs Jigoshop-compatible themes are responsive, so anyone can view the site and make purchases on their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Eureka theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

Eureka theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

Fashion brands are also well covered with both Sneakers Addict and Wardrobe catering for different styles. For a light-hearted and fun feel you might want to go for the funkier trainers option, whereas the light and clean style of Wardrobe might suit a more classic clothing line.

Sneakers Addict theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

Sneakers Addict theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

Wardrobe theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

Wardrobe theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce


And finally there’s the fun and feminine Sally Store from BluChic. Bluchic have also got a sale on at the moment, so although it would normally cost $99, you can grab it for $69 before the end of March.

Sally Store theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

Sally Store theme for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

So it’s a great time to check out all the themes we’ve been adding recently and see if your store is due an upgrade…

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 16.29.24

The Jigoshop Vision in 2012

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In the past week, we’ve released Jigoshop V1.1 and topped an amazing 50,000 downloads, so it seems like a good chance to pause for a moment and outline what we’ve got planned for the rest of the year. Since launching 8 months ago, Jigoshop has been an amazing project and adventure that has kept us all incredibly busy.

In addition to downloads, Jigoshop now has 27 extensions available (and there are more every week, including later this week), and 12 themes have been launched. Plus we’re showcasing more and more great examples of how people are building their business with Jigoshop.

As with any business, we’ve had setbacks, but the benefits of embracing the philosophy and community in the open source world has meant that there’s always someone contributing something amazing to inspire us to move past any negatives and focus on progress. And in recognition of all the amazing help and support we’d had, we want to share our aims for Jigoshop in 2012.


The Jigoshop Core:

The ultimate ambition of Jigoshop remains our constant focus – “WordPress eCommerce software that works”, and that means software which enables anyone to be able to run their own shop easily and effectively, allowing them to make money from a hobby, start a new business, or improve an existing one.

We’ve monitored feedback from our forums, and via email and social media (Twitter, Facebook and Google+), and the results of that information have led to many of the change we’re making for the future, which has really started with Jigoshop V1.0.

We’ve made Jigoshop quicker to use, quicker to load, and easier to build on for the future, to enable third party designers and developers to add to the incredibly Jigoshop ecosystem. And we’ve worked on 3 main elements of the free product – Security, Reliability and Support. In terms of security, we’ve made our own improvements and enlisted the help of the leading experts in the field. For Reliability, we’ve looked at all the essentials of eCommerce and rebuilt several areas to ensure you have a stable platform for your business. And we’ve already launched new Support forums and continue to look at the most efficient way to answer your needs quickly, whether that’s responding to questions or improving the Jigoshop Knowledge Base.

Jigoshop Extensions

Going forwards it will be quicker and easier for anyone to design themes and plugins to work with Jigoshop. Taking the time to rebuild various elements of the software means future development work can proceed more quickly, and we can also take the time to look at improving our own plugins.

We’ve also got plenty of plans for themes over the next 12 months including some amazing contributions from various designers, and easier ways for any developer or designer to earn money by supporting Jigoshop, including our new Affiliates scheme which allows you to now only earn money by selling your own products, but also by recommending other themes, related plugins and support packages.

And in case you didn’t realise – our own Extensions section of the website is powered by Jigoshop, meaning that we rely on our own product to power our business.




The Jigoshop Community:

In addition to our new Affiliates program, we’re also stepping up the ways we can support the Jigoshop Community. That means everyone using Jigoshop, whether you’re a small business owner, designer, developer or agency serving multiple clients. Expect to see more information and material on how to best use Jigoshop in a range of settings, more opportunities to contribute and be rewarded for your effort, and more ways to keep up-to-date. In addition to the blog, you can follow us via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, or by signing up to the Jigoshop newsletter.

We also want to be more active in our support and engagement with the wider world of open source and WordPress, including tunnelling our way out of the Jigoshop offices to attend more events and talk to more people about how we can continue to improve Jigoshop. And virtually we’ll be improving the ways contributions and feedback are reported and rewarded.

So it’s going to be an even busier year than in 2011, but tightening our focus means more progress for us and more opportunities for you to work with Jigoshop. Thanks for all your support so far and here’s to 2012!

Affiliates Pro Jigoshop Integration Pack Plugin for affiliate management

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The Affiliates Pro Jigoshop Integration Pack allows you to manage all affiliate activity for your store directly within Jigoshop itself, giving you complete control on how your affiliates can promote your eCommerce business and how they are rewarded.

Affiliate marketing can be a valuable source of consumers, and it’s quick and simple to set up using this plugin. An unlimited number of affiliates can be handled, and each one can sign up automatically or be added manually to the system.

Once added, affiliates can be provided with embeddable links and banners, plus they are able to see stats and widgets which can be used to display referrals to your affiliates if you desire. Meanwhile you also get real-time reporting on how they are all performing.

How you set up affiliate rewards is down to you – use fixed, percentage or formula-based comissions, with custom formulas available, and these can be set across the board, or set for individual affiliates. And when it comes time to pay, you can use PayPal Mass Payments based on accumulated totals to settle with all your affiliates at once.

Installation note: Please note that the installation procedure is slightly different to most Jigoshop plugins – in this case, the zip file you purchase actually contains two zip files along with a readme.txt instruction file, and it will be these two zip files that should be uploaded in the correct order for the plugin to work.

Check out the Affiliates Pro Jigoshop Integration Pack page for more information and to buy the plugin to get your affiliate schemes up and running right away!