How to make shopping easier for people who have to hurry

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There are occasions when we want to not only buy something, but also buy it within a very short amount of time. This can happen when, for example, Christmas is just a week away but we have just realised that we have forgotten to get a present for a particular person. It can also happen when we want to get hold of something that we know is in high demand and so could quickly sell out in many shops. If you make particular changes to your Jigoshop-powered online shop to make it easier for many people to buy speedily from it, this can enhance your shop’s reputation and so help it to gain more customers. Here are some such changes that you could make.

Make sure that your shop website is appropriate in appearance

How the website for the shop is designed can hugely influence how quickly many people can browse and buy from it. What you should aim for is such a website where someone can quickly find a product that they really like due to being able to easily find the right category page, the right subcategory page – if they need it – and, of course, the page for the product itself. For shoppers short of time, it can also be very helpful if you use thumbnails on and attach graphics to listings for particularly noteworthy products – provided, of course, that those thumbnails and graphics are efficiently eye-catching to attract prompt attention from such shoppers.

Use an extension named Jigoshop Quickview

Among the many extensions available to download using the Jigoshop website is one called Jigoshop Quickview. The name of this plugin almost says everything crucial that you should know about it, but we will explain more about the plugin’s purpose anyway. The plugin, which costs just $14.00 to use, enables visitors to a Jigoshop-powered online store to quickly and easily see information about products listed on the shop website’s category or product listing pages. A visitor can just click on a Quickview symbol near a product listing to produce a modal box displaying crucial information and images about that product.

Jigoshop 1.8.2 is released with new translation and updates

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We are delighted to confirm further new and updated translations in the latest version of Jigoshop, following the similar changes for 1.8.1. This time, it’s the existing Danish, German and Polish translations receiving much-deserved love courtesy of Tine Kristensen, Andy Jordan and OptArt respectively, while we are also indebted to Eason Chen for a new Chinese Taiwan translation.

Such enhancements to the language functionality of Jigoshop will only make your online store even more usable by a wider range of prospective customers around the world. But it isn’t only languages receiving some attention for the latest version, with the Jigoshop categories widget having once more been given a pop-up select for the ‘dropdown’ setting.

There are also some PayPal-related improvements, including the default display of credit card entry fields and a fix for difficulties processing free orders. The update is now available if you are an existing Jigoshop user – but be sure to back up your site first.

== Changelog ==
= 1.8.2
* Tweak: PayPal landing page will now show Credit Card entry fields by default
* Fix: Force 0.01 charge on free orders at PayPal to allow it to process through PayPal
* Fix: Jigoshop categories widget will again use a pop-up select when ‘dropdown’ setting is enabled
* Languages: New Chinese Taiwan translation courtesy of Eason Chen
* Languages: Updated Danish translation courtesy of Tine Kristensen
* Languages: Updated German translation courtesy of Andy Jordan
* Languages: Updated Polish translation courtesy of OptArt

Jigoshop Version 1.2 Beta available to download and test

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Jigoshop Version 1.2 is now available as a developer release to download and test with a number of new ideas and fixes including more options for permalinks to improve search engine optimisation, additional ways to bulk edit, and a number of fixes and improvements to tax options and functionality.

The full Jigoshop Version 1.2 changelog is:

  • New permalink options:
    Allow `%product_cat%` for permalinks
    Prepend product urls with category
    Prepend product urls with shop base page
    Set your own product category / tag slugs
  • Resend download links by clicking “Email Invoice” on an order
  • Provide personalized products – customers may add their own information to appear on purchased products
  • Provide WordPress Bulk and Quick editing of both stock levels and prices on the Admin Product List
  • Provide options to disable or enable WordPress image cropping on Shop images
  • Fixes compound tax display. Tax displays after subtotal all of the time
  • Allow discounts to be applied before or after taxes
  • Emails for orders can now be completely customized
  • Email customizations can be made through a plugin
  • Fix for multiple tax classes applied to all-of selections on countries
  • Adds the ability to show tax # and business address information on order emails
  • Allow $0.01 charge on paypal if configured and total is free
  • Cleaned up some minor code issues
  • Fixes multiple tax classes bug (tax class 1 applied to product 1, and tax class 2 applied to product 2)
    if both products were added to the cart, only 1 tax class was applied and the other wasn’t
  • Allow shipping to be taxed on compounding tax classes (all around shipping tax enhancements)
  • Fix for the tax amounts disappearing on orders when changing the status of the order
  • Fix rounding error on taxes with price includes tax option
  • Fix Skrill gateway to allow variable products
  • Allow EU shop to tax other EU countries
  • Allow debugging to be turned on for calculable shipping services through wordpress debug
  • Automatically include 0% tax rate for customers outside of tax base
  • Calculate tax based on billing address when item is not shippable or shipping is disabled
  • Variable and grouped products now show both regular and sale price on the Shop
  • Completed orders are now final, only refunds can be issued

As you can imagine, an enormous amount of work has gone into this release by the team, led by Rob, Jeff, Michael and Matt. But now we need your help to find any kinks left to iron out.

Jigoshop V1.2 Beta Download Details

Please do download the developer release for testing, and please do report back any issues via the Jigoshop repository on Github, here. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Github, as reporting issues is simple once you’ve registered an account. We’re also working with all developers and designers of themes and plugins which are built to work with Jigoshop to minimise any disruption when Jigoshop 1.2 is officially released, and your help not only helps your own store, but those of around 70,000 Jigoshop downloads to date.

And as a thank you, when the Beta period ends, we’ll pick out one contributor of an issue or fix at random to receive a free official Jigoshop plugin or theme of their choice.

In praise of GitHub, and the benefits for Jigoshop

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If you’ve ever taken a really close look at the various licences you can use to release open source software, you’ll know that there are a lot of ways you can comply with the rules that might not be obvious at first – for instance, instead of sharing your code when someone downloads your software, you could give them a written promise that you’ll share the code if they ask. Not the easiest or most practical route for a number of reasons, and that’s one of the reasons why making Jigoshop available via GitHub has been a great decision.

Jigoshop Project on GitHub

What’s a GitHub?

If you’re not a developer or you haven’t encountered GitHub, it’s a very simple and effective hosting service for software projects, with the Git revision control system, and free options for open source projects.

What that means is Jigoshop is available on Github, and anyone can take a look and get involved, and a growing number of external developers and designers have been doing just that. Why not come and join the group working together on the Jigoshop project on GitHub?

It also means that we can keep track of everyone’s contributions, and support those efforts wherever possible, as well as getting feedback on the latest version of the code.

And we’re not alone – GitHub now hosts over 2 million repositories of code, which is pretty good going for a project launched by just three people in 2008.

So how does that help you?

If you’re a developer looking to collaborate on the Jigoshop project, then the benefits might be obvious, but even if you’re not interested in coding, then there are massive bonuses from the team forming around Jigoshop on GitHub.

It means we can provide better code more quickly by collaborating with more people. It means that we can include and track those projects, and it all boils down to a free and open Jigoshop evolving all the time to be the best possible eCommerce solution for WordPress.

And that means a better online store for you, a better experience for your customers, and more money for your business.