Six new extensions for discounts, shipping and more

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We’ve added another six new extensions to the range available to customise your Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce business. They include Account Funds which allows you to implement a Credit system for customers, Customer Discounts, easier ways to add Duplicate Products and PayPal Advanced Payments, plus a great new WordPress eCommerce theme which is Jigoshop compatible.


Account Funds:

Account Funds

Add a credit system to your business and Jigoshop store with Account Funds. This extension allows customers to purchase and redeem Credits in the checkout process. Offer discounts for anyone who pays in advance for credits, and use the Administrator controls to manage credits on each account by adding and removing as required.

This allows you to offer a selection of products for a set discounted price, or various types of subscription and support style services with Jigoshop. Check out the new Account Funds extension for Jigoshop.


Jigoshop Duplicate Products:

Jigoshop Duplicate Products

Save masses of time and effort when you need to create similar products. This extension allows you to create a duplicate of an existing product, including sales data and variations, in just one click.

Just hit the Duplicate button to create a new draft product with all the information carried across. You can make minor edits to the new draft as you would with any Jigoshop product and then you’re good to go. Great for anyone carrying a number of similar products. Check out the new Jigoshop Duplicate Products extension.


PayPal Advanced Payments:

PayPal Advanced Payments

If you want to expand your PayPal integration beyond the standard functionality included in the Jigoshop core, PayPal Advanced Payments allows you to use PayPal Payments Advanced. This means you can seamlessly integrate credit card payments into your site, alongside the PayPal Here mobile payment tool and PayPal-powered invoicing to have a comprehensive merchant setup for all the ways your customers want to pay. Check out PayPal Advanced Payments.

Customer Discount:

Customer Discount

Extend the ways you attract new business and pass on savings to customers with Customer Discount. Not only can you offer savings on multiple products and categories, but you can also cater for specific individual users or groups to really tailor your offers. Set up your members with the User Groups for Jigoshop extension, then provide them with savings. Check out Customer Discount.

Sold! WordPress theme:


Sold! is a new theme by designers/developers ParkerAndKent, and features a nice responsive design, a big range of custom options (including colours, widgets, sidebars, layouts, custom page types etc), and support for Jigoshop, WPML, qTranslate, Background Manager and more. Check out the Sold! theme.


Specific Country & States Delivery:

Specific Country and States

Worried about online sales because your products are only deliverable in one UK county, or they’re legal to be sold in one U.S state but not another? Worry no more, because the Specific Country & States Delivery extension builds on the existing country settings to allow you to specific which county/state you want to allow users to purchase from and get delivery to. Check out the Specific Country & States Delivery extension.