Jigoshop Showcase #6 Foodiggity

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We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

Foodiggity –

We had to wait until after lunchtime to showcase Foodiggity, as there is far too much inspiration in the blog section – there was quite a high risk of spending the afternoon creating our own X-Men logo pizza rather than working. Fortunately the new Jigoshop-powered Shop section features cool culinary aids rather than foodstuffs, so it’s only threatening to our wallets rather than our waistlines.

Foodiggity Shop Page

Foodiggity is the popular creation of Chris Durso, who spent 10 years as a graphic designer before graduating from The Institute of Culinary Education in New York, and his creative experience really shows in the overall design of the site, and the integration of the eCommerce and social media elements.

It really shows the benefit of attention to detail in terms of the logo, palette and typography, and selecting appropriate categories to highlight on the homepage and main shopping pages means you get straight into the brilliant choices of products without being too overwhelmed by choice straight away.

Foodiggity Category Page

The category page continue to highlight the fact that there is plenty of choice, but that it’s being curated by someone to only bring you the items that you will really want – using pagination to split each collection. This is particular appropriate for this type of site, where each individual project is pretty interesting and needs some space to shine, rather than offering multiple variations on a theme as other businesses might need.

Foodiggity Product Page

The product page also features a nice design for the Add To Cart option, along with explaining payment options via the appropriate logos (And we have most payment options already covered, with a lot more on the way). The products themselves are pretty unusual, so the image choice is important, and works really well alongside the description and sharing options for Twitter and Facebook. And the inventory management in Jigoshop means you know what’s in stock if you’re buying as a present, for example.

What we love about Foodiggity is that the personality,humour and sense of design and style carries through the site consistently, and it shows how the core elements of Jigoshop can be tailored to suit a business perfectly. As our showcases are demonstrating, although each site is powered by Jigoshop to make managing it easy, they look completely different to serve very different markets, which is a big advantage of using a self-hosted WordPress solution. And because we focus on the heavy lifting behind the scenes, your time and effort can be concentrated on getting the design details right.

And if you need to hire someone to help you with Jigoshop-based design, why not post on our new Jobs forum?