Want to work for Jigoshop?

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Ever wanted to work with a great bunch of people on a project that provides an open eCommerce platform? Since Jigoshop launched last year, we’ve been expanding our team to keep up with the ever-increasing number of Jigoshop users and customers. We’re constantly checking out talented developers and designers, and we’re also looking to increase our support team.

How to stand out:

We’re still a small team, so we’re always keen on people who are enthusiastic and pro-active as well as talented. So along with the usual CV and examples of work, one key place we’ll always be watching for future employees is on the public Jigoshop forum.

If you’re a regular poster and already offering quality help and advice to other Jigoshop users, then you’re the sort of person we’d like to speak to. And if you’re not, then why not check it out and see what assistance you can provide – in addition to making the Jigoshop code publicly available, we also provide a growing library of information in the Jigoshop Knowledge Base, and the forums are all searchable to see if the problem has been previously answers.


The Jigoshop Team

The Jigoshop Team


What you get in return:

As a young digital company we’re pretty flexible – our development and support team are based in several countries and can be working part or full time on coding and support functions. One great outcome is that often support questions are being answered by the same people who built and continue to evolve Jigoshop, so the solutions come straight from source (literally!). Even if you’re not based close to Peterborough, UK, you’ll be an integral part of the team, and be able to contribute ideas and decisions.

So we’re as interested in people able to contribute a few hours a week, or work on a specific project or area, as we are in people wanting to join us full time. And as Jigoshop continues to grow, there is always the opportunity that a few hours a week can become a bigger commitment in the future.

So what to do?

  • Check out what we’re doing on Github, and on our forums.
  • Do cool stuff – design something, build something, or start helping others.
  • Let us know if you’re interested in a more formal role by sharing your work via email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Or you could even apply in writing – no-one ever sends letters these days…
  • Be prepared to share any cakes and sweets if you come into the office. And to spend some time memorising every detail from the Back to the Future films for the annual Christmas quiz.

Updating the Jigoshop community

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As the number of people using Jigoshop continues to grow at a rapid pace, we’re making a number of improvements behind the scenes to ensure that you have access to the best possible information resource and support available.

If you’ve visited the Jigoshop forum recently, you might have noticed that it’s changed a bit. By using a new platform for the free Jigoshop forums, we can run everything that bit more efficiently, and a lot more effectively, which should mean everyone benefits from a better community.


The new free Jigoshop forum

The good news is that your existing details will let you access the new forum, which works in the same way as the previous set-up, and all the previous content and forum posts have been imported, so nothing is lost. All the major changes are in the management system which means our awesome support team of Jeff, Matt, Rob etc will be able to spend less time fiddling with admin tools, and more time helping everyone out.

Plus we’ve also introduced a Jobs board. If you’d like to supply freelance Jigoshop design and customisation, or need someone to help you out on a specific project, this is the place to look.

And rest assured, we’re also working on some interesting plans for the premium support members, and as always we’ll be releasing some new updates, features and plugins for Jigoshop itself in the very near future!