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Despite the popular image of developers and a constant supply of biscuits in the office, the Jigoshop team is actually a reasonably healthy bunch. Snowboarding and cycling are just two of the office obsessions, so we were intrigued to see the new site for PharmacyBay, which is an online healthcase retailer.

The site was created by our good friends at OptArt, who have created a large number of Jigoshop extensions alongside building custom designs for eCommerce clients. So it’s safe to say they have a very good understanding of what is possible with our eCommerce platform, and they’re also capable of building additional functionality where required!


Jigoshop Showcase #29 –

Selling healthcare products online requires trust on from the consumer, and a way to convey a good amount of sometimes complex information effectively.

So it’s noticeable that the PharmacyBay homepage has been designed to be clear and simple to read and navigate. The top navigation contains all the useful company information, including the history of the business, help and delivery pages. Meanwhile your eyes are also drawn to the selection of highlighted products appearing just left of centre of the page, which also means you immediately see the complete list of Categories available.

On a typical screen resolution, you’ll also see the eye-catching orange of the Deal of the week, to entice you into scrolling down the page.


Given that we designed Jigoshop to do the heavy lifting when it comes to building and managing an eCommerce store, we thought it was logical to take a look at the range of Bodybuilding supplements available.


The large prices and Add to cart options are great for repeat customers who already know the brand and product they want to buy, to let them quickly and easily add to their basket. And the Category list allows the selection to be refined for the logical needs of a customer.

Clicking on each product then takes you to the product pages, which have a wealth of information.


One interesting aspect is the order in which the text is presented. With products like these, there is a lot of detail which customers may wish to spend time looking at before they make a purchase.

The opening information highlights the main benefits for each product, which is the key selling point. That’s followed by further information and the list of ingredients – which is obviously vital if the supplements are used by competitive athletes. And the directions for use are useful to understand what commitment you’ll need to make, and also to refer back to if you don’t have the packaging with you at the gym, for example.

While I’m not sure we’ll be adding a weight room to the Jigoshop office in the immediate future, the PharmacyBay site shows how the design and layout of a site can really help convey a lot of information quickly. The use of a white and light blue palette evokes a medical feeling throughout the site, which helps to build confidence, and the large amounts of product text are laid out in an easy-to-read format and font, with short paragraphs allowing you to skim and pick out the parts which are particularly relevant to you.


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