Jigoshop Showcase #30 Jungle Jumparoo

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One of the best things about showcasing real businesses using Jigoshop is seeing the wide range of stores it empowers to be effective online. Sometimes it’s about doing amazing things in areas such as food, or creating unique pieces of art.

This week stands out as the product is just a great idea, and it’s something that you’d remember if you saw it being pitched on the likes of Dragon’s Den.


Jigoshop Showcase #30

Trampolining is popular way for a lot of children to spend a sunny afternoon in the garden. But it turns out that there are a significant number of injuries due to bouncing around, particularly head injuries. That’s where the Jungle Jumparoo comes in, as it combines a big and bouncy inner tube, with a metal frame inside to keep it secure and give children something to hold onto. Plus, it’s easy to get on and off. That’s a pretty big selling point for any parent that has had to clamber across a trampoline to rescue a child…

One of the great things when you initially visit the site is that the logo and images instantly convey the fun nature of the product, whilst still highlighting the health, safety and other important information with clear menu and footer links. The image slider uses transitions well to add some entertainment, and also includes a video which puts across the experience of using a Jungle Jumparoo better than text or static images.


The bottom of the screen on most resolutions allows you to see the handy links for FAQs, Ask The Experts and Buy Online, along with live sales/support chat and the social networking box which leads you into scrolling further down the page. Again, the key points are nicely highlighted, along with the option to sign up for the mailing list.


The product page again uses video to good effect, along with plenty of supporting images. And the potentially dull but necessary sizing information is quickly conveyed via a photo lightbox showing the component sizes. The same lightbox works well for the almost endless supporting images to scroll through.

The Product Description area is well laid out, with a further image and the details laid out into the relevant sub-headed sections, including relevant links for additional products, which are also well-described on the accessories page.

The repeated pricing information is also contained in a pretty comprehensive information box including options to live chat, email, or call toll free, and the price, shipping times and free shipping notice. So the majority of questions are answered as quickly and comprehensively as possible.


With a small number of products, the emphasis has been on really optimising what is available. One additional page which demonstrates a nice use of video is the ‘Ask An Expert’ section which allows children to answer all the important questions you might have about the product. That’s a much more engaging way to demonstrate whether kids actually enjoy the Jungle Jumparoo, and it certainly seems like they’ve had good fun with it.

Essentially, Jungle Jumparoo shows what happens when you focus around the people that will be using your products, and the questions coming from the people most likely to be in charge of purchasing them. Parents will be the ones ultimately deciding whether to buy, based on whether they think their children will enjoy the product, so having grown-up answers on safety etc, and children engaging via video, covers both bases really well.

The question is whether we can find space for one in the office…

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