Affiliates Pro Jigoshop Integration Pack Plugin for affiliate management

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The Affiliates Pro Jigoshop Integration Pack allows you to manage all affiliate activity for your store directly within Jigoshop itself, giving you complete control on how your affiliates can promote your eCommerce business and how they are rewarded.

Affiliate marketing can be a valuable source of consumers, and it’s quick and simple to set up using this plugin. An unlimited number of affiliates can be handled, and each one can sign up automatically or be added manually to the system.

Once added, affiliates can be provided with embeddable links and banners, plus they are able to see stats and widgets which can be used to display referrals to your affiliates if you desire. Meanwhile you also get real-time reporting on how they are all performing.

How you set up affiliate rewards is down to you – use fixed, percentage or formula-based comissions, with custom formulas available, and these can be set across the board, or set for individual affiliates. And when it comes time to pay, you can use PayPal Mass Payments based on accumulated totals to settle with all your affiliates at once.

Installation note: Please note that the installation procedure is slightly different to most Jigoshop plugins – in this case, the zip file you purchase actually contains two zip files along with a readme.txt instruction file, and it will be these two zip files that should be uploaded in the correct order for the plugin to work.

Check out the Affiliates Pro Jigoshop Integration Pack page for more information and to buy the plugin to get your affiliate schemes up and running right away!