Friday 26th Plugin Updates

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This week we only have two updates but they might be important for you!

Jigoshop Product Purchasers

Jigoshop Product Add Ons Premium
With the update to 1.3 this update has:

  • Added: Proper data gathering for guest customers.
  • Fixed: Better Jigoshop recognition.

CardSave Payment Gateway

Jigoshop CardSave Payment Gateway
With the update to 1.1.3 this update has:

  • New: Added option to choose payment description type.

Only a short one this week! but hopefully one of these applies to you!

Product Configurator and Comparison Tool released for Jigoshop

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A new extension to allow customers to create their own products is one of the highlights of the Jigoshop extensions available this week. We’ve also got a great new product comparison tool, and some ways to make running a Jigoshop eCommerce shop a little easier for you, including an awesome solution to products which need to be withdrawn from sale.

End of Product Sale:


Simply deleting products when they are no longer available causes two problems for an eCommerce business. Not only do customers following old links end up with an error page, but you can also lose the benefits of those links for search engine optimisation. So this extension is a much easier way to solve these problems, rather than manually editing code – choose to either lead customers to the nearest available replacement, or use an automatic 301 redirect to an alternative product. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Configurable Products:



Let your shoppers customise components and create their own product which can then be added to their shopping cart in one click. Selections can be set by category or specified by name, and any customisation automatically updates the product listing and price to allow any user to build their own selection quickly and easily. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Product Comparisons:


You’ve probably seen product comparison tools on a range of high-end shopping websites. Now you can offer the same great functionality on your Jigoshop store. Let customers pick a set maximum number of items to compare, and it will display as a table on a separate page or within a widget on your site. An integrated Add To Cart button makes it easy to purchase when the final decision has been made. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Opening Times:


If you run a Jigoshop online eCommerce business part-time, or you’re not able to process orders on a particular day for whatever reason – Jigoshop Opening Times will make life easier both for you, and your customers. Set the days and times when your store is closed for new orders, and the ability to buy will be disabled, along with supplying a message for customers informing them when you are open again. Check it out now. Payment Gateway:

GoPay is a leading payment service in the Czech Republic, and this extension will let you quickly and easily set up payments for your customers in Czech crowns and Euros. You’ll also be able to take credit card payments and the appropriate bank payment services for the Czech Republic. Check it out now.


Intuitive Custom Post Order:


Use an intuitive drag-and-drop method to re-order products, posts, pages and custom post types within your Jigoshop/WordPress admin. The default chronological order of WordPress can make it time consuming to find and edit items, so you’ll soon save time and money as your site grows. Check it out now.


Best Tree:


Another Jigoshop extension which changes default WordPress behaviour to make it easier to manage your store. Usually category choices rise to the top of the meta box in your Administration dashboard, but you can stop this happening with Best Tree. Check it out now.


If that wasn’t enough for you this week, have you checked out the list of Recommended WP Plugins for Jigoshop on the Community Forum? The list has been compiled of largely free plugins which have been developed for WordPress generally, but also happen to work very well with Jigoshop. If you’ve got any suggestions which haven’t been included yet, let us know!

Enterprise Support and Hosting from Jigoshop and Proxar IT Consulting

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Your Jigoshop eCommerce business can now benefit from both enterprise level support and hosting, allowing you to expand your online store with confidence.

As Jigoshop has rapidly developed and grown as an eCommerce platform, we have continually evolved our Support packages. We’re pleased to have seen an increasing number of enterprise level businesses choose Jigoshop for online retail, and as a result, we’ve created Support packages suitable for that level of business and transactions.


At the same time, the choice of web hosting has become increasingly important. Website performance, reliability and PCI DSS compliance are all vital. That’s why we’ve partnered with Proxar IT Consulting to provide the best possible Jigoshop hosting. And you can check out the new Jigoshop Pro packages right now.

Proxar IT Consulting is an established business offering comprehensive IT solutions, and have optimised Jigoshop sites for their clients. Now you can benefit from the work both companies have put into making the best possible eCommerce solution.


Save time and money, as Proxar IT Consulting is compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard. All merchants accepting payment cards should meet PCI DSS requirements, so by choosing a PCI DSS compliant infrastructure you save unnecessary fines for non-compliance.

In addition, our website hosting will ensure your website is up and running 24/7 with minimum downtime, and at optimum levels of performance. Website loading times are vital in eCommerce as customer purchase decisions are now measured in milliseconds.

To ensure performance and uptime, your Jigoshop eCommerce site will be monitored 24/7. So if a problem does occur, we’ll know straight away and the monitoring information will help us to solve the problem quickly.

Having looked at various hosting providers, Proxar IT Consulting were an obvious choice for enterprise level solutions. With experience in designing, building and hosting large, high traffic websites, including optimising hosting for Jigoshop eCommerce stores, we’re able to work together as a team to make sure you get the highest levels of reliability, service and performance.

As a bonus, the first 10 Clients to sign up for our new Jigoshop Pro hosting package will receive a 50% discount for 12 months.

Friday 12th Plugin Updates

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We have another big one for you this week! including a nice surprise for you all out there.

Lets get the surprise out the way first. One of our third party developers Chris Christoff has decided to make five of his plugins free! Included in the change to make them free is an update to each plugin too. The following plugins can now be downloaded free from the WordPress website.

These five are now on version 4.0.

Jigoshop List View

Jigoshop List View

Jigoshop QR Code

Jigoshop QR Code

Jigoshop Magnify

Jigoshop Magnify

Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro

Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro

Jigoshop Add Custom Button

Jigoshop Add Custom Button

So if you haven’t got any of those plugins now is a great time to go out and try them out!

Now onto the rest of the updates.

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons Premium

Jigoshop Product Add Ons Premium
With the update to 1.7.5 this update has:

  • Fixed but with not hidden input field

Jigoshop Price On Request

Jigoshop Price On Request
After being updated to 1.1.1:

  • Lightbox is now fixed to Jigoshop version (uses PrettyPhoto when Jigo >= 1.7 or Fancybox in other case)

Jigoshop Multiple Currencies

Jigoshop Multiple Currencies

With a major update to 1.5 Multiple Currencies has:

  • Added ability to change currency by $_GET request. Add parameter ‘jmcurr’, f.e. ?jmcurr=USD to change currency to USD

Google Product Feed

Google Product Feed

With the google product feed being updated to 1.7 it has added:

  • Support for identifier_exists attribute



Subscriptions has been updated to 2.5.3 this week, so only a hot fix but it has fixed:

  • ‘invalid taxonomy’ issue when checking product type



This week the long awaited updated to WPML has been released. In the form of 1.1 it has some great updates within.

The new Jigoshop multilingual release introduces much better product synchronization. It now synchronizes product_type, product categories, product attributes (both global and custom), and product variations. You can see the detailed changelog in the download page in your account. It also fixes a number of bugs, such as translating payment gateways, fixing problems with urls and pages, translation controls in the product list page, and translation of attribute names. For better results (including translation of shipment methods in the checkout page and payment methods in the thank you page and better translation of custom attributes), we recommend using the most recent version of Jigoshop.

Check back next Friday for more updates!

New Product Badge Jigoshop extension

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While we may have taken some time to celebrate reaching 250,000 Jigoshop downloads, and be busy working on some big new announcements, eCommerce waits for no-one. So we also have a great new extension to tell you about.


New Product Badge:


Whether you’re running a standalone online store or also have a bricks-and-mortar outlet, you’ll have seen customers eager to check out the newest additions to your shop. Offline it’s easy to make sure the people coming through your front door instantly see what’s new, but internet users can land on any page on your Jigoshop eCommerce store.

That’s where New Product Badge comes in. It automatically adds a ‘New’ badge to any product published in the last few days. You can set how many days it should apply to, and pick from a range of colours to suit your theme and catch the attention of your customers. Check out New Product Badge now.