• Sell Digital Products with Jigoshop eCommerce


    About Digital Products Digital products (downloadable) are a staple of modern eCommerce. With the world being so interconnected and internet speeds being so fast it is a no-brainer that digital goods are so popular. There is no sense in a Read More

  • Importance of Site Optimization

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    Introduction Site speed is an important factor to consider with your eCommerce website. Imagine you open you open your web browser to do some online shopping and you stumble upon a went on with this amazing product but the pages Read More

  • WordPress Advantage


    If you are reading this, then you are most likely considering the usage of Jigoshop. In such case, it is probably wise to mention that Jigoshop requires WordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is an extremely robust CMS (content management system) Read More

  • Jetpack Advantage


    Jetpack is a powerful plugin for any website running on WordPress. It is chock-full of features that make it a must for everyone! For this post, we will focus on the features available in the FREE version of Jetpack, as Read More

  • Jigoshop Extension Updates (11/28/2016)

    Jigoshop Extension Updates

    Hi Jigoshoppers! Our development team has been busy at work with the release of Jigoshop eCommerce but it hasn’t stopped us from providing updates to many of our great extensions Here’s a list of our most recent updates for Jigoshop extensions. Read More

  • Recommended Payment Gateways

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    Payment Gateways are an important aspect of your Jigoshop eCommerce website. Without them, it is impossible to sell items. What is a Payment Gateway? A payment gateway is a Jigoshop eCommerce extension used to authorize payment for products and services. Read More

  • Utilize Dropshipping to Fulfill eCommerce Orders

    drop shipping

    Dropshipping allows you to run an eCommerce business without having to store inventory. It is a business model with relatively low overhead costs as a result. This strategy is perfect for someone just starting out in eCommerce and could even Read More

  • Importance of eCommerce Inventory Management

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    Good inventory management is crucial to any eCommerce shop. It can make or break your entire venture. Why is Inventory Management Important? Inventory management is important so that you know how much of a product that you have in stock. Read More

  • What is Company Culture


    Having a strong company culture is important to any business, eCommerce or not. What is Company Culture? In short, company (organizational) culture is a system of collective values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize an organization. Company culture starts at Read More