New extensions including CIM, Split PayPal Sales, Sendloop and more

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Seven new extensions are available via our Extend marketplace, including financial management with Authorize.Net CIM and Split PayPal Sales, some new marketing tools including Sendloop integration and Photos Product Tab, and some payment tools for customers to check prices in their own currency, or pay using a range of services with Brazilian payment provider Bcash.


Jigoshop Split PayPal Sales:


The new Jigoshop Split PayPal Sales extension builds on the PayPal integration in the core Jigoshop download by adding a number of extremely useful reporting and administration tools. It works with any level of PayPal account to allow you to split out PayPal transactions and fees, split those amounts between business partners, and customise your reporting. Make managing your business finances easier by checking it out now.




Build up your email marketing with this extension, which integrates into the checkout process for your Jigoshop eCommerce store. Successful customers are automatically added into your Sendloop email lists, and are automatically sent a confirmation email to ensure you meet all the guidelines and requirements for email marketing. Build up your email lists quickly and easily

(Use an alternative provider? We also provide integration for AWeber, Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp)


Bcash payment gateway for Jigoshop:


You can add this leading Brazilian payment system into Jigoshop quickly and easily with this new payment gateway. Signing up with Bcash comes with a number of benefits. (For Brazilian stores, a PagSeguro payment gateway is also available). Check out the new BCash payment gateway.

Product Badges:


Customise your product listings with configurable product badges. Choose from the supplied icons, or upload your own, and then set how the badges will appear to highlight your products to customers. Take a look at how you can use Jigoshop Product Badges.


Add to Cart Ajax Validation


By default, Jigoshop will hide the ‘Add To Cart’ button on a product when it is out of stock or unavailable. But if you have a high traffic site and a customer is already on that product page, they’d need to refresh for that action to take effect. This extension resolves that issue by automatically notifying the customer if a product is out of stock, even if the last one was sold after they came to the product page. Try Add to Cart Ajax Validation now.


Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway:


Adding to our suite of Authorize.Net products (Authorize.Net DPM and Authorize.Net AIM), is this new extension to allow you to implement Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) for your business. In addition to accepting a wide range of credit card payments, it automatically imports customer data into the Authorize.Net system to allow faster payments, greater transaction safety and customer management tools. Check out the Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop Currency Converter Widget:


If you want to let customers pick their preferred currency and pay with it, we already offer a Multiple Currencies extension. This new extension is if you want to limit the accepted payment currencies to your choice for management and financial simplicity, but you’d also like to let customers understand your prices in the currency of their choice. Take a look at how easy it is to display the Jigoshop Currency Converter Widget on your shop.


Jigoshop Photos Product Tab


Jigoshop handles multiple product images, but when you want to add more, this extension allows them to be displayed in an attractive and usable way. It creates a specific images tab on a single product page to give you lots of room for additional pictures. Check out Jigoshop Photos Product Tab.

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