• SecureFrame Payment Gateway Released

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    Jigoshop is happy to announce the release of the SecureFrame Payment Gateway! Use SecureFrame to easily accept credit card payments on your Australia-based Jigoshop shop via iFrame. SecureFrame is a payment solution created and hosted by SecurePay, a trusted leader in the Australian online payments industry.

  • Jigoshop Easy Print Button Redeveloped

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    Hi Jigoshoppers! We’ve recently redeveloped the Jigoshop Easy Print Button extension. The Jigoshop Easy Print Button allows you the ability to open an existing order from the Administration panel and easily print an order. Download Jigoshop Easy Print Button Now!

  • Latest Extension Documentation

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    Below is a list of ten recently published Documentation Tutorials for Jigoshop Extensions! Jigoshop Category Purchasers https://www.jigoshop.com/documentation/jigoshop-category-purchasers/ Jigoshop Delivery Times https://www.jigoshop.com/documentation/jigoshop-delivery-times/

  • Recommended Shipping Extensions

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    Introduction Getting your product to your customers after the purchase is made is an important part of your eCommerce business if you are selling physical goods. There are many shipping extensions available for Jigoshop based eCommerce websites. The shipping method that Read More

  • Recommended Jigoshop Extensions for Marketing

    Recommended Jigoshop Extensions for Marketing
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    Introduction Marketing is one of the top priorities for your eCommerce site. It directly effects the performance of your business. Successful marketing leads to a successful bottom line, whereas poor marketing tends to have a negative effect on finances. The Read More

  • Jigoshop’s Top 10 Selling Extensions

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    Introduction The Jigoshop eCommerce plugin for WordPress is a widely used eCommerce solution. You can run a simple web store out of the box without having to purchase a single extension. However, as your site grows, it’s inevitable that you Read More

  • PayPal Upgrading Encryption

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    Hi Jigoshoppers’ Many of you have received an email from PayPal stating that PayPal will be upgrading their certificate to SHA-256. This will affect Jigoshop merchants using PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system. What Action Is Required? Jigoshop PayPal integrations Read More