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Jigoshop Version 1.2 Beta available to download and test

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Jigoshop Version 1.2 is now available as a developer release to download and test with a number of new ideas and fixes including more options for permalinks to improve search engine optimisation, additional ways to bulk edit, and a number of fixes and improvements to tax options and functionality.

The full Jigoshop Version 1.2 changelog is:

  • New permalink options:
    Allow `%product_cat%` for permalinks
    Prepend product urls with category
    Prepend product urls with shop base page
    Set your own product category / tag slugs
  • Resend download links by clicking “Email Invoice” on an order
  • Provide personalized products - customers may add their own information to appear on purchased products
  • Provide WordPress Bulk and Quick editing of both stock levels and prices on the Admin Product List
  • Provide options to disable or enable WordPress image cropping on Shop images
  • Fixes compound tax display. Tax displays after subtotal all of the time
  • Allow discounts to be applied before or after taxes
  • Emails for orders can now be completely customized
  • Email customizations can be made through a plugin
  • Fix for multiple tax classes applied to all-of selections on countries
  • Adds the ability to show tax # and business address information on order emails
  • Allow $0.01 charge on paypal if configured and total is free
  • Cleaned up some minor code issues
  • Fixes multiple tax classes bug (tax class 1 applied to product 1, and tax class 2 applied to product 2)
    if both products were added to the cart, only 1 tax class was applied and the other wasn’t
  • Allow shipping to be taxed on compounding tax classes (all around shipping tax enhancements)
  • Fix for the tax amounts disappearing on orders when changing the status of the order
  • Fix rounding error on taxes with price includes tax option
  • Fix Skrill gateway to allow variable products
  • Allow EU shop to tax other EU countries
  • Allow debugging to be turned on for calculable shipping services through wordpress debug
  • Automatically include 0% tax rate for customers outside of tax base
  • Calculate tax based on billing address when item is not shippable or shipping is disabled
  • Variable and grouped products now show both regular and sale price on the Shop
  • Completed orders are now final, only refunds can be issued

As you can imagine, an enormous amount of work has gone into this release by the team, led by Rob, Jeff, Michael and Matt. But now we need your help to find any kinks left to iron out.

Jigoshop V1.2 Beta Download Details

Please do download the developer release for testing, and please do report back any issues via the Jigoshop repository on Github, here. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Github, as reporting issues is simple once you’ve registered an account. We’re also working with all developers and designers of themes and plugins which are built to work with Jigoshop to minimise any disruption when Jigoshop 1.2 is officially released, and your help not only helps your own store, but those of around 70,000 Jigoshop downloads to date.

And as a thank you, when the Beta period ends, we’ll pick out one contributor of an issue or fix at random to receive a free official Jigoshop plugin or theme of their choice.

Showcase #17 Clothspot

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We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]


Jigoshop is actually the offspring of our parent company, Jigowatt, who have specialised in open source eCommerce for a number of years. For larger solutions, Magento is available, but for everything else, there’s Jigoshop, and sharing a team means Jigowatt can produce custom online stores based on our own product.

Obviously it would be a little disingenuous to analyse our own design changes, and more importantly, I sit within projectile range of the designers involved, so we’ll just show you the site and the client’s own comment on the work.




The team aren’t just software and design specialists – they also know about the business end of eCommerce and the Jigoshop application is a creative and elegant business solution as a result. The launch process was painless – from my personalised training session to the swift and ever-patient responses to questions as my products went online and ClothSpot made it’s first sales. Invariably good-humoured, never patronising and well-managed – the team at Jigowatt have helped turn ClothSpot from a vision into real life.

To find out more about our parents at Jigowatt, visit their site for Magento and WordPress Web Design, or head straight to the Contact Form (Please note this is for custom design enquiries and not for Jigoshop support).

Launching Jigoshop V1.1 and celebrating 50,000 downloads

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We’re celebrating today, as not only has Jigoshop topped 50,000 total downloads, but we’re also releasing version 1.1, which includes some new features and languages, in addition to fixing some of the bugs which affected a small percentage of users after the previous release.


Jigoshop downloads are continuing to grow every day, week and month

And every download gives us a huge boost in motivation as it means another business could find success using Jigoshop as an eCommerce platform, which is incredibly inspiring.



Jigoshop V1.1 new features

We now support a radical new payment gateway called ‘Cash on Delivery’ which allows you to be handed currency when you deliver a product, as well as adding an innovative shipping method for ‘Local Pickup’ if someone collects their purchase from you!

In addition to those radical innovations, we also now support the following languages: Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, and Turkish. There’s a new shortcode for Products Search, a new setting for showing stock amounts, and guest purchases can be made.

Fixes include stopping products appearing as ‘Out of Stock’ on upgrading to the previous version, allowing a full uninstall of Jigoshop (although we hope you never need it!), and reducing the overall file size by 1MB.

Jigoshop V1.1 Changelog:

  • New gateways:
    Cash On Delivery [payment gateway]
    Local Pickup [shipping method]
  • New languages:
    Portuguese Brazilian
  • New shortcode:
    Products Search
  • New settings:
    Show stock amounts [to show or hide stock left in a product on front-end]
    Allow guest purchases
    Show login form
    Allow registration
  • Allow products to be sorted in wp-admin All Products page by:
    Visibility [a new column]
  • You can now fully uninstall Jigoshop
    Updated uninstall.php to remove all database entries, pages & roles Jigoshop created on install
  • Fields now saved to WordPress user profiles on checkout when creating an account:
    First name
    Last name
  • Add prefix `jigoshop_` to all Jigoshop setting pages
  • Bank transfer information now included with ‘processing order’ emails
  • Images tab on settings page now takes up less space
  • Reduced total Jigoshop file size by at least 1mb
  • Jigoshop.pot updated include latest strings and remove obsolete strings
  • Remove `bulk actions` on variable products that didn’t have any variations
  • Update admin order page to use pretty titles for payment & shipping
  • Update Spain provinces (thank @dimitryz)
  • Update readme.txt and files
  • fix order-status’ not being allowed for translation
  • fix widgets:
    featured product widget
    top rated widget
    recently viewed widget not showing products
    on sale widget not displaying correct amount of products
  • fix variable products not showing a ‘grouped’ tab in order to set a ‘sort order’
  • fix taxes not being calculated correctly if your Base Country/State is set to “All of xxx”
  • fix `price not announced` not being shown when `price` field is left empty
  • fix product edit `sale` and `regular` price fields so they don’t allow currency symbols (and non numeric values)
  • fix pagination on shortcodes, now only displays if you tell it to by adding `pagination=”yes”` to your shortcode
  • fix emails not sending from the address specified for Jigoshop emails
  • fix showing purchased variations in email
  • fix emails not showing pretty titles for payment and shipping methods ie, won’t show “via bank_transfer” or “via flat_rate” anymore instead, shows the Method Title you set in your settings page for those methods
  • fix out of stock products appearing randomly on upgrade
  • fix empty selectbox on Norway and some other countries for checkout page
  • fix session conflicts with other plugins by forcing Jigoshop to start sessions first before all other plugins
  • fix coupons not applying to variations
  • visit the variation to use the individual product ID for the coupon
  • fix coupons showing ‘no products in cart’ on valid coupons
  • fix some international users not being able to add shipping or tax rates (Italian & French)
  • removed dash from cart on downloadables until a more solid solution can be found
  • fix attributes slug when editing attribute names
  • fix for using the newer screen API on older WordPress’

9 new plugins for Jigoshop: Gateways, Facebook Tab, Wishlist and more!

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A massive nine new plugins have been released for Jigoshop, as a result of popular code marketplace Code Canyon issuing a bounty to encourage eCommerce submissions, in the same way as we offer a mixture of upfront payments and revenue share options for anyone selling their plugin via our own Extensions section (Plus our new Affiliates scheme).

And it’s great to see that Jigoshop is one of the most enthusiastically supported of the eCommerce solutions listed on the site. The result is that 9 new plugins have been released, in addition to the 28 existing plugins available here (and that number is growing every day!). And they provide some very interesting and cool functions to add to your Jigoshop installation.

  • Payment Express Gateway for Jigoshop: Developed by patsatech, this enables credit card payments via Payment Express.
  • AlertPay Payment Gateway: Developed by patsatech, AlertPay allows payments by credit cards or bank accounts by almost anyone with an email address.
  • Jigoshop Australia Post Shipping Calculator: Developed by dtbaker, (who also designed the MommyBlogger theme for Jigoshop) it adds automatic postage calculations for Australian Jigoshop users.
  • Jigoshop Products - Facebook Tab: Also by dtbaker, the Jigoshop Products Facebook Tab is a nifty way to quickly integrate products into a Facebook page - allowing customers to add to their cart before leaving Facebook to complete the checkout process.
  • Bundle Rate Shipping: By ericnicolaas. Provides special shipping rates for multiple purchases in a category, encouraging customers to buy more.
  • Product Slider Carousel: ByRDever - a jQuery based slider carousel which is customisable and fully responsive.
  • Fancy Product Review: By jamesckemp, this allows product thumbnails to trigger a fancy preview gallery when a user roles over them. That means a user can quickly and easily larger images - handy if you are selling products with lots of cool details.
  • Jigoshop Random Product Widget: From WebFactory, this allows you to display a randomly picked product from a defined category, and automatically hides anything marked as Out of Stock - updating the look of your pages without any manual input.
  • Jigoshop Wish List: Developed by sevenspark, your customers can now create a Wish List of products to keep track of what they want to buy in the future, or to share with family and friends for presents etc. Brilliant for sites catering for events such as weddings or birthdays. Also a brilliant way for users to remind themselves of items they’ve previously been interested in.

What a great list of additional features to enhance your Jigoshop store, along our list from Affiliates Pro to Upsells.

Jigoshop V1.0 is now available to download

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The long-awaited Jigoshop V1.0 has been built, tested and released with a number of improvements to speed up running your WordPress eCommerce shop and make your life easier.

So if you haven’t already tried Jigoshop, now is the time to join 45,000+ others, and download V1.0 for free to see how cool running your own online store can be

And if you’re an existing Jigoshop user, you’ve probably already had an alert to upgrade in your WordPress dashboard, and you’ll have already noticed some significant changes. But just in case you missed some, we’ve compiled the list of the major differences.


New Products, Tax and Shipping Sections:

We’ve taken time to tear down and rebuild the Products, Tax and Shipping sections from the ground up. This means we’ve been not only able to make them more stable and efficient, but also more flexible for future developments.

Hopefully you’ll have seen the massive change to the user interface for Products, allowing much more product information to be displayed on one screen – essential for stores with larger inventories. In addition to contextual help, you can also search all your products by ID and SKU, order by date, and use product IDs to search through orders.


And there’s more…

Products can also now have multiple tax classes, and taxes can apply to shipping or compound tax (retail plus shipping). We’ve also made the shipping class even more accurate and it also supports some distribution APIs.

Product Variations can now include virtual and downloadable options, your downloads now support external storage resources, and you can upload them via the standard Windows Media Uploader. Plus you can now mass-edit and remove variations to save time updating masses of items.

A number of other smaller issues have now been solved, and we’ve ramped up the Security levels of Jigoshop with our own improvements and by working with WordPress Lead Developer Mark Jaquith.

We’ve also halved the query time in the admin section which should help to make things faster depending on your server, so combined with the changes to the user interface and bulk editing, using Jigoshop to manage your inventory should be quicker and easier than ever.


Jigoshop V1.0 Changelog:

  • Redesigned Products UI
  • added new feature for downloadable products: external URL or internal downloads
  • added new widget Jigoshop Login
  • added new widget Recently Viewed products
  • added new widget Recently Reviewed products
  • added new widget Best Selling products
  • added new widget Top Rated products
  • added new shortcode Add to Cart Button
  • added new shortcode Add to Cart URL
  • added new dimension options to products (Length / Width / Height)
  • added Admin Product List display products by Category
  • added currency symbols for all countries
  • added a couple new currencies
  • added Romanian and Croatian translations
  • added multi-lingual functionality with the WordPress WPML plugin
  • fixed cyrillic characters & accents in attribute / variation names
  • fixed fancybox overlay
  • fixed users creating a new account now only if WP registration is allowed
  • fixed several 404 Jigoshop links
  • fixed My Account page not showing Address 2
  • added calculable shipping so that services such as FedEx, UPS, etc. can be plugged in
  • added brand new tax features including
  • multi-tax classes can be specified on product (good for Canadian, US tax laws)
  • ability to define tax label for view
  • shows tax percentage in view
  • minor bug fixes