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Jigoshop 1.3 Beta Release to download and test

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The Beta Release of Jigoshop 1.3 is now available with a whole host of changes and updates to make running an online shop even quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

We’d love to have as many people testing it as possible to ensure that the official release goes smoothly. But please do take a quick look at the information below before giving it a try:


Beta Testing procedures and developer notes for Jigoshop 1.3

• Do not test on a production environment. Do not use your main Shop for beta testing.
• Backup your WordPress database prior to installing the Jigoshop 1.3 RC1 beta.
• Upon upgrade, new options are created, old coupons are converted to new ones.
• PHPMyAdmin can be used to revert the ‘jigoshop_db_version’ option in the WordPress ‘wp-options’ table back to the version 1.2.3 value of ’1203310′ and delete the created ‘jigoshop_options’ entry to rerun an upgrade if desired. Prior to doing this, also Trash any coupons or you could get duplicate entries after a subsequent upgrade.
• Generally though, just run the upgrade once and test from that.

• Coupons no longer are an option in the Jigoshop Settings as of Jigoshop 1.3.
• Coupons are now a WordPress custom post type and you manage them the same as WP posts and Jigoshop Products. They have their own menu under the Jigoshop menu.
• Existing coupons are translated from version 1.2.3 and installed for you in version 1.3
• A number of new features have been added to coupons. Thorough Cart, Checkout and final Order testing of each of the features is wanted to ensure valid results.

• Bug reports for the Beta 1.3 RC1 should be submitted to the Community forums with a subject noting the Beta:

“[Beta 1.3 RC1] this feature doesn’t work”

We will monitor the forums and respond appropriately.


Downloading Jigoshop 1.3 Beta:

We’re hoping you’ve read the info above, and you’re not going to immediately launch the beta version on your main shop site, so here’s how to download it.

You’ll need to download the zip file from Once unzipped, rename the download folder to ‘jigoshop’ and install it in your test server WP plugin directory completely replacing any existing jigoshop folder.

Problems with downloading? There’s a handy forum thread for that already.


Developer info and regular updates:

To co-ordinate the latest news and information, particularly for the developer community, we’ve created an email list for Beta Testers which will be used to alert everyone to the latest versions, additional info about changes to how plugins and themes work etc. We’ll also be looking at ways to reward frequent contributors to the beta testing program, so you might even end up with a Jigoshop mug!

Sign up as a Jigoshop Beta Tester at


More paid and free plugins, and two themes

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We’re back on our usual schedule of releases following the break last week to celebrate our 1st Anniversary with our biggest ever sale. Despite the celebrations, we’ve got three new plugins to share, including two more payment gateways and a really handy free statistics plugin to help you keep track of how your business is performing.

And you have even more options for themes with two great new designs now available, bringing up the Jigoshop theme options to 25 different products to cover most eventualities.


CardSave Payment Gateway:

Cardsave Payment Gateway

Payment gateway extension to incorporate CardSave, which was formed by a retailer back in 1995 when he grouped with other small businesses to provide more competitive payment services. It has since grown to over 45,000 members and has itself become a member of the WordPay Group, which is the UK’s largest card processor by transaction volume. As small business card payment specialists with 24/7 UK-based support, it’s now simple to integrate with Jigoshop.

The plugin will redirect your customers to a secure CardSave hosted page which takes care of card details and payments, before sending them back to a thank you page on your site. It supports major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Bulgarian payment gateway:

ePay Bulgarian Payment Gateway

Integrate a leading Bulgarian online payment system which allows payments with an account, credit cards including Visa and Master Card, and Borica payment cards. Borica cards are licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank, and in addition to being part of the national payment system, is also connected to the MasterCard, Visa International and American Express networks.

This plugin will allow you to integrate your store with the payment system which will send your customers to their secure servers to handle payment details before being redirected back to your store via a Thank You/Receipt page.


Jigoshop Statistics:

It’s really important that you can keep track of how your business and sales are performing, so the free Jigoshop Statistics plugin helps by allowing you to easily check:

  • Lifetime sales
  • Sales this month
  • Average order value
  • Total number of sales
  • Bestsellers

That data can be compiled from other places, such as Google Analytics, but if you don’t fancy setting up tracking codes and conversion funnels, this gives you a quick and easy solution. Developer James Kemp doesn’t ‘just’ do plugins – he is also responsible for two sites features in our Jigoshop Showcase, Antique Clothing and Victym, so has had some good experience of working with customer-facing clients.


Zeux theme:

Alex Gurghis continues to produce great looking themes, following up Prometheus and Aventador with the great Zeux theme, even if we need to check the correct pronunciation with him. It’s a responsive theme, so works on mobiles, tablets and computers as default, but you can customise the look and feel with 14 custom template pages, 7 different colours, 11 custom background patterns and a filterable portfolio option to display quotes, images or links.

There’s a long list of included features; Twitter integration, a contact form, FlexiSliver, Quovolver quote rotator, 50+ shortcodes, and it’s also ready for a bbPress Forum to be included. Well worth checking out!


Earth Nature theme:

Although the Earth Nature theme has been around for a while, it has recently been updated to support Jigoshop, so is worth mentioning. The theme comes from dtbaker, which is actually an experienced design and coding duo who have worked together since 2005, and we already list their previous Jigoshop compatible themes including Travel Island, Mommy Blogger, and Sport Grunge.

Earth Nature features six colour options, a top horizontal menu, large photo for a slide show and category submenus, with integration for the likes of Google Maps and to show Twitter messages in the sidebar. You also get an AJAX contact form, and the WordPress admin has been customised to allow you to set most options and settings quickly and easily.

New extensions – more languages, viral marketing and product add-ons

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We’ve got new extensions for Jigoshop eCommerce to help with localisation and marketing for your eCommerce store. Add Jigoshop Multi-Lingual and Viral Coupons and not only can your customers pick which language they want to see automatically translated on your shop, but they can also help with your marketing on social networks in exchange for an automatic discount.

And we’ve also released Products Add-Ons to allow you to list custom fields at a product level for options and additional accessories to up-sell to customers or allow them to personalise products quickly and easily before heading to the store checkout.


Jigoshop Multi-Lingual

Jigoshop Multi Lingual - Automatic Jigoshop Translations

Jigoshop is now even more friendly to international customers. Previously we’ve worked with various great people around the world to provide translation files for the admin areas of Jigoshop, but now with WPML’s Jigoshop Multi-Lingual, you can do much more.

You can start with translating pages by just clicking on a + icon and using Jigoshop shortcodes. Products can either be translated manually, or you can use WPML’s Translation Management module, and you can also change Product Categories, Attributes, Variation and Tags. Finally you can also translate any general text and emails to finish the job.

You’ll need the latest version of both Jigoshop and WPML, which also includes comments translation, standard translation controls and browser language detection. Check out WPML Jigoshop Multi-Language now.


Viral Coupons for Jigoshop:

Viral Coupon for Jigoshop Social Media Marketing

Encourage your customers to promote your store by offering a discount to anyone who shares you products on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

The Viral Coupons extension offers a discount to anyone who submits a Facebook Like, a Google+1 or a tweet. You can specify the links to be shared, and the page will auto-reload afterwards. Plus it automatically applies the coupon to the Jigoshop cart with simple options to set-up and full localization for all the languages support by Facebook, Google and Twitter. With almost one billion people registered on Facebook and hundreds of millions on Twitter and Google+, social networks are a potentially massive source of business, especially when you can encourage recommendations from friends and family to their social connections.

Check out the Viral Coupons extension for Jigoshop now and let your customers promote your store.


Jigoshop Product Add-Ons:

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons - Add Product Options

Jigoshop Product Add-Ons allows you to set custom data fields at a product level, whether you want to offer accessories as a quick and easy check box list, or a custom text field for personalising products.

All of the options are set at a product level, so you can manually set the most relevant options with custom headings and text fields to really sell the benefits of adding to a purchase. Each option has also be set with an individual price, so as an example, a mobile phone could be listed with a range of cases, chargers and accessories. Alternatively a takeway food shop could list sandwiches or pizzas with a selectable range of fillings and toppings, and use an individual price for each option to allow custom orders.

Check out Jigoshop Product Add-Ons to see how you could make more revenue per customers right now.


Latest Jigoshop Version updated:

If you haven’t updated to Jigoshop 1.2.3, then you should. It’s a minor release with some tweaks and fixes, but includes personalisation of product variations, a character limit for personalised product options, and some features to allow some of our new and future extensions to work correctly.

If you haven’t tried Jigoshop yet, download it now from the WordPress Plugin Directory.


Jigoshop Version 1.2 official release

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The latest version of Jigoshop is officially released today, so you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version when you next log into your WordPress site, or download V1.2 manually if you prefer, or you’re setting up Jigoshop for the first time.

As with all your releases, we’ve tested internally, and Version 1.2 has also been available as a Beta Developer Release since April 11 – as a result we’ve received great contributions from a large number of the Jigoshop community, from spotting bugs to fixing them. Everyone has got involved, and we want to keep encouraging feedback and suggestions from everyone, whether you’re new to Jigoshop (and even WordPress) or you’ve been developing WordPress eCommerce for 10+ years. And as promised, one contributor to the beta feedback will shortly be receiving a free official Jigoshop plugin or extension as a thank you for their help.

As with any update to WordPress or any plug-in or extension please back up your install and products before upgrading.


Jigoshop V1.2:

The full release notes for Jigoshop V1.2 are available below, but highlights that you’ll notice straight away include the great new Permalink options to change the way your website addresses display. That’s a key feature if you’re optimizing your shop for search engines, or you have specific preferences on how the URLs are displayed. You can set your own product category/tag slugs, or begin product URLs with the category or shop address as desired.

Anyone with a larger store will appreciate bulk editing on stock levels and prices, and your customers will now be able to take advantage of personalized products. That means buyers can now add their own information to appear on their purchases to customize gifts and purchases with names or specific messages.

Emails for orders can now be customized, and ‘Email Invoice’ can also resend download links for digital products to cut down on customers contacting you if they’re accidentally deleted it. And as always, we’re continuing to improve the way Jigoshop handles tax, whether it’s to improve individual billing options or to handle the various rules and regulations around the world.


Jigoshop V1.2 release notes:

  • New: Permalink options:
    Allow `%product_cat%` for permalinks
    Prepend ( Prefix) product URLs with category
    Prepend (Prefix) product URLs with shop base page
    Set your own product category / tag slugs
  • New: Personalized products – customers may add their own information to appear on purchased products
  • New: WordPress Bulk and Quick editing of both stock levels and prices on the Admin Product List
  • New: Options to disable or enable WordPress image cropping on Shop images
  • New: Ability to show tax # and business address information on order emails
  • New: $0.01 charge on Paypal if configured and total is free
  • New: Allow shipping to be taxed on compounding tax classes (all around shipping tax enhancements)
  • New: Resend download links by clicking “Email Invoice” on an order
  • Tweak: Load CSS & Javascript only when absolutely necessary, for both admin & front-end
  • Tweak: Emails for orders can now be completely customized
    Email customizations can be made through a plugin
  • Tweak: Allow debugging to be turned on for calculable shipping services through WordPress debug
  • Tweak: Allow EU shop to tax other EU countries
  • Tweak: Automatically include 0% tax rate for customers outside of tax base
  • Tweak: Calculate tax based on billing address when item is not shippable or shipping is disabled
  • Tweak: Reduce total image assets size by 28kb
  • Fix: Prevent duplicate variations on one product
  • Fix: Disables this message when editing orders: “Are you sure you want to leave this page?”
  • Fix: Creating new orders will automatically fill in the customer billing & shipping details (on save)
  • Fix: Ability to restore orders which are trashed
  • Fix: Compound tax display. Tax displays after subtotal all of the time
  • Fix: Allow discounts to be applied before or after taxes
  • Fix: Multiple tax classes bug (tax class 1 applied to product 1, and tax class 2 applied to product 2)
    If both products were added to the cart, only 1 tax class was applied and the other wasn’t
  • Fix: Tax amounts disappearing on orders when changing the status of the order
  • Fix: Hiding and showing products on Shop upon stock reduction/increase with ‘hide out of stock products’ setting
  • Fix: Multiple tax classes applied to all-of selections on countries
  • Fix: Rounding error on taxes with price includes tax option
  • Fix: Sale prices on products will no longer be higher than regular price
  • Fix: Skrill gateway to allow variable products
  • Fix: Variable and grouped products now show both regular and sale price on the Shop


If you do encounter any issues with Jigoshop 1.2 due to the huge range of different hosting providers, themes and plugins in use, please do contact us via our forums. The free forums is home to the Jigoshop community, and for a guaranteed priority response access to Premium Support costs from just $29 for a month of access, including responses from the core Jigoshop developers. And until May 21, you have the chance to purchase all official Jigoshop themes, plugins and lifetime support for just $359 (It goes up to $500 on the May 21, 2012, which still saves you $1000s on purchasing individually).

Thanks V1.2:

As always, Jigoshop Version 1.2 is the result of a lot of hard work by the internal team of Rob, Jeff, Michael, Matt and others, with the invaluable contributions and support of the Jigoshop community, so we just want to thank every single person who has downloaded Jigoshop, submitted a bug, suggested a fix, contributed by buying a plugin, theme 0r support.

We also really appreciate every one of you who has spread Jigoshop word, whether you’ve blogged, tweeted, shared on Facebook or Google+. It all helps us to grow, and motivates us to work even harder to evolve Jigoshop.

The biggest Jigoshop news you may have missed

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April has been a great month for Jigoshop, with more and more people downloading and installing our software to create awesome WordPress eCommerce shops, and some big news and changes.

In case you missed anything, here are the highlights from the past month:

20 new plugins, Pagelines integration and a new theme:

Jigoshop Club now gives you more for your money:

Since launching, we’ve been monitoring the Jigoshop Club and discussing how we can give every member more for their money – as a result we re-launched the Club this month to continue to include every official Jigoshop theme and plugins, but it now also includes lifetime support! And if you sign up before May 21st, 2012, you’ll get all of that for just $359. Pay once, and you’ll get themes, extensions and support indefinitely – and you’ll save $141 if you grab it now.


Jigoshop 1.2 Beta Release:

And all of that is in addition to the small matter of Jigoshop 1.2 becoming available as a developer beta release for you to download and test to check out our improvements and new features, and to make sure all your stores (or your clients) are working perfectly when it becomes available as an official update.

Check out and download the release, and take a look at the latest comments, contributions and improvements on the forum thread. Don’t forget, one contributor who files a bug or fix will be thanked with a free official Jigoshop theme or extension of their choice.


May is going to be even better:

It’s going to be a challenge to top that in May, but we’ve got a full list of new plugins and extensions to be uploaded, plus the official roll out of Jigoshop 1.2 and lots more. The best ways to keep up to date are by reading this blog, signing up for the Jigoshop weekly email, and/or following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.