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New extensions including CIM, Split PayPal Sales, Sendloop and more

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Seven new extensions are available via our Extend marketplace, including financial management with Authorize.Net CIM and Split PayPal Sales, some new marketing tools including Sendloop integration and Photos Product Tab, and some payment tools for customers to check prices in their own currency, or pay using a range of services with Brazilian payment provider Bcash.


Jigoshop Split PayPal Sales:


The new Jigoshop Split PayPal Sales extension builds on the PayPal integration in the core Jigoshop download by adding a number of extremely useful reporting and administration tools. It works with any level of PayPal account to allow you to split out PayPal transactions and fees, split those amounts between business partners, and customise your reporting. Make managing your business finances easier by checking it out now.




Build up your email marketing with this extension, which integrates into the checkout process for your Jigoshop eCommerce store. Successful customers are automatically added into your Sendloop email lists, and are automatically sent a confirmation email to ensure you meet all the guidelines and requirements for email marketing. Build up your email lists quickly and easily

(Use an alternative provider? We also provide integration for AWeber, Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp)


Bcash payment gateway for Jigoshop:


You can add this leading Brazilian payment system into Jigoshop quickly and easily with this new payment gateway. Signing up with Bcash comes with a number of benefits. (For Brazilian stores, a PagSeguro payment gateway is also available). Check out the new BCash payment gateway.

Product Badges:


Customise your product listings with configurable product badges. Choose from the supplied icons, or upload your own, and then set how the badges will appear to highlight your products to customers. Take a look at how you can use Jigoshop Product Badges.


Add to Cart Ajax Validation


By default, Jigoshop will hide the ‘Add To Cart’ button on a product when it is out of stock or unavailable. But if you have a high traffic site and a customer is already on that product page, they’d need to refresh for that action to take effect. This extension resolves that issue by automatically notifying the customer if a product is out of stock, even if the last one was sold after they came to the product page. Try Add to Cart Ajax Validation now.


Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway:


Adding to our suite of Authorize.Net products (Authorize.Net DPM and Authorize.Net AIM), is this new extension to allow you to implement Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) for your business. In addition to accepting a wide range of credit card payments, it automatically imports customer data into the Authorize.Net system to allow faster payments, greater transaction safety and customer management tools. Check out the Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop Currency Converter Widget:


If you want to let customers pick their preferred currency and pay with it, we already offer a Multiple Currencies extension. This new extension is if you want to limit the accepted payment currencies to your choice for management and financial simplicity, but you’d also like to let customers understand your prices in the currency of their choice. Take a look at how easy it is to display the Jigoshop Currency Converter Widget on your shop.


Jigoshop Photos Product Tab


Jigoshop handles multiple product images, but when you want to add more, this extension allows them to be displayed in an attractive and usable way. It creates a specific images tab on a single product page to give you lots of room for additional pictures. Check out Jigoshop Photos Product Tab.

Jigoshop Showcase #29 – PharmacyBay

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Despite the popular image of developers and a constant supply of biscuits in the office, the Jigoshop team is actually a reasonably healthy bunch. Snowboarding and cycling are just two of the office obsessions, so we were intrigued to see the new site for PharmacyBay, which is an online healthcase retailer.

The site was created by our good friends at OptArt, who have created a large number of Jigoshop extensions alongside building custom designs for eCommerce clients. So it’s safe to say they have a very good understanding of what is possible with our eCommerce platform, and they’re also capable of building additional functionality where required!


Jigoshop Showcase #29 –

Selling healthcare products online requires trust on from the consumer, and a way to convey a good amount of sometimes complex information effectively.

So it’s noticeable that the PharmacyBay homepage has been designed to be clear and simple to read and navigate. The top navigation contains all the useful company information, including the history of the business, help and delivery pages. Meanwhile your eyes are also drawn to the selection of highlighted products appearing just left of centre of the page, which also means you immediately see the complete list of Categories available.

On a typical screen resolution, you’ll also see the eye-catching orange of the Deal of the week, to entice you into scrolling down the page.


Given that we designed Jigoshop to do the heavy lifting when it comes to building and managing an eCommerce store, we thought it was logical to take a look at the range of Bodybuilding supplements available.


The large prices and Add to cart options are great for repeat customers who already know the brand and product they want to buy, to let them quickly and easily add to their basket. And the Category list allows the selection to be refined for the logical needs of a customer.

Clicking on each product then takes you to the product pages, which have a wealth of information.


One interesting aspect is the order in which the text is presented. With products like these, there is a lot of detail which customers may wish to spend time looking at before they make a purchase.

The opening information highlights the main benefits for each product, which is the key selling point. That’s followed by further information and the list of ingredients – which is obviously vital if the supplements are used by competitive athletes. And the directions for use are useful to understand what commitment you’ll need to make, and also to refer back to if you don’t have the packaging with you at the gym, for example.

While I’m not sure we’ll be adding a weight room to the Jigoshop office in the immediate future, the PharmacyBay site shows how the design and layout of a site can really help convey a lot of information quickly. The use of a white and light blue palette evokes a medical feeling throughout the site, which helps to build confidence, and the large amounts of product text are laid out in an easy-to-read format and font, with short paragraphs allowing you to skim and pick out the parts which are particularly relevant to you.


Submit your sites for our showcase:

We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

The reasons behind our Support price changes

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We created Jigoshop with one aim – to make the best possible WordPress eCommerce solution. And almost two years later, we’ve achieved a fair amount of that ambition, although there’s still a lot more to do.

Part of that aim has been to continue to evolve and improve our core Jigoshop product. But a major element is the support for when things don’t work quite as they should – and with a huge range of plugins, hosting providers and other factors, the need for quality support has grown massively alongside the numbers of Jigoshop businesses and users around the world.

As a result, we’ve needed to invest heavily in improving our support, and already we’ve:

  • Increased the number of support staff available
  • Ensured we have coverage across more time zones
  • Invested in more development and training for our support staff
  • Cut UK time zone response and resolution times by 20%

Despite the costs of adding staff, increasing our availability, and responding more quickly, we’ve tried to keep the costs of support as low as possible, and there hasn’t been an increase in prices since we launched 20 months ago – despite the state of the global economy, and the effect it can have on cash flow.

But there comes a point where we can’t continue to improve and develop Jigoshop, particularly Support, as a loss-making exercise. So from today, the new Support package costs will be $39.99 per month, or you can save 50% on the cost for 12 months by signing up for an annual subscription for $239.99.

This means we can ensure that if you’re using Jigoshop to power your business, you can be assured that your livelihood is well-supported.

And if you’re using Jigoshop to develop and design eCommerce sites for multiple clients, the cost is still very manageable. With 5 clients on-board, the annual cost of full support is less than $50 per client, per year, which could be factored into annual billing for hosting and other maintenance, for example.

It also means that although we don’t provide support via the free community forum, we can continue to offer it as a way for you to connect with other Jigoshop users, developers and more. And we can plan improvements to how it operates in the future to make it a more effective free resource for you, alongside our Premium Support.

This year we also want to spend more time explaining how Jigoshop is working as a business, and to keep building the relationships we have with you. Building transparency into our operations, and remaining committed to open source are two big reasons why Jigoshop is growing, and why we’re still as passionate about providing the best experience and community as we can.

Seven new extensions: Password Protect and 5 new gateways

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While the core Jigoshop team are working on a number of big projects for 2013, it hasn’t slowed down the number of new extensions being released.

A further seven new extensions are now available for your eCommerce business. Payment Gateways are always valuable additions, as it enables an even wider range of Jigoshop users to allow purchases via the best payment providers, including being able to accept payments in the right currencies, and with a range of security and anti-fraud options. This means you often have a choice of numerous gateways, no matter where you are in the world, and you can choose to let the payment service handle data and security, or invest in an SSL certificate or PCI DSS certification to keep people on your store or even build your own payment services.


Password Protect:

Password Protect for Jigoshop Products

Password Protect allows you to limit access to specific products. This could be to reward loyal customers or newsletter subscribers by giving early or exclusive access to a particular deal. Alternatively, you can use it to provide wholesale or discounted prices, but only to specific people. It’s very easy to set-up and use, with options on how protected products are displayed when customers are generally browsing your website. Check out Password Protect for Jigoshop.


CyberSource Payment Gateway:

CyberSource Payment Gateway

Cybersource is a big name in online payments, having acquired in 2007, and operating as a subsidiary of Visa since 2010. So if you’re looking for a payment gateway with plenty of support and infrastructure behind it, CyberSource could make a great choice, including a large range of payment types and supported countries, fraud management and security options. Check out the CyberSource Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop SagePay Direct:

Jigoshop SagePay Direct

If you want to control the payments made on your website, this SagePay Direct integration goes beyond most gateways by allowing masses of customisation and the ability to build your own payment software and management solutions. It does mean you’ll need to achieve PCI DSS certification in addition to having an SSL Certificate on your site, but you can’t get more control. Check out the Jigoshop SagePay Direct extension.


Paymill Payment Gateway:

Paymill Payment Gateway

German-based payment service covering 31 European countries, which offers complete integration without the need to activate their services. There’s no set-up free or monthly charges, with a low cost per transaction. Visa, Mastercard and a range of currencies are all accepted. Check out the Paymill Payment Gateway.


PayWay API (Westpac) Gateway for Jigoshop:

Payway API Westpac Payment Gateway

Westpac began in 1817 as the first bank in Australia, and the PayWay service has been designed to simplify a secure method for payments, with real-time authorisation and same-day settlement for transactions completed before the 6pm Australian cut-off time. Check out the PayWay API (Westpac) Gateway.


Sisow Gateway:

Sisow Payment Gateway

The Sisow Gateway allows you to implement iDEAL payments via Sisow rather than directly with your bank. iDEAL is already used by more than half of all Dutch online shoppers, and with no start-up fee, monthly cost or minimum transaction required, Sisow provides a cost-effective way to integrate those payments into your website. Check out the Sisow Gateway.


Free Smart Send Shipping Integration:


This free extension hooks into the Australian Smart Send courier service. It allows you to use and provide accurate shipping calculations for sending your products via Smart Send, and covers parcels of any size. Customers can enter their postcode to be able to get the most detailed price for shipping. Check out the Smart Send Shipping extension.


The Jigoshop Cyber Monday Sale

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We’re celebrating Cyber Monday and the fact Jigoshop has reached 150,000 downloads with a big sale on all official Jigoshop themes and extensions.

For 24 hours, you can save 25% on all products created by the Jigoshop team. And to credit the American roots of Cyber Monday, the sale starts at 9am EST, 2pm GMT on Monday November 26, 2012, and ends at 9am EST, 2pm GMT on Tuesday November 27th, 2012.

To make a great saving, all you need to do is enter the discount code CYBERMON25 in the order process.

Click here to see all the Jigoshop themes included in our Cyber Monday sale.

Click here to see all the Jigoshop extensions included in our Cyber Monday sale


Please note:

Third party themes and extensions are not included in the sale offer, as those prices are set and controlled by external authors/developers/designers. The sale beings at 9am EST/2pm GMT on November 26, 2012, ending 9am EST/2pm GMT on Tuesday November 27th, 2012. This discount will no longer be applied to purchases after that time.
This discount does not apply to Jigoshop Support packages.