• Conversational Commerce


    Introduction Conversational commerce is one of the latest developments in eCommerce. This development allows for greater interaction between retailers and other companies and consumers. Conversational commerce utilizes chat, messaging, and other such methods of communication for businesses to interact with Read More

  • Possible Implications of Brexit


    Introduction Unless you have been living under a rock for the last three months… then you know that on June 24th, 2016 that the citizens of the United Kingdom voted to depart from the European Union (EU). The referendum vote Read More

  • Niche Marketing is a Key to e-Commerce Success


    Your Jigoshop e-Commerce Store Should Focus on Niche Marketing Niche marketing is when an e-Commerce business focuses on a certain market subset. This can be distinguished by product features, quality, demographic, and/or price for a specific group. Catering to a Read More

  • Benefits of SMS for E-Commerce


    The SMS Advantage SMS (aka. text messaging) is currently the most popular communication method available. Let’s face it! The vast majority of us are more likely to read a text message than open an email or even answer a phone Read More

  • WordPress 4.5.3 Update

    WordPress 4.5.3 Release
    Blog, Development

    Hi Jigoshoppers! WordPress has recently released an update. This update is for security fixes. Some issues included redirect bypass in the customizer, oEmbed denial of service, unauthorized category removal from a post, and password change via stolen cookie. For more information about this Read More

  • Use Jigoshop to Sell Clothing and Apparel


    If clothing and apparel is the game…. Jigoshop is the player! Clothing and apparel has been a popular industry for as long as humans have lived! There’s not one person on the planet who doesn’t have some type of clothing Read More

  • SecureFrame Payment Gateway Released

    Blog, Development, Extensions

    Jigoshop is happy to announce the release of the SecureFrame Payment Gateway! Use SecureFrame to easily accept credit card payments on your Australia-based Jigoshop shop via iFrame. SecureFrame is a payment solution created and hosted by SecurePay, a trusted leader in the Australian online payments industry.

  • E-Commerce Growth Trends


    Introduction It’s no surprise that the E-Commerce industry continues to grow. With billions of internet users, there’s plenty of potential for newcomers in e-commerce. There is plenty of money to be made and the trajectory for growth in e-commerce is Read More

  • WordPress 4.4 Released

    Blog, Development

    WordPress 4.4 WordPress 4.4 has released and is fully compatible with Jigoshop 1.17.9. New Features WordPress Embeds Embedding content is made even easier. As you probably already know, you can easily embed videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo by Read More

  • Jigoshop and Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

    Blog, Lessons

    Why Analytics Are Important Collecting and analyzing information on your eCommerce website is an important part of determining your business strategy. The fact that you are an online business means that you don’t have the privilege of interacting face-to-face with Read More

  • 50% OFF Black Friday Sale!!


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