March 8th Plugin Updates

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We have three plugin updates for you this week!

From Sixty One Designs we have:

Checkout Field Manager

The new update adds a user interface to disable / enable the note field as well as add headings, which is everything the user was looking for.

From OptArt we have:

Product Purchasers & Category Purchasers

This week OptArt have added support for Checkout Field Manager plugin.

Thats all we have for you this week but be sure to check back every friday for details on the weeks plugin updates!

March 1st Plugin Updates

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This week Chris Christoff has provided us some great plugin updates.

Jigoshop Price By Role

The version 3.0 update to Price by Roles adds a ton of new features.

First, there is an updated add/remove roles page. Its simpler to use, with updated and improved validation. Making a new role is as simple as typing in the name, and clicking a button. No confusing Role Management plugin needed. To remove a role, select the name from the dropdown and click on remove. Simple, quick, and easy.

One of the biggest new features is the addition of global rules. We’ve been working on global rules since Price by Roles’s launch back in early October. After several rounds of testing its ready to go. Next version we’re adding even more options, like the ability to exlude products and also do discounts by tags.

Also new, is the brand new settings panel. You can now fine tune every role, from enabling/disabling payment gateways, to enabling/disabling the ability to purchase to enabling/disabling the ability to view products. All in a quick and simple fashion.

Our biggest new feature, by far, is pricing by variations. We’ve been hard at work, working on a way to do this, and with 3.0 we’ve added this feature. You can now charge different prices on individual variations by role. Maybe you want to only give Role A a discount on red, extra large tshirts? Now you can. Simple, quick, and above all easy.

Finally, we’ve done a bit of page reorganization. We’ve move Price By Roles options to be its own menu item in the backend (so you don’t have to look for the options under Jigoshop’s menu item). We’ve also added a support page. You can now submit a ticket for help directly from the backend of the plugin. It comes right to us with your license key and System Info automatically attached, helping us dramatically speed up support times.

Price by Roles 3.0 is extremely stable. We’ve been doing public beta testing for about two months now (since early Jan), and after 7 rounds of public beta, you can rest assured that its going to be fast, simple, and easy to use.

  • Jigoshop QR Code

The plugin has been rewritten from scratch. The plugin has been greatly reduced in size from 40 files to just 4, and the UI has been updated. Its never been a better time to try QR codes, as mobile web usage continues to rise among highly connected teengagers.

  • Jigoshop Add Flat Rates

The plugin has been reworked. Before, we relied on a system that essentially created a file, and then required the user to jump from 1 page to another one to make it. Now, the flat rates are a Custom Post Type. Adding a rate has never been easier, and can be done on one page now. This resolves issues customers had in the past with file permissions and the like.

  • Jigoshop List View

This update is a near complete rework of the old plugin. Included now is the ability to set a default option, or to have just list view or grid view allowed. Also added is an updater, and fixes compatibility with non WP-standard compliant themes.

  • Jigoshop Add Redirect/Button (JARB)

This update adds the highly requested feature to remove the normal add to cart button, as fixing a bug that affected a small amount of themes.

  • Jigoshop Duplicate Products

A minor update to resolve an issue with the ability to deactivate the license.

  • Jigoshop Magnify

This update fixes a bug in both the licenser used for the plugin as well as an issue preventing the plugin’s Javascript files from loading on non-standards complaint WP themes.

Some great new features to this already brilliant plugins!

Awesome extension sale from a Jigoshop premium developer

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Starting today & ending on the 3rd March, one of our premium developers Matt Gates is having a 20% sale on all Jigoshop plugins. All you need to do is enter “20%SALE on the checkout screen.

The Jigoshop plugins involved are:

Custom Product Tabs
Catalog Deluxe
Product CSV Suite
ANZ eGate
Product Vendor
Limited Deals
Barclaycard ePDQ Essential
New Zealand Post Shipping
Password Protect
CyberSource Payment Gateway
Order Sequence
Bring Shipping
Amazon Simple Pay

Feburary 22nd Plugin Updates

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We’ve only had two plugins updated and they are from one of our favourite developers Sixty-One Designs.

Checkout Fields Manager

  • Fixes a nasty error message appearing once the checkout has been completed.

PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

  • Resolves an issue with with variable product support in Jigoshop 1.5.1

Be sure to get these and keep your site up to date!

February 15th Plugin Updates

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We’ve only got a few updates for you this week but still be sure to get them fast!

Jigoshop Mini Cart Duelxe

We’ve fixed a bug within Mini Cart that stopped the sub total calculating properly. Be sure to update this one if you have it!

  • Jigoshop Headway Connect
  • Jigoshop Norway Emails
  • Jigoshop Checkout Field Manager

Check out blog posts every week to find out if your plugins have received any updates!