AWeber, Dwolla, and reCAPTCHA join Jigoshop extensions

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AWeber, Dwolla and reCAPTCHA can now all be added to your Jigoshop business quickly and easily, improving your email marketing, lowering your payment fees and cutting down on spam orders. In addition, you can add more personality to your store by using Jigoshop Sold to create custom icons for out of stock products.


AWeber Newsletter for Jigoshop:

Aweber Newsletter for Jigoshop

Email is still one of the best ways to generate sales for your shop. It’s always easier and more cost-effective to attract repeat purchases than to try and get new customers. Whether you want to send regular newsletters, offer an automated response when people sign-up, or just alert people to news, sales or discounts, email is a direct way to reach people. We already offer extensions for email services from Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, and now we’re covering the big three with the release of the AWeber Newsletter for Jigoshop extension. It uses the AWeber API to be quick and simple to set-up, with newsletter sign-ups via a widget and the checkout process. Start engaging with your customers today!


Jigoshop reCAPTCHA:

Jigoshop reCAPTCHA

Cut out spam registrations and orders by introducing Jigoshop reCAPTCHA to your checkout process. This extension uses Google’s own service to not only provide a test which is simple for humans and difficult for computers, but also helps the efforts to digitise old books and make them accessible to everyone online. It’s a very simple and effective way to instantly reduce wasted time. Check out Jigoshop reCAPTCHA.


Dwolla Gateway for Jigoshop:

Dwolla Gateway for Jigoshop

Dwolla offers incredibly low transaction fees for individuals and merchants – nothing for under $10, and just $0.25 for transactions above that amount. There’s no registration fee, contract, or annual cost, and this new extension makes it quick and easy to offer to your customers, potentially saving you substantial amounts in fee payments. Check out the Dwolla Gateway for Jigoshop and see if it’s right for you!


Jigoshop Sold:

Jigoshop Sold

Add more personality and style to your shop by displaying a customisable icon on products which are current out of stock. You can pick from a range of styles, colours and icon positions, add custom text, and even upload your own custom image to add more flair to your site. Take a look at Jigoshop Sold.


Jigoshop Showcase #27 – Watt Works

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Want to know if Jigoshop is suitable for business customers? This week we share a company which offers a range of digital downloads aimed at professional individuals and firms looking for consulting, training and coaching.


Jigoshop Showcase #27 –

Watt Works offer a number of services including management consultancy and training to clients in the UK and internationally. As a result they’ve gone for a clean design to appeal to both businesses and individuals, immediately highlighting some of their prestigious clients along with a wealth of information on what they do.


In addition to courses and training, they have also produced a small range of audiobooks and eBooks, which are available to buy via Jigoshop. A growing number of Jigoshop stores, and indeed sites we’ve showcased, specialise in digital downloads, which Jigoshop is well-equipped to handle. We take care of the back end systems, so you can focus on sales, whether that’s business material or entertainment (Such as previous showcase site, Low Down Deep Recordings)


Each product is accompanied by a description of the information contained, the price, the necessary Add To Cart button and social media sharing buttons – this is one site in particular which benefits from being able to share products on professional networking site LinkedIn as well as the more common Facebook and Twitter options.

Importantly, there’s no separation between the WordPress and Jigoshop sections of the site – everything is part of the same cohesive design. Which means you don’t give a potential customer any reason to pause when they’re going through the buying process.

Given the nature of Watt Works, the consistent sidebar throughout the site, which details their live and interactive training, is great for converting the buyer of an eBook into attending one of their courses.


Submit your sites for our showcase:

We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

Great new extensions and themes for Jigoshop, including Sage Pay Go

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We’ve got a number of new extensions and themes available this week, including a way to accept payments on your site and url without investing to handle credit card details, a new dynamic drag & drop cart, and a cool responsive grid theme amongst others.

Sage Pay Go:


Let customers complete their purchases on your website, without redirecting them to an external payment page – or having to invest in becoming PCI DSS compliant. Our Sage Pay Go gateway solves the problem with Server and inFrame integration. That means credit card data is passed in a highly secure way to Sage Pay, but everything else can be tailored by you, allowing the collection of extra customer details, and a more integrated experience. Invest in Sage Pay Go now.


Jigoshop Products of the Month:


Make the most of seasonal sales by automatically displaying highlighted products each month. This extension allows you to select products to appear for each month of the year, then rotates them each day to drive sales at the best time of year. If you have items that are more appropriate in Summer rather than Winter – here’s a way to increase sales even more. Alternatively, use it to highlight special offers, or event-led promotions. Check out Jigoshop Products of the Month.


Jigoshop Drag & Drop Cart:


Make the shopping experience on your site fun and dynamic with a simple to configure, and easy to use, drap & drop cart. Rather than clicking to add a product, let customers drag their purchases into the dynamic cart widget, which will display their total order amount and allow them to change and amend their selection. Check out the Jigoshop Drag & Drop Cart now.


Jigoshop Product Attributes on Lists:


This extension helps customers find the right products in your store, by displaying product attributes on your homepage and category pages. That means you can display information such as the colours available for each product, showing your range might be wider than the number of items available. It also combines with the Jigoshop Product Attributes Images extension to allow for a more graphical display. Take a look at Jigoshop Product Attributes on Lists.


Jigoshop Saferpay Credit Card Module:


Easily integrate Saferpay payment processing into your Jigoshop store with this extension, which allows you to accept a range of credit card payments. Saferpay is currently used in more than 30 countries by around 8,500 merchants. Check out the Jigoshop Saferpay Credit Card Module.


WallClassic Theme:


This interesting new responsive theme comes with Jigoshop support built into it, and offers some interesting ways for your business to stand out. Beyond the fashionable grid layout, you can accept a range of feeds from social media sites and networks, making it possible to quickly and easily share your inspirations and passions alongside your products. Take a look at the WallClassic theme for Jigoshop.


Gravity Forms Integration for Jigoshop WordPress eCommerce

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You can now use the hugely popular Gravity Forms plugin to create advanced custom forms for any Jigoshop product. The Gravity Forms Integration extension lets you set the fields required for any product, including those which affect the final price. When your customer has filled in the required information, the price will be automatically displayed.


In addition, the quick and simple Gravity Forms method allows you to set conditional logic. For example, that means that you can hide the Submit button until all the necessary fields have been completed, so that you never get uncompleted order information. No need to chase customers who forgot to include all their details and choices!

There’s a large range of fields to choose from, and these are tracked in the shopping cart to make sure that only unique information is added – duplicate info simply increases the quantity amounts.

Check out all the possibilities of the new Gravity Forms Integration extension.

Please note, you’ll need the Gravity Forms plugin in addition to Jigoshop. Any Gravity Forms license will be applicable.

16 new Jigoshop extensions now available!

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We’ve got a massive 16 new Jigoshop extensions available from today, including a wide range of new payment gateways covering some of Europe’s leading payment service providers, additional availability and attribute options, delivery settings, and automatic updates for customers when a product is in stock or has a price change.


Jigoshop Product Changes Notification


This great new extension gives you an automated way to keep customers updated on specific products. Simply set an email to be sent when a product price or availability changes, and anyone interested will be able to sign-up for notifications via a handy widget on the product page.

That means you don’t have to spend time and effort alerting people manually when something comes back in stock – instead, the interested potential buyers will be notified by email that they should come and place an order. Check out Jigoshop Product Changes Notification.


Jigoshop Delivery Times:


If you need to set specific delivery times, whether days or specific daily hours, this extension will handle it for you. In addition, customers will be able to select their required delivery slot during the checkout process, making it great for catering companies amongst others.

Set days off, holidays, and the interval between an order being placed and the first available delivery slot on the same day. Make it easy to offer great delivery scheduling with Jigoshop Delivery Times.


Jigoshop Product Attributes Images


Want your product attributes to look interesting and capture the attention of potential buyers? Adding this extension allows you to display images rather than text for attributes, such as available colours, for example. Not only is it more eye-catching, but it’s also potentially better for multi-lingual sales, for example. Liven up your products with Jigoshop Product Attributes Images.


11 New Payment Gateways:

The range of Jigoshop payment gateways just got even bigger, with 11 new options for your credit card, debit card and other payment processing.

Each option allows for a wide range of payment methods from your customers, and the Credit Card Modules allow you to further specify which exact payment options you wish to allow purchases to be made with. However you wish to run your payment processing, we have a solution for you, with the leading payment companies in all major territories around the world.

Choose from:


Product CSV Suite:


Upload products in bulk from a CSV file, including Product Attributes, saving you a massive amount of time and effort compared to uploading large product inventories individually. There’s no limit on the number you can import, and you can also export, including selecting the required columns, back to CSV. Check out Product CSV Suite.


Jigoshop Custom Availability:

Jigoshop Custom Availability

Give your customers more information with custom availability messages, such as letting them know when a product will become available, or suggesting alternatives. This extension allows you to replace the default availability message with your own custom information, which means you can also leave product pages online and not lose the benefit of any links and visitors. Set messages for when the product is in stock, has low stock left, is out of stock, and is out of stock with back orders available. Check out Jigoshop Custom Availability.