New extensions including CIM, Split PayPal Sales, Sendloop and more

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Seven new extensions are available via our Extend marketplace, including financial management with Authorize.Net CIM and Split PayPal Sales, some new marketing tools including Sendloop integration and Photos Product Tab, and some payment tools for customers to check prices in their own currency, or pay using a range of services with Brazilian payment provider Bcash.


Jigoshop Split PayPal Sales:


The new Jigoshop Split PayPal Sales extension builds on the PayPal integration in the core Jigoshop download by adding a number of extremely useful reporting and administration tools. It works with any level of PayPal account to allow you to split out PayPal transactions and fees, split those amounts between business partners, and customise your reporting. Make managing your business finances easier by checking it out now.




Build up your email marketing with this extension, which integrates into the checkout process for your Jigoshop eCommerce store. Successful customers are automatically added into your Sendloop email lists, and are automatically sent a confirmation email to ensure you meet all the guidelines and requirements for email marketing. Build up your email lists quickly and easily

(Use an alternative provider? We also provide integration for AWeber, Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp)


Bcash payment gateway for Jigoshop:


You can add this leading Brazilian payment system into Jigoshop quickly and easily with this new payment gateway. Signing up with Bcash comes with a number of benefits. (For Brazilian stores, a PagSeguro payment gateway is also available). Check out the new BCash payment gateway.

Product Badges:


Customise your product listings with configurable product badges. Choose from the supplied icons, or upload your own, and then set how the badges will appear to highlight your products to customers. Take a look at how you can use Jigoshop Product Badges.


Add to Cart Ajax Validation


By default, Jigoshop will hide the ‘Add To Cart’ button on a product when it is out of stock or unavailable. But if you have a high traffic site and a customer is already on that product page, they’d need to refresh for that action to take effect. This extension resolves that issue by automatically notifying the customer if a product is out of stock, even if the last one was sold after they came to the product page. Try Add to Cart Ajax Validation now.


Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway:


Adding to our suite of Authorize.Net products (Authorize.Net DPM and Authorize.Net AIM), is this new extension to allow you to implement Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) for your business. In addition to accepting a wide range of credit card payments, it automatically imports customer data into the Authorize.Net system to allow faster payments, greater transaction safety and customer management tools. Check out the Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop Currency Converter Widget:


If you want to let customers pick their preferred currency and pay with it, we already offer a Multiple Currencies extension. This new extension is if you want to limit the accepted payment currencies to your choice for management and financial simplicity, but you’d also like to let customers understand your prices in the currency of their choice. Take a look at how easy it is to display the Jigoshop Currency Converter Widget on your shop.


Jigoshop Photos Product Tab


Jigoshop handles multiple product images, but when you want to add more, this extension allows them to be displayed in an attractive and usable way. It creates a specific images tab on a single product page to give you lots of room for additional pictures. Check out Jigoshop Photos Product Tab.

Jigoshop Showcase #29 – PharmacyBay

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Despite the popular image of developers and a constant supply of biscuits in the office, the Jigoshop team is actually a reasonably healthy bunch. Snowboarding and cycling are just two of the office obsessions, so we were intrigued to see the new site for PharmacyBay, which is an online healthcase retailer.

The site was created by our good friends at OptArt, who have created a large number of Jigoshop extensions alongside building custom designs for eCommerce clients. So it’s safe to say they have a very good understanding of what is possible with our eCommerce platform, and they’re also capable of building additional functionality where required!


Jigoshop Showcase #29 –

Selling healthcare products online requires trust on from the consumer, and a way to convey a good amount of sometimes complex information effectively.

So it’s noticeable that the PharmacyBay homepage has been designed to be clear and simple to read and navigate. The top navigation contains all the useful company information, including the history of the business, help and delivery pages. Meanwhile your eyes are also drawn to the selection of highlighted products appearing just left of centre of the page, which also means you immediately see the complete list of Categories available.

On a typical screen resolution, you’ll also see the eye-catching orange of the Deal of the week, to entice you into scrolling down the page.


Given that we designed Jigoshop to do the heavy lifting when it comes to building and managing an eCommerce store, we thought it was logical to take a look at the range of Bodybuilding supplements available.


The large prices and Add to cart options are great for repeat customers who already know the brand and product they want to buy, to let them quickly and easily add to their basket. And the Category list allows the selection to be refined for the logical needs of a customer.

Clicking on each product then takes you to the product pages, which have a wealth of information.


One interesting aspect is the order in which the text is presented. With products like these, there is a lot of detail which customers may wish to spend time looking at before they make a purchase.

The opening information highlights the main benefits for each product, which is the key selling point. That’s followed by further information and the list of ingredients – which is obviously vital if the supplements are used by competitive athletes. And the directions for use are useful to understand what commitment you’ll need to make, and also to refer back to if you don’t have the packaging with you at the gym, for example.

While I’m not sure we’ll be adding a weight room to the Jigoshop office in the immediate future, the PharmacyBay site shows how the design and layout of a site can really help convey a lot of information quickly. The use of a white and light blue palette evokes a medical feeling throughout the site, which helps to build confidence, and the large amounts of product text are laid out in an easy-to-read format and font, with short paragraphs allowing you to skim and pick out the parts which are particularly relevant to you.


Submit your sites for our showcase:

We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

Jigoshop Showcase #28 – BargainBikerBrands

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BargainBikerBrands is a new business offering motorcycle helmets, clothing and accessories. It was set up by a good friend of Jigowatt and Jigoshop, John Wakefield, who has worked in the motorcycle industry for decades, and aims to combine quality motorcycle products with the best possible prices.

Circumstances meant that John needed a logo and website with full eCommerce capabilities in a very fast time frame. So Jigoshop was the obvious choice to answer his business requirements, with branding design work provided by our parent design agency Jigowatt.


As you can see, we came up with a clear and elegant logo for the company, which reinforces the name of the new brand, along with variations for the various social networks to market BargainBikerBrands products.

You’ve probably also noticed the length of the page, due to the massive range of motorcycle products carried by the store. With sections for Featured Products, Sale Products and Latest Products this is still just a sample of the full inventory, showing that Jigoshop can deal with large and varied stock levels.

Finally there’s the blog, which is the perfect showcase for the specialist knowledge of John and the BargainBikerBrands team. When you’ve got 20+ years experience in selling your products, sharing that in-depth knowledge is a massive sales advantage.


This is just the first of 6 pages of motorcycle helmets currently available. Although many motorcyclists like to browse, you can also shop by Brand, Style, Price Filter Slider and search, so that you can find what you need as quickly as you like.

You also have selections of Featured Products, and the highest rated products by Users in the sidebar.


The product pages include the eye-catching sales notifications, along with size/colour variations, and full detailed product descriptions. Plus Jigoshop’s Related Products function to encourage multiple purchases on each visit.

Getting the site live with this much inventory was the first challenge to be successfully overcome, and we’ve used a variety of Jigoshop extensions, including Table Rate Shipping, PDF Invoices and Packing Slips, Sales Flash Options, and Campaign Monitor integration to make it as simple as possible to manage the shop, allowing the team to focus on delivering great service.

We’ve also been working directly with the BargainBikerBrands team to take advantage of the great marketing opportunities available with Jigoshop, including improving Search Engine Optimisation. You can find out more about the additional services we offer in-house, via the Jigowatt site.


Submit your sites for our showcase:

We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]


A new theme, an updated theme, and easier Youtube integration

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One of the benefits of using Jigoshop as an eCommerce platform is the freedom to use a wide range of themes, customise or build your own, and add in widgets and features from external social networks. That continues this week with a new third party Jigoshop theme, the release of our updated official Jigotheme with more customisation options, and a better way to add Youtube videos to all your products.


Bolsa Jigoshop theme:


Bolsa will capture the attention of your customers with a design which highlights great product images and designs. It’s full responsive, and should give a great experience on any device. It also comes with custom typography and social media icons, a range of widgets and customisation options and more. Check out the Bolsa theme for Jigoshop.


Youtube Video Tab:


Video has been proven to increase traffic and sales for a large number of eCommerce businesses. Some examples have seen sales rise by 100%, and it also has a great effect on traffic by making your products more visible via search engines. Using Youtube to host your videos will save on bandwith costs, but has meant fiddling around with embed codes – you can save lots of time by using the Youtube Video Tab extension to add videos simply by entering their url. And the videos will even re-size for different devices.


Updated Jigotheme:


We’ve updated our classic Jigotheme to make it easier to customise your store. It now integrates with the WordPress preview and customisation options, meaning that you can pick Header, Main and Background colours by using a simple colour chooser, or upload your own custom background image (or even animation). And you can preview what the changes will look like before you put them live.

Jigoshop 1.6 release today, plus new Klarna gateway

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Jigoshop 1.6 will be available today, Tuesday March 5, 2013, with new features including automatic handling of VAT for EU-based companies. That means Jigoshop is now an even better solution for shops with European business customers.

The change means that EU-based businesses will no longer pay VAT on purchases via any Jigoshop store, if the shop owner allows them to provide a valid EU VAT ID number.

When enabled, customers will be prompted to enter a VAT number during the checkout process. Jigoshop will then check the number is valid, and if so, remove tax from the purchase price. An invalid number will generate a warning, and without any VAT number tax will be charged as normal.


Jigoshop 1.6 includes new EU VAT handling

Other great new features include a new ‘Shop Manager’ role for users, and authenticated customers can now log in via different devices and still access their current Shopping Cart – which is great if you started shopping via your PC at work and want to complete the purchase when you’re at home, for example.

Jigoshop’s translations have also been updated for Brazilian, Ukrainian, and French languages, plus default attributes for variable products can now be pre-selected to appear on product pages.

Jigoshop 1.6 Changelog: 5.3.2013.

  • New: VAT reduction -after- processing an Order for customers out of the Shop Base Country and with a valid EU VAT Number for EU Countries
  • New: Authenticated customers can now log out and back in again on a different device and get their cart back
  • New: Added default attributes for variable products to be pre-selected on front end Product page
  • New: Added a WordPress ‘Shop Manager’ role for Users
  • New: Support for WP-PageNavi plugin
  • Tweak: Added 2 options on Settings->General for displaying certain messages on the Checkout
  • Tweak: Updated Brazilian translations courtesy of Raphael Suzuki
  • Tweak: Updated Ukrainian translations courtesy of Anatolii Sakhnik
  • Tweak: Updated French translations courtesy of Laurent Dinclaux
  • Fix: products on sale shortcode now accurately displays simple products on sale
  • Fix: internal product attributes and variations saving of custom text attributes
  • Fix: Adding products to the Cart if not sufficient stock available
  • Fix: Variations now check for sufficient stock available
  • Fix: Reports date range selectors now work in all browsers

If you’re an existing Jigoshop user, you’ll see the update notification within your WordPress dashboard, and the new download will become available via shortly. We test every update prior to release, but always recommend updating to a test site, or during a low traffic period for any live sites.


Klarna Payment Gateway:

Klarna is a great payment service which is particularly suited to new and small eCommerce businesses. It currently operates across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

The way it works is customers can order and receive their products and services by paying Klarna, meaning you don’t need to establish the same level of trust required for a new consumers to share their credit card details with you. And Klarna will cover the risk of non-payment to ensure you get paid whatever happens.

Our Klarna Payment Gateway covers Klarna Invoice, which allows customers to only enter their basic details, meaning less abandoned purchases, and allowing them to pay for goods when they have been received.


It also includes Klarna Account, which allows customers to aggregate their Klarna purchases and pay with installments, being used by more than 700,000 customers for bigger and more numerous purchases.

You can also use Klarna Special Campaigns, which allows you to offer deals, such as ‘buy now, pay later’, so you can allow customers to pay at defined times in the future, rather than making their purchases up front.

Take a look at the Klarna Payment Gateway now – it’s a great option for any business selling to Scandinavian, German and Dutch customers. And you can sign up for an account with Klarna, here.