Why the tablet-friendliness of Jigoshop online stores could help your business

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We at Jigoshop can, thanks to the Jigoshop plugin for WordPress, help many businesses to create online stores that can be viewed and used easily through tablets including iPad and Nexus slates. Indeed, we already have helped many businesses to do this, as you can see by using a tablet to look at the many Jigoshop online stores that are linked to on our website’s Showcase page. Furthermore, findings of recent market research suggest that, if you create a tablet-friendly online shop with our help, your company’s online profits could soon surprisingly rise considerably.

Some startling revelations relating to online shopping

After conducting two experiments, Boston College researchers S. Adam Brasel and James Gips have concluded that people who use touch screens to swipe, pinch and tap on images of products in online stores are likelier to purchase those products and pay more for those products. This is apparently due to what many researchers have dubbed the “endowment effect”, whereby we more greatly value an object once it becomes ours. This effect is so strong that it even seems to apply when we touch a digital image of an object. Furthermore, though the research of Brasel and Gips revealed that the effect is strong when an online shopper touches a digital image of an object on a laptop computer, it is even stronger when they do so on a tablet.

Crucial implications of these findings for your company’s online store

Why is it crucial that you know this? Basically, because it means that, if you make your company’s online store easy to view and use through a tablet, you are more likely to attract more people to view and use that store through a tablet and, in process, spend more money buying from that store than they likely would have done if they had viewed and used the store through a device that is not a tablet or similar device. As we mentioned earlier, we have helped many companies to make tablet-friendly online shops; naturally, we could also help your company to make a tablet-friendly online store and reap new benefits!

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